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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. Nadham
    This happens to me when I am listening a track in Foobar (AISO) and then I open a website that loads a AV (like a news clip) automatically. To fix this, I stop the track in Foobar and play it again.

    Below are my settings:
    Foobar Output.JPG Foobar Output2.JPG
  2. phthora
    Interesting results. I ordered the AC 14SE for my NFB-28.38, so we'll see if I have the same experience.
  3. xLoud
    Did anyone compare R2R 11/NFB 11.28 to Topping DX7/DX7s?
  4. bunkbail
    The poster is comparing measurement of the DACs using unfiltered/bare connection from his PC via USB and SPDIF, so I don't know what is the connection between Eitr and the post? The main purpose of the Eitr is to clean the connection to the SPDIF coax input, as other USB decrappifier such as Jitterbug, iFi USB product line (iUSB3.0, iPurifier, iDefender, iGalvanic, iSilencer etc.), ISO REGEN, Wyrd etc. do the same to the USB connection at different price tag and performance level.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  5. Neyeah
    ahh ok ! Thank You ! make sense now !
  6. Neyeah
    i saw the SE version as well, decided to go for the normal. also SE runs lower current.

    from audio advisor
    Pangea Audio's AC-14SE MkII Signature Edition power cable is specifically designed for source components, which do not require the same large amounts of current as receivers, amps and subs. The AC-14SE provides more than enough current while offering multiple shielding and other features that facilitate extremely clean and noise-free power.

    so not sure should be ac-14 or se better ?
  7. phthora
    From what I can tell, the 14 or 14SE would be fine for headphone amps and DACs. In fact, Audio Advisor mentioned in a response to a question on Amazon, that either should be good up to 200 watts. Past that, they recommend the AC-9. But that seems more aimed at speaker amps and such. I think the main difference between the Premier and SE versions is that the latter has better materials and more shielding. If you didn't like the changes from the Premier version, I doubt the SE would sound better. It would probably just do more of the same.
  8. Neyeah
    would AC14 be good for the monitor itself like adam f7 ?
  9. phthora
    Should be. Those seem to be under the 200W line, so it should be a good pairing. Plus, most of the time audio equipment is packed in with relatively cheap power cords. If they can handle the power requirements, then the Pangea will as well.
  10. Neyeah
    Just to share,

    Got some information from audio advisor. They mentioned though ac14/14se should be an improvement over stock power cable for monitors however they says that ac9/ac9se is more suitable for powered monitors.
    phthora likes this.
  11. MelonHead
    Hello everybody!
    Thanks to this thread, I joined to the AGD club with a fresh R2R-11 from Magna Hifi. The owners were very helpful, the order and logistic was fluent so I can suggest them to every EU citizen.
    This little gem is spectacular in almost every circumstamces. I can rediscover my whole music collection again as it is a hughe leap over my former system. :)

    Regarding the "popping" issue: yes it is there, but as somebody mentioned earlier here, its not a harsh pop but a small click. I haven't found any rule, or regularity in the pop. Sometimes I can hear them between songs from the same album and sample rate, sometimes it dissapears for a few hours completly. I don't feel this annoying, but I understand if this is a deal+breaker for someone, who is more sensitive. I have many DSD and DFF files, so I have to use the USB connection for a bitperfect result.

    I would like to upgrade from my DT990 Pro in the near future. I'm very satisfied with my current cans, but this DAC/AMP can surely serve better headphones as well. To cut it short, I appreciate any feedback from Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro, or Amiron Home owners regarding this combo.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2018
  12. isoa4k
    Thats good to hear! My R2R arrives on thursday directly purchased in Beijing for the nice amount of 280e. Im waiting anxiously because ive just adquired four days ago a pair of Audeze LCD2 2017 Fazor and only listened them through my Meizu Pro 5 Dac/Amp (and i love the sound) so i expect a really huge quality bump driven with the R2R11R. Have a look @ Audeze's line. I think they are top notch headphones and the bass reproduction is quite epic.
  13. Neyeah
    Anyone here owns Adam F5/F7 ?

    I've seen pictures online and it looks like the power connector at the back of the speakers only has 2 pin ? can anyone confirm this ?

    Can the pangea cable that has been linked here still be used to connect ?
  14. MelonHead
    Thanks for the reply isoa4k!
    I can understand if you are satisfied with the Audeze LCD2, but these cans costs almost two times as much here as the Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro, or the Amiron Home. Right now -as our house is under a massive renovation- I can't afford anything over Eur 600. On the other hand, I find leather earpads and heavy headphones not so comfortable for longer listening sessions plus reading the reviews on amazon.com, the quality control of these headphones seems to be subpar compared to the retail price.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  15. isoa4k
    I understand. I think the quality issues have been reduced drastically with the latest revisions. Moreover you get three year driver warranty (renovable if they somewhat need to be exchanged). LCD2 Classic have revamped headband with improved comfort and no leather earpads. They can be purchased for around 680e. I just went with the LCD2 because i've always loved this model but i couldnt afford them, but a relative brought them to me brand new from USA for 820e. Its a good deal. Im sure the Beyers 1990pro are wonderful. I just needed to feel the Planar Magnetic bass heaven and yeah, planars deliver. I already haveha German Maestro 8.35 Dynamic so i wantedwto go a step further from classic dyn drivers. Have a look at this brand because they have some serious audio quality gear and can be bought witj Amazon Premium as it is a Germany based company. Good luck!
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