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Audio-GD NFB-11.32 & NFB-11 (2014) (Delivery & Impression Thread)!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Aug 25, 2012.
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  1. willowbrook
    Yes, I think that is it. I have 2 3.0 and both of those did not work so well. The 2.0 port works flawlessly :)
  2. mandrake50
    I have several DACs that refuse to work, or work poorly going through any USB 3 hub. A few also do not like on board USB 3.

    I guess I have been lucky with the NFB 11, my T420 laptop has no USB 3 ports and it has worked flawlessly with that computer. It happens that this is the only machine that I have used the NFB 11 with. I have often wondered why people have had problems with the drivers, as I have had absolutely none.
  3. SpirosG
    what 's your OS ?
  4. mandrake50
    A few different versions of Windows 7... PRO and ultimate, 32 and 64 bit. It doesn't seem to matter which I try, similar or identical results.
  5. willowbrook
    I think after Windows 8, people seem to have problems. If you go on Schiit's Wyrd product site, it says that the problem is common with Windows 8 and Mac Mavericks. I might be wrong and it could just be the quality of USB hubs or something...
  6. Trashman
    Looks like there's a new 2015 model that recently went up on the Audio GD site
    Has anyone used the NFB 11 with HE-560's? Is it a good match?
  7. Surlias
    From their website:
    What's new in the NFB-11(2015)?
    1, Transformer upgrade, from 20W to 35W, which is improve on  the drive ability and the sound quality richer.
    2, Because the NFB11 had the hardware mute design , not as our other products had the software mute design, so we addition a switch for select active /suspend  the mute design for  remove the DSD music pop sound. Even always stay on active state ,it still can working fine with PCM and DSD music.
    So maybe this means the new firmware upgrade is available? If it can't be applied to the older versions, I'm gonna be pissed. I just bought a 2014 edition like a week ago. I think they should have informed me that a new edition was only a week away, I feel cheated. 
    I sent an email to Audio-GD asking if there is a new firmware. I'll let you know what I hear back.
  8. conquerator2
    Pssh, yeah great of them to add it NOW... A year too late for me and my former Compass2 [​IMG]
  9. willowbrook
    Well, the transformer upgrade was free for a while anyway...now the switch part, I want that...so bad. I think the 2015 version is like a polished version of NFB-11 which is very nice, but bad for people who got it before the revision :frowning2:
    conquerator2 likes this.
  10. Surlias
    Yeah well if it was a month ago or more I'd be like, "ok sure whatever, that sucks, wish I had waited a month to order, hope the firmware upgrade is made available", but it was a damn week ago. I'm pretty annoyed that they didn't warn me, kinda shady IMO. If it was an operation where you did all the ordering online through an automated store front with no human interaction, that would be one thing, but with their system it's all handled through personal email one on one with another human being, so I think it's messed up that they didn't say anything to me (or you even, since you ordered yours only like a few days before me).
  11. Stillhart
    Have you you emailed them about it yet?  Maybe they'll offer to make it right somehow.  Kingwa is a pretty responsive guy.
  12. Surlias
    Yeah in the email I sent asking about the availability of a firmware update, I also asked if they would be willing to swap my unit. Curious to see what they say.
  13. willowbrook
    If you bought a week before the release of next revision, I can understand. However, as you know they might have stopped production of NFB-11 (2014) long ago, but they cannot be sitting in stock without being sold if they announce that a new model is going to be released soon...
  14. teofilrocks
    Interesting. I just got a quote for an NFB-11 a few days ago from them. No mention of a 2015 version or any of the listed changes.

    However, people and companies who have a good reputation in this market, generally have gotten so by doing the right thing or going the extra mile. So even though I understand why companies don't make announcements before making product line updates, I would like to think Audio-GD would handle these few instances in good form.
  15. wmedrz
    The highs will be harsh and the presentation lacking body. I think NFB 15 may be better choice but I haven't heard it. 
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