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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. bimmer100

    Not really. Kingwa told me that it should be run 24x5 and not all day or 24x7
    It needs cooling. So I choose to use a fan. Always have til last night.
    It likely is fine if your house is airconditioned.
    My house got over 80ish last night, maybe 85 even.
    So within 1min of using that little fan, it worked perfectly again.
  2. evillamer
    I think it's quite special case for bimmer100 as he runs a very inefficient set of headphone, thus drawing more power and generating more heat than most other M11 users will do with other headphones.
    Maybe the heat generated got so much that it caused the DSP or some other chip go into "thermal throttle" mode to prevent itself from frying up.
    Maybe you should consider getting some kind of isolation feet so as to elevate the M11 chassis higher up from the bamboo block to increase bottom chassis air flow.
  3. Stillhart
    I have the HE-560 too and it's not that bad.  And the HE-560 is pretty ubiquitous at this point, I don't know that I'd call it a special case...
  4. evillamer
    You also have to factor that Bimmer has modded his M11 with the 3m EMI asborber. Not sure if how much it would have affected the heat dissipation of the DSP chip in hot ambient temps.
    bimmer100 likes this.
  5. bimmer100

    Look at my above post.............
    About volume curves.
    You don't have a 2015 nfb-28

    I have never had heat issues with the nfb28

    The m11 is a much larger amp and runs full on at all times like solude says. That's pure class a for yah!

    But I believe my home being so darn hot and it ran for 2 days without a fan, it got hot with the days we have been having here. 90 ish.

    So whatever. Not going to go through this whole thing again with you. Read the graphs and you will see, or just borrow someone's nfb28 to see how loud ya need to crank it to get to your comfortable levels with your 2014 model.
    We went over this. It was a combination of the extremely different curve and me using foobar with replay gain on by accident. It affected my gain significantly. Do you not recall this conversation? I thought we cleared all that up. And if you look at the m11 volume curve you will find that it's even more aggressive in the volume curve Being nearly the same all the way to 45-50 and then bouncing a little at 60. I listen about 65 most the time and 80 sometimes with certain classical. So whatever , don't care at this point. You can try my m11 if we ever meet at some event. I would be happy to show you my ears are in order and I'm not blowing them up. I do listen about 4-6 Db louder than some people. At least that is the case with my fiancé. She prefers less volume. I listen at most one or two tracks at levels around 95-98db and mostly around 80-85db for most listening. The loudest I've ever listened to one track was just over 100db at 102db. That was uncomfortable yet awesome at the same time for that particular track.

    What's my problem, I should listen to stuff with less volume? :)

    Jriver still is quieter than all other apps. Replay gain isn't enabled and no filters.
    It's odd.. I have YouTube videos at 20% and they are loud. I have to crank the amp down to 50 for YouTube videos to be 100%

    I'm rambling and done talking about this. :)
  6. LancerFIN
    I haven't gone past volume 45 and mine is with default gain. I usually listen around 20-30. Going up to 45 with music that's not compressed to hell. Like Pink Floyd The Wall.
    According to the volume chart 50 is just 2.5% output. uh.
    Master 11 surely gets hot. Considerably hotter than Master 7.
  7. bimmer100

    What are the specs of your headphones ?
    That's very relevant
  8. Khragon
    Can you disable the amp on m11? and use DAC only? to reduce power consumption and heat problem.
  9. bimmer100

    My headphones are 90db per 1mw
    Yours are 101db per 1mw
  10. LancerFIN

  11. Articnoise

    I advise you to set the Jriver to max (100 %). 

    bimmer100 likes this.
  12. bimmer100

    If that is true, your headphones are insanely efficient!!!
    My he560's sound like absolute doggy crap on my iPhone. Terrible in fact!

    I bet your lcd2fazors sound good on an iPhone even.
    That's great!
    But my headphones are energy suckers.
    My fiances oppo pm3's are super efficient and I love those!
    I also have a pair of sennheiser game zero and they are efficient too. Low low levels for those

    Anyhow, your headphones get about 11db louder than mine when at mw. Significant? I think so. I'm at 60 you are at 45, so probably. I didn't notice the curve changing with the +6db mod til I got to 75 it was super loud! Before it had to be 85 to be super loud!
    That's with classical.... Pop music would pop my eardrums.
  13. LancerFIN
  14. Stillhart

    The information I'm trying to glean here is whether I can expect to have to run the M-11 at full volume or not.  The information I gleaned instead is that it always draws maximum power, which is expensive if you want to leave it on to keep the DAC warm, and it can potentially overheat the system.  I find that extremely worrying.  It makes me question whether the M11 is right for me.
    I'm not sure why you feel the need to take everything I say as a personal attack.  It's getting old.
  15. bimmer100

    That makes a lot of sense if that's true.

    Weird though.
    I know my he560's are insanely inefficient.
    More so than the specs they advertise...
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