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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. willowbrook
    Please keep us updated with the refund, return for 2015 version process...it would be nice if I could also do that since it's been under 2 weeks for me. Although you might have to pay the shipping costs which would be insane for round trip...
  2. SpirosG
    this must be a problematic unit and IMHO you are entitled in a refund or replacement ....
  3. SpirosG
    according to their website's warranty conditions, THEY pay for any shipping if the unit is defective ....
  4. mandrake50

    Going by reports and what you have read.. and specifications or manufacturers claims... from what I have read and personal experience ...often leads one astray. I try not to comment on anything unless I have had direct experience with using the actual exact item being discussed. Maybe that is why my post count is so low...

    We will see once I get my HE 560s. But I can say having used at least a dozen phones, including the He 400i, HD600, 650, HP50, X1, X2 and a few Grados.. using the headphone amp in the NFB11 the sound is verging on being just too laid back for me. Using the line out driving a few other amps I find the sound to remind me more of the descriptions that I have read of the Sabre sound... but still far from being over analytical, edgy, or harsh. The sound signature that one gets from the headphone out on the NFB 11 seems to be 80% influenced by the analog stage. (at least in my unit).

    Will let folks here know what I think of the pairing with the HE 560 once I can speak from experience and not conjecture.
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  5. willowbrook
    I have no idea if anyone else is having this problem or this is intentionally normal...nothing else seems wrong except for the fact that mute relay is triggered every time. When they said that for cost reasons, they had to go hardware for this, it makes me think that it was done intentionally and no one has addressed this so far.
    Even if audio-gd would allow for return and send of 2015 version, paying for the shipping fee alone is around $70 which I don't think is worth the wait and the improvement.
  6. Surlias
    All I'm saying is they should have indicated in the product description that it had this "feature". After all it's not like they didn't know about it. Quite the contrary.
  7. willowbrook
    I just got a reply saying "Do you notice there is $23 price difference between them?" after I asked for a swap. I guess I will just back off since it looks like all the extra costs and hassle does not seem to be worth my time.
  8. Surlias
    They actually offered to swap for you if you paid the difference? Did they say anything about shipping? So far all they've had to say to me is explaining--ad nauseum--that the mute design is necessary for DSD.
  9. JustinZ
    is it just $10?
    315 - > 325?
  10. Surlias
    Can anyone still pull up the page referencing the 2015 model? The only page I can find now is for the old 2014 model.

    Nevermind, the new model comes up in a different browser, but I guess I have the old page cached in Chrome or something.
  11. SpirosG
    Chrome in my lap, leads me to the 2015 model if I use the above link ....
  12. Surlias
    Yeah I just meant that Chrome must have cached the old page on my computer. I wiped the cache and the new page comes up.
    Anyways, Kingwa has offered to give me a full refund (including what I paid for shipping of the original unit) if I pay for return shipping. Then I can purchase the NFB-11 (2015) at my discretion. I'm strongly considering it. The alternative is cutting wires or doing a case mod and soldering in a switch myself. Either way, ~$35 for return shipping seems like the preferable choice.
  13. Surlias
    Can anyone comment on the value of the TXCO upgrades? Are they even remotely worth it?
  14. conquerator2
    ^ yes is the universally accepted answer. [​IMG]
  15. willowbrook
    A refund of initial shipping fee is not bad at all. Although you would have to pay $35 more, I think it's pretty good.
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