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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. JaMo
    Hi Stefan, thanks. This compare will be very interesting. Keep us informed.
  2. JaMo
    Our friend @FredA got his HE yesterday but he has been unlucky to have some issues with his unit. It is a pity and I have a small struggle inside of how to deal with this. I really want You all to hear of my findings but don't want "salt his wounds". You understand. Anyway I know that Fred and Kingwa will solve this in no time so here we go:

    This morning, ~38 hours of power on. Sophisticated, pleasant and silk smooth. I am using EXT-XO in with the Oscilloquarts 8663 (https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-MHz-Dou...060152?hash=item3af92514f8:g:zb4AAOSwGzhaIOt4) I didn't notice any variations the hour I listened. I couldn't play that loud because of the early morning and not beeing alone at home. I only listened to 44.1 and all sounded "self-evident", natural, fuller and with authority. This is pretty rare for me. I had that experience years ago with an Altec Lansing 18 inch horn system. The hornes was then driven by a pair of very good 2A3-single ended tube amps. It has to do with the dynamics and the "no-feedback" in the amp-chain. I love this rather small box and I hope Fred gets his reward asap along with all of You waiting for delivery. I had to leave for work and will listen more this afternoon and evening. More to come.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  3. PLGA
    Hello Stefan
    I will be anxiously waiting for your impressions on the standard DI-20 vs the Gustard U16!

    Im planning on buying the regular DI-20 or the HE version, but the U16 sounds VERY good that its hard to imagine a much better sounding device.

    Thank you!
  4. PLGA
    Good luck Fred!

    We all hope you can solve the issues with your DI-20HE ASAP!!

    Let us know your findings when you can.

    Thank you Jan for sharing your impressions with your DI-20HE! Keep on writing! :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  5. FredA
    Thanks. Should be sorted today hopefully. I still have the u16 and it is much more stable through spdif and sounds great with the dsdclk fw. So life is still good. :)
  6. DACLadder
    The 2nd batch of DI-20s were supposed to ready on Nov. 28th. I have been marking the days on my calendar. Hope they ship this week!
  7. soundlogic
    My name is Tim, and I created this thread to generate interest in this new product, and could not be more grateful at the results so far.
    But...I I would like to reach out to anyone here who might have some advice for me: 3 days ago, after I viewed the 5% promo on the DI-20 from Audio-GD, I sent an emai to them stating I would like to purchase the DI-20HE shipped to 83835 USA, and to please send a PayPal invoice to me. Not long afterwards I received a PayPal request for an amount that seemed over the posted price for shipping and the DI-20HE minus the 5%. I sent numerous emails requesting an itemized invoice, but received nothing in return. Eventually after just short of 36 hours, I cancelled the PayPal request for money with an explanation. Still not receiving any response from Audio-GD. Soon after, I decided to send an email to all the email addresses listed on the site...including King-Wa. Still no response. I then poured over every written word on the site in hopes to get answers, or to see if there was another avenue to reach out to them.. It was then that I noticed that the company actually charges the PayPal fees back to the customer...which is something I have never seen before, but would explain why the math of the first invoice did not add up. If the original invoice was properly broken down, itemizing all charges, ( which BTW, there was not even a mention on the invoice that the charges were for a DI-20 HE, just a number=19112503, which was disconcerting as well) then I wouldn’t be typing this inquiry.
    So, after I figured out that the “unknown to me’” PayPal fees was one reason that the charges did not look right, I went back into my paypal account and sent the funds...the exact amount that I was originally billed, along with a note as to what EXACTLY the money was for: DI20-HE, DHL shipping to 83835 USA, etc. As of this morning I have received no emails from Audio-GD, nor has the money been actually debted from my account.
    I find all of this somewhat disconcerting. I even included an apology in my PayPal notes to seller, for my apparent misunderstandings.
    1. Anyone have similar experiences with this company?
    2. Is there anyone who has a one on one relationship with King-wa that can reach out to him to get some personal help here? If I owned a business and knew there was an issue like this, I would prefer to get it rectified.
    3. Does King-wa moniker this thread? ‘Thanks In advance for reading this, and of course...any help would be appreciated.
    Happy Thanksgiving for those who enjoy such.
  8. aumont00
    Hello @soundlogic
    Usually people first ask for a quote by mail, and then receive a detailed quote which includes everything: product, shipping and paypal fees, so you know in advance the total price.
    Thats what I did and everything went fine with my order.
    Now keep in mind that this is not a big company and sometimes Kingwa is very busy and cannot reply as quickly as one could expect...
    Also yes it is not common for companies to charge for the paypal fees because most of them will just increase the price to be able to pay for the fees.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
    motberg likes this.
  9. PLGA
    Hello Tim,
    My experiences are exact as @aumont00

    Kingwa always answer me very fast and kind. i think if you insist by email, you should get a proper answer.
  10. PLGA
    Hello Scott,
    Wich DI-20 are you getting? The HE version?

    Im sorry, I cant find it on the thread.

    I would also wait for your impressions!
  11. JaMo
    ~50 hours. The DI20HE shines tonight. I have been listening to my well known test tracks. Like before from very different genres and different formats and sample rates. First: -No hickups!..at all. What a releaf after some time with the odd pair U16 - R2R-7. They have not been the best friends. Less problems for me than others. Reflection: The ESS-dac's don't seem to be as edgy or as intolerant to the U16, as the R2R-dacs. Don't know why but it's how I have experienced it.
    I have been concentrating on the feeling while I listen to my known track and guys and girls, this is "unreal" already. Taking that I use the well burned in EXT-XO input active.. This piece of gear is almost scary good some times. An example: The tune "Who by fire" by Leonard Cohen fills my house with a very pleasant feeling.. Surrealistic big sound stage and myriads of detailes. I almost feel that I have better control of what was happening on that stage than they (Artists) did. Scary. I also have been listening to acoustic and some orchestral music. I haven't had any dips (lower level of performance) this day. Only great or excellent. But remember I use the well burnt in EXT-XO. The Internal XO's is possibly not this good yet.

    I haven't tried or compared the U16 to the DI20HE yet. It is a full time work just to follow the DI20 and what it's capable of. Now I know that the ACSS SPDIF is performing as good as the HDMI (I2S). The AES/EBU is also a very high performing interface. I use a DH-Labs DI110 cable (A recommendation from @FredA, Thanks alot!) This cable is excellent and my TDA-dac gets its music that way. It ihas its limitations (192K) but all those 192K's are Gorgeous!

    This DI20 is a home run for Kingwa and Audio-gd. All You that are patiently waiting for the delivery of the DI20 in any shape or level.. It will be worth it. This is something else. More to come...

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
  12. DACLadder
    @soundlogic The HE version looks to me that it has bumped up in price in recent weeks ($988 US). It is $439 additional compared the regular DI-20 90/98 Accusilicon!

    I was charged $52 shipping to 95409. Plus 3.7% Paypal fees on the whole order. 5% discount is for the base goods only (not order total). The bill should have bee somewhere in the neighborhood of $988 @ 5% off = $938.60 + $52 shipping + Paypal 3.7% fees on ($938.60 + $52) x 3.7% + $.30 handling PP fees ($36.52) = $1027.12 or there about with the 5% discount. I usually get itemized quotes when asking for pricing.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  13. DACLadder
    @PLGA I ordered the HE version of the DI-20. Probably receive my unit in early December 2019.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2019
  14. FredA
    Kingwa is sending me a new unit this week, tomorrow i think.

    Kudos to him! :)
    ToddRaymond likes this.
  15. JaMo
    Good and expected. Kingwa is a rock solid, honest and kind man. He takes care of us/his customers. That's acting with quality. Yes! Kudos to him.
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