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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. RojasTKD
    Should work just fine. You'll just be bypassing the built in AMP for the NFB 1's AMP.

    My R2R 11 arrives in a couple of days, but later this year I'd like to get either the R2R 1 (balanced DAC) or R2R 2 (single ended DAC) and either a NFB-1 (balanced AMP) or a C 2 (single ended AMP). Mainly due to curiosity. I want to see if there is a discernible difference and worthy of the price difference.
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  2. thebkt
    I can't speak for the R2R 11, but the NFB-1 sounds fantastic with my Mimby, which I imagine is roughly a decent comparison (two cheaper R2R DACs). My HE-560's sound especially good with that combo. HD6xx and Aeon sound great but (to my ears at least) benefit less from the R2R DAC than the brighter 560's.
  3. alota
    probably yes: better power section in each electronic, more power in the amplifiers and dac with fpga.
    about balanced vs. single ended depends the headphone you use. but nfb-1 has 15 v(each ampliferX49and c-2 30 V
  4. SoniMax
    Could you, please, elaborate on that.
  5. alota
    If i.understand right, the voltage dc is similar in each amplifier. The difference is the output. The nfb has in s.e. 15 volt output vs. 30v output of c-2. In balanced nfb-1 has 30
    if i understand right, from audio-gd, c-2 has 30 v dc power supply and nfb-1 15 v dc.
    so c-2, 30 v for two amplifiers and nfb-1 15 V for 4 amplifiers. in s.e. mode, the output of nfb-1 is around half compared to c-2. in balanced mode the nfb-1 has similar performance to c-2.
    of course, the performance is superior compared to r2r-11 but this amplifier, for the price, is a little miracle. in every case send a mail to king-wa.
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  6. SoniMax
    Thank you for the reply. I've been thinking of asking Audio g-d if they would be OK with me sending them the difference in money and have them ship me an NFB 1 instead of a new R2R. But as they are on vacation, they have not been answering emails. I've been looking at standalone DACs the past few days :D
  7. alota
    right, it´s chinese holyday. if you´re looking for a stand alone dac, in my opinion buy the balanced version. you can never know the future(for example an electrostatic amplifier...)
  8. SoniMax
    I've kind of shortlisted a few:
    and the SMSL M8A or
    the IFI Idac 2

    Looking for suggestions
    Also curious whether yo consider the C-2
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  9. AltBridge
    After browsing forums and watching/reading reviews for ages I'm still undecided if I should get the NFB 11.28 or the R2R 11. I own Sennheiser HD650 and looking for something that would pair well with them.
    My main concern is about the popping on the R2R 11. Does using DirectSound with the Windows setting set to 16 bit, 44.1kHz fix the popping?
  10. bunkbail
    HD650 is a dark sounding headphone so the NFB-11 is much better suited for it, plus it has Sabre's own mute circuit thus no popping issues whatsoever.
  11. AltBridge
    Thanks a lot, I'll get the NFB 11.28 then.
  12. Monsterzero
    The popping issue is over blown quite a bit IMHO.in fact it has completely disappeared in my system Win 10>Media Monkey WASAPI>Eitr>AGD R2R-11
    I run my HD650s out of a La Figaro 339,using the R2R-11 as just a DAC and I do not find it too warm at all with the jumper set to default.
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  13. Dexon
    If he is about to use NFB-11's internal amp than thats not the case. Sound is quite darker out off headphone amp than from the DAC itself, yet is not muddy, slow or congested but rather thick in texture with resolving mids, but still, far from bright or even neutral. Actually, everything I read here about R2R completely mimics my impressions with NFB-11 when using its internal amp. On the other hand, if I use external, flatter amp, sound is brighter, not overly so.

    I had some minor issues with 'glare' on previous Sabre (9018) chips but always appreciated its details and light feet, so to speak. I bought NFB-11 exclusively to drive my HD800 when I'm on longer travels but after a month of use all I can say that this DAC really exceeded my expectations. Smooth, detailed, clean and fast with no obvious glare or any other shortcomings. Highly recommended.
  14. Neyeah
    Anyone else uses r2r 11 or nfb 11.28 for gaming with headphones ? I'm using AKG k7xx, curretly my r2r 11 is on process. I'm afraid i'm unable to tell the positioning and directional sound from fps games as well as one of the user here I forgot his name.
  15. YJX94
    I think I fixed the pink noise issue on my DAC-X6. I replaced the blue USB cable that it comes with, with an AmazonBasics USB cable and now it no longer does the 24-bit pink noise. Safe to say I think the issue was the USB cable that the DAC-X6 came with. I'll probably use only AmazonBasics cables from now on and I will use the one I have with the R2R 11 when I get it.
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