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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. JaMo
    Good choice!
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  2. PLGA
    Thank you.

    I will post my impressions in the next weeks, as soon as I burn it at least for 48 hs straight ahead.
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  3. newabc
    A board admin of Kingwa's web forum, "尘事" compared I2S and ACSS coaxial output of DI-20(DI-20HE? He haven't mentioned this in the post)

    Based on google translate, a little bit modification to fit the original Chinese meaning.

    The difference between I2S and ACSS :
    1. When having I2S output, the sound is delicate and soft.
    2. When having ACSS output, the sound is like the sunlight, and more powerful, but it is not rough and noisy.
    3. ACSS is relatively calm in complex scenes, and has a good physical appearance.

    The above BNC coaxial cable is about 200rmb. The HDMI cable is a gift from a friend. The price is unknown. It is a 1.5 meters AQ cable. And another HDMI cable is a 10rmb and 0.5 meters Yamazawa cable. I will try the more expensive HDMI cable later.

    (1 USD for about 7 rmb.)

    "闻鸡起舞" replied to this post about the comparison and cables:

    The two output methods are almost the same with your impression. My coaxial cable is from Audio-gd and my HDMI cable is a 50cm long, MPS brand, model 280.

    (The MPS 280 is MPS HD-280. This 50cm long cable sells $71 in aliexpress.com.)
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  4. newabc
    My regular version DI-20 is on the process of burning in with the internal and external clocks. Now is 1-2 days only.
  5. FredA
    I guess similar impressions with the u16, again comparing bnc vs i2s. I think bnc is smoother, punchier, more relax. But bassier too. The i2s out on the u16 is quite a bit inferior to bnc.
  6. motberg
    This is surprising to me... If you do not mind, what length and model BNC cable are you using?

    I need give this a try again.. also good to arrange a good BNC cable for the future DI-20 purchase...
  7. darren700
    Good Idea, do BNC cables require a minimum 1.5m length to avoid reflections like a Coxial cable does?
    I am thinking of ordering one of these with BNC ends https://audiosensibility.com/blog/p...BNC-Digital-Cable/p/46391588/category=4059160
  8. FredA
    I just have a short dhlab, 0.5m, which is not ideal. The cable brings its signature of course. Also, i think comparisons have to be redone with the parallel and fully asynch. firmwares for those who haven't. I plan on getting a better bnc at some point too cause of course they make a difference.
  9. Wynnytsky
    wow I'm all confused. So you've been using your U16 on BNC (192khz) and not i2s all this time? Were you using an ACSS cable, a BNC cable, or BNC adapters on a coax cable (which always sounded the worst whenever I tried it)?

    I see ACSS is not just for analog anymore. Can I enjoy it's benefits by using the existing BNC out of a U16 or SU1 into the BNC input of my gen1 r2r7?
    if the DI20 is needed, what DACs out there have a BNC input that can realize the ACSS benefit?
  10. FredA
    No the thing is the u16 has some issues with i2s (heavy pink noise upon start-up) with the latest parallel fws hence my switching to bnc. I use an actual bnc cable, without adaptors, the dh labs d-75.

    The acss signal transmission is determined by the output. You need the di-20. Your dac and most dacs out there will benifit from it if connected through bnc to the new DI.

    So my preference for bnc is with the dsdclk fw. I think the r7 does a splendid job with spdif.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
  11. DACLadder
    ACSS SPDIF is new to me as well. As Fred explained to me yesterday ACSS SPDIF output is compatible with 75 ohm voltage SPDIF inputs. I purchased (not received) a new Oyaide SPDIF cable in anticipation of trying ACSS SPDIF when the DI-20 arrives..

    Kingwa mentioned a few early DI-20 users prefer I2S and some prefer ACSS SPDIF. Matter of taste. Yesterday with an old SPDIF cable I compared SU-6 HDMI I2S with regular SPDIF and I still prefer HDMI I2S with that setup (dsdclk f/w). SU-6 SPDIF is slightly warmer sounding but did not sound bad at all. So anxious to try ACSS SPDIF.

    And need to mention DSD did not work over SPDIF using dsdclk f/w. OK with I2S.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
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  12. FredA
    The acss out is bnc. Bnc cables are superior to rca i read. Makes sense.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2019
  13. Il Cuffiotto
    Bnc has the only advantage to be a 75 ohm connector, while not many rca plugs matches this target; otherwise good spdif cables are always 75 ohm.
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  14. Jackula
    My DI-20 has been delivered early and I'm still at work, can't wait to get home and try it out.

    While I don't have a U16 or SU6 to compare with, I'm very curious how the ACSS output ranks against my Audiophilleo + PurePower ($999). The Audiophilleo doesn't have regen, but it does run off low noise batteries, it's still ranked the best USB to SPDIF converter on Darko's website, tie with Empirical Off Ramp 5.
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  15. FredA
    Darko is lagging. I have owned the Audiophileo with pure power, a long time ago. The u16 beats easily IMO, unless serious improvement were made to it since 2012.
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