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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. Jackula
    @FredA Ah ok, saves me from doing a comparison then.
  2. Wynnytsky
    It's true -- I remember my Audiophilleo 2 (no power suppply) having a pinched sound, like it focused the sound on a tiny point. Not a musical experience. Someone brought over a Yellowtec PUC2 and I couldn't sell my AP2 fast enough.

    I'm still on the SU1 -- it's un-listenable w/o the industrial Intona, and today I snapped ferrite cores on the LPS supply DC cables powering the SU1 (Kitsune mod) and W4S recovery, and I did that until I ran out (so every 3 inches!) Who here has the SU6 and DI20? Would love the read your comparison.
  3. Jackula
    Yeah I agree with you on the vanilla Audiophilleo, the PurePower version is completely different. I've seen comparisons between the SU1 and Audiophilleo with the SU1 on top, I've seen the same person compare the Audiophilleo+PP and the PP version marginally beating the SU1.
  4. FredA
    @DACLadder will have both soon. But the su6 is about equivalent to the u16. The he beats the u16 quite easily.
  5. Wynnytsky
    I wonder what LPS he uses? I hope nobody is judging the SU6 on it's stock wall wart. I modded my SU1 so I could pair it with my 3rd gen HDPlex, and that combo has a wider stage and lower noise floor than the U16. Today I seemed to have curbed my high-freq fatigue by bombarding the internal+external DC wiring with ferrite cores.

    Somebody brought over a Keces LPS and while the 19.5 didn't do much for my computer, when powering the SU1 and W4S recovery the sound became super relaxed. In hindsight, I should have tried ripping out the Intona. In any case, I'd love to know if anyone blessed their SU6 with a Keces.
  6. Pappas3278
    I gave a quick listen when it was first outta the box and I could tell right away that it elevated the R1 to another level that I hadn't heard previously.
    It's been 10 days now since I last listened and, at present time, it has 240 hours of continued burn-in. I listened today and I'm just blown away at what I'm hearing.
    Like others have said; the music comes out of a complete black background. The image is more 3-D holographic than I have ever heard from my ever-evolving system.
    It's an absolute winner. Currently using the i2s connection between the DI-20 and R1.
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  7. FredA
    Not sure but i think Scott uses the stock wallwart. Anyway, Kingwa regen psu should be on top.
  8. Jackula
    Either my hearing is at its limits or this thing needs more burn-in.

    There was some initial panic as the unit wouldn't turn on, but then realised it takes a while and doesn't blink while starting up.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  9. JaMo
    Be sure it's the need of more burn in time.

    I am at ~160 hours (~1 week) on my DI20HE now and it is not ready for full performance yet. It is good all right but I am still waiting for the "permanent shine" of it. It will come I know. Expect 3 or 4 weeks. maybe even longer...

    By the way I use an "old" 2005 Stereovox HDXV BNC, 1.0m cable. It is a very good, high performing 75 Ohm BNC cable (4GHz) with BNC to RCA adapters to where it's needed. https://6moons.com/audioreviews/stereovox/hdxv.html I can see they are selling used on the markets
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  10. Jackula
    Damn, all of Kingwa's stuff takes so long to burn in!

    I'm using a 10-year-old no-name digital coax cable made by the same guys that now make the Curious USB cables. I'm not well versed in digital cables, but I heard it's supposed to be comparable to the Antipodes Kokiri.

    Btw, I'm starting to hear an improvement over the past hour. Switching between I2S and ACSS BNC, I much prefer the latter presentation. Better separation, air and imaging.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  11. FredA
    The HE unit takes 5-6 seconds to come alive, for those who are expecting one.
  12. DACLadder
    I have a lot of DDCs including Audiophileo1+PP and Off Ramp 5. The industry has moved on and improved from these early DDC designs. The Singxer F1 (int DAC power) and SU-1 (ext power) sound better especially I2S.

    A linear power supply does not improve the Singxer SU-6 performance. The 6's super cap circuit is a switching power supply itself and chops the incoming power. So a nice clean, expensive external power supply does not help here. Results were inconclusive so went back the supplied $12.50 SU-6 switching power supply until convinced to try again.

    And the Internally powered Singxer F1 and externally powered SU-1 sound identical. Comparing the Gustard U16 to SU-6 the U16 sounds more liquid while the SU-6 more neutral. Both are excellent sound wise. I won't go into how much I hate the U16 and wish it would catch on fire so I can throw it away! All three Singxers operate the same (flawless).

    With Kingwa's asynchronous parallel DAC firmware I am finding less variation between inputs. The internal F1 on IN 6 sounds very good. The SU-6 a little better on IN 5 I2S. Even tried the Off Ramp 5 a few months ago and it sounded OK (I2S). There are still some difference in comparison but nothing like with the older DAC hardware and firmware.

    So waiting on a tracking number for the DI-20 HE. Hope it is the last DDC I buy. In a few years Kingwa will build a DAC where all inputs sound the same. I will save all my DDCs for the audio history museum!
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
  13. Wynnytsky
    That was helpful. Reminds me of this tiny transport a friend brought over. I was eager to hear what an LPS would do for it and I easily preferred it's wall wart (which was the iFi either). I recall preferring the F1's coax over the SU1, and at the time I figured it was shorter signal path, but now I'm suspicious of shielding. While I'm getting my service upgraded and ground rods buried I plan to also replace my 12awg line with a 10awg in BX sheathing.

    Kingwa describing the DI20 as sunshine does resonate with me because that's the exact word that sprung to mind when I stuck a pink faun in a friend's computer I was testing in my place. If he achieved that over USB then I'm compelled to convince a friend to get it so that I can hear for myself!

    We need a DDC museum that we can donate our old gear to, and then claim the deductions on our taxes. Gustard U10 and U12 coming your way.
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  14. DACLadder
    @Wynnytsky That reminds me the Pink Faun is a device I never tried! For good reason I guess (price). And yes I have two Gustard U12s that I use for doorstops. The U10 is probably equally bad and most likely worse. I will never buy Gustard again and don't send that junk to me LOL!
  15. jimmychan
    For the DDC museum I have Audio-Gd's : Reference 3, DI-V2, DI-2014, and now DI-20HE.
    I am still owning Gustard U16 x 2, and sold SU1 & SU6.
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