1. kishorfarm

    Is the Audio GD NFB-11 (2014) a clear improvement over the EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC) driving an HE-500?

    Currently I use an HiFiman HE-500 driven by an EHP-O2 (O2+ODAC). The HE-500 is an awesome/crisp/highly detailed headphone but I would like to improve the amp/DAC part. My budget is not that big (max. 400€) but I don't mind buying second hand.   I've found the Audio GD NFB-11 to be an...
  2. itsme9003

    NFB-11 or NFB-11.32: What's the difference?

    Just wondering what the differences are between the two products (linked below). Also, I've seen people referring to a 2014 version of the NFB-11 - is that a third variation? NFB-11: NFB-11.32...
  3. wolfetan44

    Next upgrade in my chain?

    My system right now is an O2, ODAC, Mad Dogs, and a DT880/600. Next upgrade? Max budget is $1500. I am open to upgrading any part of the chain, amp, DAC, or headphone. My music preferences are indie rock, alternative rock, and folk. Some of my favorite artists are Animal Collective, Radiohead...
  4. Math-ECU

    Audio-GD NFB 11.32...$250 Shipped!...SOLD!

    I have here an Audio-GD NFB 11.32.  I purchased it Directly from the company about 9 months ago.  I have used it almost exclusively as a DAC and paired with a tube amplifier.  I did upgrade the Firmware chip (SABRE) as directed by the company upon receipt (it was included in shipment).  You will...
  5. mumer8637

    Suitable DAC and Amp for Sennheiser HD650

    Hello,   I am looking to upgrade my current headphone setup to a Sennheiser HD650 and a DAC.   Currently, I am using Sennheiser HD 558 Open Headphones with my Alienware-18 on-board Realtek Chipset Realtek ALC3661. It is one the highest performing on-board sound card with a 600ohm headphones...
  6. SilentxStatik24

    Headphones under $300-electronic and Hip Hop Oriented

    Hey everyone, I havent been on this forum for awhile but I would love your help on finding a pair of new cans. I love electronic, edm, hip hop, rock and roll. A bunch of genres but since I already have a pair of sr-60is, I want my new cans to be focused on edm and hip hop. Some examples...
  7. itsmeQ

    NFB 11.32 or EHP-O2D?

    Both are said to be very neutral with lots of detail. So which is more so?   Will be used for music production with Sony MDR 7520's.  
  8. jojinkho

    Amp / Dac for HD 650

    Hi guys,   I bought Sennheiser HD650. Currently, my DAC / AMP is Fiio E10, but I want to upgrade. I was reading about Audio-GD, that they offer the best SQ - money ratio.   I was thinking about NFB-11.32 or Compass 2 with Sabre. Will NFB-11.32 drive my HD650 properly? And is there much of a...
  9. eklips

    Connecting marantz cd6004 to audiogd 11.32

    hi   i will like to use a dedicated external dac for the marantz cd6004. i am facing issue of no sound coming from my speakers when i plugged in the dac. i connect both of them using coaxial cable. i have connect them to a denon x4000 amp   what are the setting i need to do?
  10. sloomingbla

    300$ budget, low impedance amp?

    Hey guys, i have ordered in my signature dj's and although they aren't here yet, i was thinking about getting a full size desktop amp to go with them. I have a 300$ budget, and currently the only amp i have heard of for this price is the schiit asgard 2. Are there any other amps in this price...
  11. oopeteroo

    Audio-GD NFB-11.32 vs modi+vali for he500 or hd650 ?

    hi right now i have the he500 + Audio-GD NFB-11.32. But since the vali got released i kinda want to buy the modi+vali cuz it looks so sleek :P and i heard its good. so im wondering which one will be better for he500 ? modi+vali or 11.32 ?   and i will maybe sell my he500 and buy back a...
  12. nehcrow

    WTB: Audio-gd NFB-11.32/NFB-12/NFB-15.32 [AUS]

    Looking to grab a nice audio-gd product to power the HE-500.  PM me if you have one :)  
  13. ComradeDylie

    FS: Audio-gd NFB-11.32 w/ TXCO upgrade

    Up for sale is an audio-gd NFB-11.32 in near mint condition.  The headphone amp portion is powerful enough to drive LCD-2 and HE-500 and the DAC is an ES9018  32/192. XLR and RCA DAC outs and USB connectivity at 32-bit 384khz. It has the upgraded TXCOs and has been taken care of.  I am moving up...
  14. realmassy

    Audio-GD NFB 7.32

    For sale my 6 months old Audio-GD NFB 7.32, owned from new and bought directly from the factory. I've paid 1489 USD back in February (can include Paypal receipt), plus custom fees. The DAC is in mint condition, used in a pate and smoke free environment, with original box. The NFB 7.32 has...
  15. mk351e

    Audio GD NFB-11 Sabre32 ES9018 chip

    Hi folks! I'm selling my awesome Audio GD NFB-11, as I have upgraded to a more expensive piece of balanced Audio GD gear. This little unit is absolutely positively awesome(!!), and quite frankly, I FIRMLY believe it is the absolute highest possible VALUE, based on other equipment I have heard...
  16. Math-ECU

    Audio-gd NFB 11.32 vs ?DAC and Little Dot mkiii for HD650

    Any opinions on the comparison of the two for my HD650s?
  17. oopeteroo

    Audio-GD NFB-11.32 or Modi/Magni

    i want to buy the following in good shape   Audio-GD NFB-11.32 Modi/Magni   Need to ship to sweden
  18. oopeteroo

    Hifiman He500 and Audio-GD NFB-11.32 and Modi/Magni

    i want to buy the following in good shape   Hifiman He500 Audio-GD NFB-11.32 Modi/Magni   Need to ship to sweden
  19. oopeteroo

    Audio-GD NFB-11.32 vs Magni/Modi vs other ?

    Wondering which one to buy for he500 ?   im betweem Audio-GD NFB-11.32 and Magni/Modi...   or should i buy other ? whats good at the same price class ?   i kinda like the sexyness on magni/modi and its small...   but heard Audio-GD NFB-11.32 is awsome for he500, but its kinda big...
  20. panda-R

    *SOLD* Audio-gd NFB 1.32 with TCXO upgrade and XLR cables. Sabre ESS9018

    Hi   just bought this off another member not too long ago but it has to go because I like my REF5.32 slightly better because of the darker more laid back sound. This unit is fantastic though and has satisfied my curiosity of what the ESS9018 is all about. Big wide sound with great treble...
  21. WeirdG

    WTB: Audio-gd NFB-11.32

    Please let me know what your asking price is and the condition it's in.  I'm thinking of buying new, but if I can find a used one for a reasonable price I might lean in that direction.  I live in Canada (T6W0G7).   If I don't find something through the BST within the next month or two, I...
  22. johnman1116

    Speaker and Headphone Pairing

    Wasn't sure what to call it but:   I am sure many of us have desktop speakers as well as headphones so how do you switch between the two?  For example, with the Schiit Modi, I have to manually switch out the RCA cables. Any way or thing that makes this process easier? Obviously it has to be...
  23. EmptyTalk

    For Sale: Audio-GD NFB-11 (the build with working USB)

    Up for sale is my slightly used NFB-11.  This unit was ordered in October 2010, but wasn't delivered until January 2011.  It probably only has about 150 hours on it.  I've been downgrading and upgrading too much, and am trying to clear out some inventory.  This unit has the proper and working...
  24. dj_surya

    NFB-11 Australia prefered

    Spacius wide great soundstage.. but i have other preferences source.. dunno about the postage.. ill check and give you confirmation later.. $250 cheers