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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. willowbrook
    I hear somewhere that TXCO upgrades are only useful when you are oversampling or something. I am not sure of the exact situation, but it does not seem like it would make a huge difference anyway. I ordered mine with 2 TXCO upgrades, but if Kingwa can offer me a full refund like you I would not get TXCO upgrades next time for the 2015 version to justify the shipping costs.
  2. CJG888
    I presume they reduce jitter?
  3. CJG888
    I specified them on my NFB-1P, and am happy with the result!
  4. willowbrook
  5. chucky27
  6. Surlias
    Well, now I'm getting mixed messages. I think I've been communicating with multiple agents at Audio-GD and they are perhaps not aware of what one another are telling me. It all adds up to me not feeling confident that I will in fact receive a full refund.
  7. conquerator2
    Without name it's usually Kingwa, the guy who runs the place pretty much. As for the mixed messages, I believe the shipping price is not refundable... It's in the return policy at audio-gd I think.
  8. SpirosG
    Hopefully the new driver will finally solve the occasional blue-screen problems .... Let' s see ... 
  9. chucky27
    regarding new driver - can't really say that smth changed sound-wise, but they added 64-bit ASIO driver. Fortunately for me never had any problems/hiccups/BSODs with previous drivers (lucky me).
  10. Surlias
    Does anyone know how the USB output works exactly? What I mean is, my understanding of how the SPDIF outputs work is that you have to set a static bit depth and sampling rate and then all output is upsampled or downsampled to that rate. Is this also how it works via USB? Or with USB connection is it able to dynamically output at the depth and sampling rate determined by the audio file being played?
  11. chucky27
    In ASIO and WASAPI Exclusive modes sampling rate adjusts automatically. In other modes (DirectSound,etc) will be up/downsampled to what you've set in audio device properties.
  12. Surlias
    Does WASAPI Exclusive mode allow the sampling rate adjusts automatically when using SPDIF? BTW, I currently have a SoX Resampler active in order to enable PCM playback of DSD files via SPDIF. Without the resampler, I can't get DSD files to play. The only way to get DSD playback to work without the resampler is to set the PCM sample rate to 44.1 KHz, which kinda defeats the purpose, right?
    Also, how do I enable WASAPI Exclusive mode for SPDIF (if it's possible)? Currently, I have foobar set up like this:
  13. Heprer
    I had today one rca-rca coax cable to make some comparations between usb and spdif. I've used asio4all(in settings i could select spdif out).
    At Tools>SACD>PCM sample rate i couldn't use more than 88200 if i remember well, anyway on max it didn't work out.
    And of course at output asio4all.
    With these settings i could play DoP
    Also i've read that DSD can't be played via coax or optical because of the data stream being too big for those cables, only hdmi or usb can transmit DSD.
  14. Surlias
    Damnit I want the switch from the 2015 model [​IMG]
  15. Heprer
    What else does the new driver brings besides:
    -Via asio 15 ms vs 10 ms default value
    -windows toolbar sound: SPDIF interface(audio-gd) vs usb interface audio gd (why the change when it's usb conected)
    -bigger installer size (just for those above....?) 12.3mb vs 11.9mb
    No change on pop sounds, loss of sound when change the header in seekbar.
    I want the switch too but i think we all need to get used to this unit, which as sound/price goes it's damn good.
    What i'll do is: connect it to both usb and coax. Use coax all the time with no pops whatsoever, and only when i have some DSD files to listen to i'll switch to usb output(even with the switch the thing would be the same)
    The sole "minus" is that i wont be able to play 384khz files through spdif...
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