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Audio-Gd R-28 impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by gLer, Jun 14, 2018.
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  1. wietschebehr
    That is basically how I use my NFB1. I have the Breeze DAC feeding the NFB1 and then from there I pre-out to my Woo WA3 tube amp for when I feel like tubes. It works really well. I have no doubt feeding powered monitors would work excellent. You can set the monitors at a relatively high level or where it performs at best and then use the NFB1/R28 volume knob that is based on digital control relays and is probably better for sound quality over the full range.
  2. Suppa92
    I assume R-28 also has a Class-A amp section (not sure whether it's mentioned in the website though)which means it generates considerable heat inside the device. doesn't that affect to the proper and accurate functionality of the dac section since accuracy or resistance of the resistors changes with the temperature & both of sections placed in a single chassis with very close proximity? (I'm not an electrical engineer. Resistance change with the temp is something I've heard from others)

    images from audio-gd official website -

    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  3. FredA
    What is most important is the temperature throughout the conversion boards be approx. uniform.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  4. gLer
    I’m sure these are all considerations that went into the design. Kingwa at one stage suggested he wouldn’t be able to make an all-in-one ladder dac/amp combo with an NFB-28 chassis, likely because, as you say, there’s just not enough space in there. So he did it using a substantially bigger chassis (36cm x 36cm), almost the size of a Master.

    The R-28 isn’t the first AIO discrete ladder dac/amp combo. The Holo Cyan is also a predominantly Class A-biased amp and discrete ladder dac in an even smaller chassis that weighs 5kg (R-28 weighs in at 7.5). So it can and has been done. I guess only time will tell if heat is an issue, but from what I hear from friends that have one, the NFB-1 doesn’t get too hot even when left on for very long periods.
  5. Currawong Contributor
    DoP, that is, DSD over PCM, will just pass through a USB input as if it were PCM. It is the most common way for DSD playback. Native DSD playback refers, as far as I know, to the DSD not being converted before going to the DAC chip.

    If you listen with an amp that has a linear volume control, you'll find that low down in the volume range the sound will quickly ramp up, but after the half way mark, it doesn't seem to get louder that much more up to full volume. This is because dB values are not linear, but exponential to begin with. Thus, many volume pots are exponential so that, to our perception, we get the volume increasing steadily throughout the entire range.

    Audio-gd gear seems to sound best when warm regardless. The DACs get pretty warm as it is, so nothing new here. Most is the heat is from the power supplies.
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  6. FredA
    With the bigger chassis, the venting holes are bigger as well as the dissipation surface while power consumption is the same as the nfb-28. So heat is not a concern whatsoever. It will run colder than the other dac/amp combos.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
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  7. gLer
    That makes sense. I’m curious as to which dac ‘chip’ processes the DSD stream in the R2R-1/7/28, or does it get processed like PCM in the DA-7/8?
  8. conquerator2
    This is great! I love my R2R11 so it's really nice it'd be possible to step up to its bigger brother if I ever feel the desire.
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  9. sumpao
    I just order r-28 it probably come to me next weeks.
    My expectation for this is quite high haha
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  10. gLer
    Congrats! Look forward to your impressions. What are you upgrading from?
  11. sumpao
    NFB11.38 I just buy it and sell to my friend.

    I hope this would be an upgrade though.

    I like NFB11.38 +HD600 I think it give too much detail and I kind of fatigue when use headphone and the sound stage is not large.

    WHen I use it as preamp + ELAC B5+Marantz 7025 it work quite well due to my system is not that good to show that much detail

    I heard that R2R sound quite beautiful blurry and more warm hope this will let me enjoy more music haha
  12. JaMo
    I suggest You to keep the 11.38 for while before You finally decide to sell it. I don't have 11.38 but I know from my own experience on all the audio-gd equipment, that it will mature fine after approx 3-4 weeks playing 24hrs/day.

  13. sumpao
    I think I pass 100 hour of use with it. And I sound quite great every time pass i mature.
    I will try to burn it as much as possible to see what it can really do.
    But anyway My freind will come and get it once I got R-28

    Do you open it for 24 hour just to burn it?
    I not quite use to open and burn thing like that.

    Last time I burn my koss ksc35 it broke haha

    So I burn with real use
  14. gLer
    That said, unless he's keeping it for another part of the house, or for the office, there's probably not much point in having two dac/amps around. Then again I know many people who collect different dacs and amps just for fun, just because they love to tinker with different gear and hear how it sounds with different headphones, so who am I to say! :)

    That said, the Sabre 11.38 could provide an interesting alternative "sound" to the ladder dac in the R-28, and can be used as a dac only from the R-28 amp, so maybe keep it around to compare and to see if you like it better with the R-28 amp before you sell it.
  15. gLer
    You can leave Audio-Gd amps/dacs on permanently as far as I know. Also, you don't have to be playing music through them, just leave them on with the volume down and they will burn in by themselves (unlike headphones where you need to be playing something to activate the drivers).
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