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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. darkieoppa
    Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here. Just got my R70x a few days ago and I'm finding a DAC to pair with it. I've already got Magni 2 Uber and considering between iFi Nano iDSD and Modi 2 although I prefer Nano a bit more bc it can read DSD files. Any other suggest guys? :) 
  2. 214324
  3. eimis
    Holy crap. These HPs have so much finesse in their sound. Didn't have them for 2 months, now they're back.
  4. Fidelity King
    Has anyone here compared these to the MrSpeakers Ether? 
  5. fumoffuXx
    cant really compare due to huge gap in price between these 2. But if u want to compare in my opinion. The r70x is more impactful than the ether. I couldnt remember the ether well due to me not liking the signature of it. i preferred the r70x but ether lovers will tell u that the r70x has plastic chasis sound? overall. i think they are different in nature. thats it :xf_eek:
  6. Fidelity King
    By more impactful do you mean there was a greater sense of bass slam or just low bass in general? In my opinion the Ether is probably the most neutral sounding hp I've ever heard, yet it's still manges to be laid back and dark. This is really my type of sound and from what I'm hearing the R70x has a similar sound of very neutral, yet slightly to the warmer and darker side of things. Also what system did you hear the two on?
  7. fumoffuXx
    nope r70x is not neutral and yes bass slam punchiness. its dark, warm, veiled whatever people call it. it does not have piercing highs. the best pair i never heard with them is still with the cayin n6. lol
  8. Asr
    I've heard both the R70x and Ether on my home setup (not at the same time, but some weeks apart from each other), but the amp I used, the Garage1217 Project Polaris, was pretty obviously far from ideal for either of them. While I did hear the R70x much better amped by the Project Ember (with a 6SN7 tube), I can't say the same for the Ether, as I have yet to properly hear it from an amp that can drive it effectively.
    I consider both headphones to be somewhat close to "neutral" and along the same sonic lines of the discontinued Grado HP1000—integrated, cohesive imaging with a strong mid-range (though the R70x may have more fullness & body throughout, along with quite a bit more mid-bass, while I suspect the Ether may be just a marginally bit thinner-sounding) with somewhat rolled-off low bass and high treble. Also, both the R70x and Ether lacked roughly the same amount of clarity to my ears (though probably the R70x was a bit worse, in retrospect).
    I definitely think a formal direct comparison between the R70x and Ether would be pretty interesting. And I'd recommend a strong amp for such a comparison btw, since the R70x really needs a powerful amp and the Ether does as well. Something along the lines of either the Schiit Lyr or Project Ember (with a high-gain tube) at minimum.
    earfonia likes this.
  9. hakushondaimao
    The R70x is high impedance, but also relatively high in sensitivity. Yes, it needs an amp but I've gotten great sound out of portables like the Aune B1, Fiio E12A and Cayin C5 and C5DAC. My desktop Audio-GD NFB-15 also does fantastically well of driving it.
  10. Fidelity King
    Would the bravo v2 handle it? [​IMG] I mean tubes would be better with the R70x right? 
  11. Hachiko270296
    Same question as above how do these sound with tubes like the Bottlehead Crack etc?
  12. fumoffuXx
    i HAD a bravo v2 i tried to drive a pair of k712 with it, it could drive but up till a certain volume the SQ will start to crackle at the highs. and its not an audio format and quality issue. coz my nfb28 is totally fine.
  13. Triodemode
    The R70x sounds wonderful paired with my recently acquired Analog Design Labs Svetlana 3 headphone amplifier.  So wonderful in fact that this may very well be the last purchase of either an amp or headphone for quite some time. 
    earfonia likes this.
  14. sodesuka
    Couldn't fight the temptation and bought them during sales of a local shop here for a crazy price (around $225, thanks weak local currency). Shipping now. [​IMG]
    This is my third AT cans (had a loaner M50 for a month), and while I didn't really like my past experiences with them, I hope this one can amend it. Hope Caiman MKII can drive it well enough until I get an amp. [​IMG]
  15. pjyi
    wow thats a really good deal....
    good job!
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