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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by earfonia, May 2, 2015.
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  1. sodesuka
    I almost didn't believe it myself until I held it today when they delivered it haha.

    So far, the Caiman admirably drive it, and I get some very nice warmish fatigue free sound out of this cans. I agree with all the review so far, including the negative ones. Though Imo, it also has upper mid lift that's done very very tastefully, just enough to make female vocal sounds sweet but not too overbearing, shouty or sibilance. Far cry from the day of AD900 lol.

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  2. maikuirock

    I've had mine for several months now and have auditioned them on a variety of amps (Liquid Carbon, O2, C5Dac, E12a, WA6/7 (6 was my pick of these two), Leckerton, Rag, Lyr 2 (Tube and SS), EC Studio). These cans scale very well and my personal End Game stack up for these is the Gungnir Multi-bit with the Mjolnir 2 with SS Tubes. The Gumby pulled out that much more detail and the Mojo seemed to power it to listenable levels at about 10 o clock and the SS balanced out the warmth of the R70x. This is a fantastic set up if you get the chance to pair it up. I would be happy with this stack if the R70x is the last pair i buy. Such a sweet pairing! [​IMG]
  3. Fidelity King
    It'd be really nice if someone let me demo a R70x with a good amp/dac [​IMG]
  4. zackzack
    On the other hand, Audio Technica has been making reliable, high quality products since...ever. Their phones may not rock some boats, may even be boring, but they never do anything excessive like boomy bass that drowns everything or peaky trebles and sonic daggers. Check out their MSR7. Straight from my iPhone 6, it gave one of the most pleasing, soothing sound among all these eager-to-please headphones coming out of the woodwork. 
  5. sodesuka
    I personally think they did just that with all of their cans I've ever auditioned, (M50, AD900, W1000, A1000X), there's always some sort of weird coloration going on, until I hear R70x that is. Haven't heard MSR7 though.
  6. earfonia
    MSR7 is an excellent bright headphone. It might be too bright for many people, but actually it has excellent technicalities, excellent detail retrieval and resolution.
  7. sodesuka
    Don't tempt me man, gonna hold on this R70x and save some cash for some fullsize endgame stuff. I'm just going to assume that MSR7 is too bright for me (although judging from the graph, I can probably handle that much). [​IMG]
  8. earfonia
  9. lsamod
    lol...this thing will never end!!!! once you bought a headphone, you will start thinking about another headphone...[​IMG] 
  10. sodesuka

    Well there are ways to stop doing that, like concentrating on another hobby, or just stop visiting audio sites and think that the cans you have are already the best. The first option can be even more expensive though depending on what hole you're descending into. [​IMG]
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  11. Synthax
    Are R70x technically that good as DT880?
  12. kite7 Contributor
    Fellow Canadians, you can get the R70X for $349 CAD ($263 USD) from NCIX as they have a 15% off coupon AT15 that you can use at check out. Everywhere else sells for $399-$449 CAD.
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  13. hakushondaimao

    Thanks for sharing that. I have a pair already, but if someone doesn't... this seems like the time to correct that.
  14. Pokemonn
    I sold my R70x BUT now I just buy back my R70x at same shop! [​IMG]will arrive this sunday.[​IMG]
    I have heard some people sell-buy-sell-buy-sell-buy HD650 repeatedly...[​IMG] 
  15. mmq2404
    Does the E17k could drive R70x to the acceptable sound?
    Should i buy an amp first and then buy a DAC later? i'm planning to plug it direct to the laptop headphone out - O2/Magni2 (priced 150$ at my country)
    Or a DAC/amp like E17k (140$) and buy an amp later?
    Which is more p/p? My budget for DAC/amp is only bellow 150$.
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