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Audio-GD DI-20

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by soundlogic, Oct 29, 2019.
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  1. FredA
    My unit is shipped already! Love this quick customer service. I switched for ups, dhl has had issues lately in my area.
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  2. PLGA
    Hello @Pappas3278

    Did you get your DI-20? Did you get the chance to try it out? Any early listening impressions? Did you have the Gustard U16 to compare?

    Good luck!
  3. PLGA
    Good to hear! Kingwa is a great guy and very responsible!

    We are about 20 people waiting for you comments on the DI-20HE against the U16! Cant wait any longer! :ksc75smile:
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  4. FredA
    I have been burned being anxious and impatient. I will try to keep it cool this time. :smile_phones:
  5. PLGA
    A question for all of you already owners of the DI-20 (HE or not) and also owners of the Gustard U16.

    I know its somehow early, but under my experience, even considering the long time needed for burning this kind of gear, after 24 or 48 hs of continuous use, it shows its 80% (may be 85/90%) of its potential and I understand most of you already got the DI-20s playing that long and more.

    Do you think replacing the U16 with you DI-20 (HE or not) is a mayor improvement? Does it feel like changing something important on your system like preamp, power amp, DAC, power supply, source or anything similar? Or is it a marginal change like changing some cables or small tweaks?

    Any thoughts?? Im sorry for the anxiaty but I've got the DI-20 (non HE) quoted by Kingwa and I'm still deciding!
  6. jimmychan
    I am also waiting for my 20HE. I know Kingwa once bought a U16 to compare and he sold it later.
  7. PLGA
    Well, Kingwa told me he sold his U16 because he was tired of the troubles to make it work ok, like a lot of us!

    But, when I asked him about what would he recomend more, and upgrade of my R8 to the R-8HE DAC or an upgrade of my Gustard U16 with external OCXO to the DI-20 or DI-20HE, he said I would get a better improvement upgrading the DAC, but some guys in this thread are so impressed by the change in sound, with DI-20 or DI-20HE instead the U16, that I've got tempted to get one!!
  8. JaMo
    I recommend You to follow Kingwa's advice. It makes sense. To get out the full performance of the new DI20/HE, You need to use one of the best dac's. I haven't heard the R8 or the R8HE but I trust Kingwa for his reasons and his recommendations. And as I said earlier: -Go for the DI20HE if You have serious plans to upgrade the whole audio-chain. The dac is a critical part in that chain.
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  9. darren700
    I would say the improvement on my system from a U16 was on par with changing my source. I noticed a similar level of performance increase when changing from a SOTM SMS-200 to the SOTM SMS-200 Ultra Neo. I know for sure I am going to eventually replace my second U16 with another DI-20 or DI-20HE, I am just trying to decide if I should upgrade my R2R-7 to a R7 first.
  10. FredA
    You should go for the r8-he. It beats the r7. Ask Kingwa anyway.
  11. darren700
    I like your thinking, but since I have a HE-350 I wonder how much better the R8HE + HE350 would be vs the R8 + HE350? (I guess this is a question to ask Kingwa)
    If I do decide to go with the R8 or R8 HE I would probably wait for the 2020 versions to be released so I get the clock input.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  12. FredA
    The r8 and d8he might not get the clock input. So tough choice.
  13. FredA
    I would have the r2r 7 upgraded i guess.
  14. PLGA
    Thank you @darren700 for the analogy. It helps to have an idea. By the way, I have the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo and its a great source for my U16.

    Some weeks ago, I was looking for an HE-350 to buy and Kingwa told me they dont produce it anymore, so I ended up buying an Audioquest Niagara 1200, but he told me some interesting things.

    I know someone said that the any Audio-gd device + the HE-350 wont sound better than the HE version of that same device (I really dont know how big the difference would be), but Kingwa told me that adding the HE350 to my R8 and M1 would be a bigger upgrade than to just upgrade my R8 to the R-8HE. So I guess you are ok with the HE350 feeding your Audio-gd gear (except the power amp of course) and changing all of them to the HE versions will be considerably expensive.

    Finally, Kingwa also told me that the R8 and the R-8HE cannot be added with an external clock input.


    PS: I think we all should sign our posts so we can get to know better. Dont you think so guys?
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  15. PLGA
    I place my order on the regular DI-20!

    I cant wait to have it on my system!!
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