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Audio GD Master-11(Combination from Master 7 and Master 9)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by doyouknowsbmean, Jul 6, 2015.
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  1. PATB Contributor
    Can you use the Master 11 as a DAC, bypassing the pre-amp function?  I am thinking of connecting the XLR outputs to a KGSSHV, so I can drive electrostats or dynamic headphones with the same computer.
    EDIT:  Looks like it has a DAC/PRE button, so I guess its fine.
  2. LancerFIN

    Those are the two emails I sent them. No mention about HDMI in anything that Grace sent me.
  3. bimmer100

    If it's not clearly written on the invoice than you won't get it.
    There is a strong language barrier sometimes and they miss things. I send a lot of emails back and forth to be sure things don't get missed. Often I over complicate things and cause confusion I am told. But I had similar issues. I wish they updated their website to have a modern checkout system with options filled with radio buttons etc. it's super old school the way they run the ordering system. Errors are bound to happen frequently.

    Sorry to hear, but at least it's a quick fix. Email them asap and let them know.
  4. Khragon
    Here's what is placed on my invoice under the item column:
    Master-11(Amanero,HDMI replace RJ45,+ 6DB)
  5. bimmer100
    thats too bad, I'm sure they will make it up to you.
    they have been selling these like crazy lately! I hope the rest of your options are correct.  IMG_4284.jpg this is what the standard Gain stage looks like, only the resistor values are different from what I can tell between the two. I recently upgraded to +6db value gain stages... they look like this...
    open yours up and compare. it won't void the warranty. Takes 2min. :D  I can't tell there is any difference other than all the resistors. all the other components appear to be exactly the same.
  6. DesiGuy79
    Anyone else got the shipping confirmation? I was told mine wil shipped by 11th but no email yet.
  7. LancerFIN
    Master 11 is so nice for comparing DACs. Input 6 is USB for M11 and input 7 is XLR. JRiver playing to two outputs simultaneously. Switching between M11 and M7 is only one click away. Master 11 also remembers the volume for each input so volume matching is breeze.
    So how do they compare? Honestly I can't hear any difference. Paying more for Master 7 than what Master 11 costs is stupid. Unless you buy used then M7+M9 can make sense if you have the space. Since their value shouldn't drop much anymore. Your mileage may wary. I am sure someone will hear the difference but it can't be big. Also having the true flagship products will mean something to a lot of people.
    Comparing amps is very painstaking currently. Why don't I have xlr to 6.35mm adapter. Changing headphone cables is not fun at all.
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  8. Khragon
    Cool feature!  Was hoping M11 DAC would be an improvement from M7? maybe need more burn in before you can hear the diff?
  9. doyouknowSBmean
    Agreed. But M7 is bit more laid back and full bodied. Difference is minor. BTW DAC blind test with headphone is cruel. Especially those setups with the same out put level(volume).
  10. defbear
    I was told it would take 10 working days to complete after they received my payment. Exactly 10 days later I got an email from Grace telling me the Master 11 was ready to ship. A day later I got tracking. I should have it by the end of next week.
  11. Articnoise

    Do you have the same USB interface on both the M11 and M7? Or do you have Amanero on M11 and VIA on M7.

  12. LancerFIN
    Amanero on M11 and VIA USB32 on M7.
  13. Articnoise

    OK. I see that you have a Gustard X12, have you compared it with HDMI to the USB on M7/M11?

  14. LancerFIN
    I have not tried the Gustard with HDMI. I don't own any i2s converter.
  15. Articnoise

    Lol I might have mixed it up with the Gustard U12. I meant the i2s converter together with the M7/M11 anyway.

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