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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. vlenbo
    Earfonia, does the ath-r70x pair well with the cayin c5?
    If not, twister, may you please tell me if the cayin does a good job of bringing out the bass and details that the r70x may lack on warmer amps?
  2. maikuirock
    I have the C5 DAC/Amp and it does a really good job driving the R70x. I've been switching back and forth between running audio through the DAC over USB and just the headphone out on my MBP. To match the volume of the sound running through the DAC, the volume on my MBP is at full and i'm at about 4 1/2 (Low Gain) on the C5. So comparing the just Amp sound to the DAC, the quality is good (much better through the DAC if i must say). Overall, Bass is well presented, so for those expecting booming bass from these headphones should look elsewhere, these are aimed to a more balanced sound sig. Bass is not lacking for being "flat" and definitely not fatiguing. And for being warmer, as read on comparisons between the E12 and the C5 amp, the C5 has a slightly warmer signature, but IMO it does pair fairly well.
  3. vlenbo
    thank you for the response. I have the cayin c5 and your post was the answer I needed. For me, the cayin is borderline warm, and thought it'd be great to pair it with the r70x, but I was unsure if that was good or not. I know warm amps won't do the r70x justice, but I eeded an opinion of the c5. I'll be sure to check on the comparison thread whenever possible.
  4. Beagle
    Treble is slightly crispier on the R70, in comparison to the 650, which is mellower to my ears. Bass is more extended on the 650.
    The bass that is there is great, tight, well defined. It just does not go down very deep.
  5. vlenbo

    Which headphone do your prefer for the mids?
  6. Pokemonn

    My iFI micro iDSD arrived this morning! I have been tested this combo.
    iFi micro iDSD + R70x combo WORKS GREAT!!!
    This combo sounds lively and musical and fun!
    Thank you for your advice! earfonia! You advice help me a lot again! [​IMG]
    FYI some combo i tested sounds:frowning2:for fair comparison 3D and XBass switches are turned off)
    Teac UD501(DAC) phone out + R70x: sound too sharp too analytical cause fatigue and not musical at all; (edit) this unit may needs HA-501 headphone amp
    Marantz CD6005 +  Luxman P-700u + R70x: sound sleepy and dull
    Marantz CD6005s phone out + R70x: sound almost ok bit dull, and can't reach enough volume at some classical music tracks, this phone out can't drive T1 too.
    iFi micro iDSD + R70x: sounds lively and musical and fun even 3D and XBass switches are turned off!
  7. Pokemonn

    I also highly recommend this iFI micro iDSD + R70x combo!
    earfonia likes this.
  8. earfonia
    You're most welcome! Glad you like it!
    Thanks for the summary!
    I brought R70x to Head-Fi meet in Singapore today, so far no negative comment, majority of people who tried it, like it.
    Pokemonn likes this.
  9. Ra97oR
    R70X maybe the bargain of the year. The price tag even out in UK and US does not have the usual silly mark-up that most other Audio Technica have over the Japanese market. The sound is unheard of at this price.

    Oh, this is a pair of full size Audio Technica that fits perfectly without any bending. The headband have the same shape as my "modded" full-size and give a good seal without too much pressure.

    Can't say much about the sound yet, but for the price, it's just in it's own league.
    LayLay likes this.
  10. vlenbo
    It's very comfortable, and the build quality is great for the price point it's at?
  11. Ra97oR
    Unlike the high end ADs, the frame is some sort of polymer but seems sturdy. While it certainly lacks in "premium" feel, it is very sturdy and solid compared to the ADs. No creaking or any noise when adjusting the headphone or when wearing them.

    They are not made in Japan if you care about that.
  12. vlenbo

    Alright, then I feel confident in its longevity, thank you.

    Hope you enjoy the sound signature.
  13. Ra97oR

    I do enjoy the sound signature, the total lack of it.

    It's certainly enjoyable, but seems to fall short in dynamics compared to my other headphones. Granted, most are in a totally different price range, maybe things will change with more burn in?
  14. hakushondaimao

    I compared these in my R70x review (R70x and HD650). For JUST mids, the HD650 had better detail and texture, but on balance I preferred the R70x due to the better extended and livelier bass and treble.
    rovopio likes this.
  15. vlenbo
    For some people, the ath-r70x doesn't experience any burn-in. However, it may be something that will occur with you (hopefully).
    Glad you enjoy the sound signature, since I was getting kind of tired and (very light) fatigue from listening to my ath-msr7s. It's not that the treble is always sibilant, but when it is, it fatigues my ear immediately until I switch songs. I actually don't experience fatigue on the msr7s compared to the ath-re700s, but it can cause me fatigue, so I needed a balanced neutral sound signature. This will be my first full sized open headphone from any brand.
    Granted, I didn't use a warm amp on it, so there's that.

    I read your whole review and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had an idea to what you found best in the hd650 and the ath-r70x.
    I was curious which mids he preferred, so I couldn't help but ask, lol.
    By the way, thank you for posting an update to your review, since I have a better idea on how the r70x ranks. For being in the center of everything (mids, highs, lows, soundstage, etc), I find it a reasonable headphone for the price, and cannot wait to own it soon.
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