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Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Mar 14, 2018.

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    I just wanna know the plan going forward and I think the logistics are probably the main issue. (How much it will delay delivery, how early backers that already received it will be affected, etc.) They have a lot of talent at Audeze and I’m sure it will be fixed, just not sure it’s as simple as a firmware update. This is why it’s smart to do production/shipping slowly in waves so if issues do come up in consumer testing of production units they can be addressed. Backers just need to remember they technically crowdfunded the development of a product and there is a process here that takes time. Sounds like it will be worth it though!
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  2. Evshrug
    Good to know... my grandfather on one side has Alzheimer’s. I certainly don’t enjoy sleep deprivation, but now that my clock is off it’s hard for me to fall asleep tonight, and I’ll sleep in Saturday. But then, a local meet! I sure hope somebody brings a Mobius
  3. acia
    come on, tomorrow is Sunday! i suppose they got family and friends, could they chill out and relax a bit please?

    i am 100% sure they care more about their babies than most of us!
  4. Audeze
    Mobius is receiving amazing feedback. Most early customers really like the 3D functionality and the quality of audio.

    “Mobius is amazing. I have goose bumps listening to it” - Erick Labson, Multi-Grammy winning Engineer, Matrix, House of Cards
    Even people who were bothered by the noise liked it otherwise.
    “These are ULTRA MUSICAL.” & “Bluetooth does sound REALLY DAMN GOOD.” - AlwaysForward
    “Yea these are incredible. As someone who's been chasing "speakers in a can" for years these are the best, hands down.” - Kazekeil

    Noise issue:
    Most, if not all active headphones will have some inherent noise. Most of the time this is masked by the audio and we do not hear it.
    We measured the noise on the Mobius units shipped so far. We also received the unit from “Always Forward”. We measured over 150 units the last few weeks. Here is the good news. There is almost no variation between units. i.e. all of them sound the same.

    The noise level on Mobius is actually quite low. The Signal-to-noise ratio (over USB) out of the power amplifier is around -110 dB. (See graph below). When we made the prototypes and beta tested them, the noise level was not raised by any of our users and beta testers. The group comprised of block-buster movie composers to sound engineers to Audiophiles to gamers and everyone in-between.

    However, this is not to say there is no issue. The Mobius has extremely accurate and fast Planar drivers. The reason instrument separation and audio is very clear on Mobius is because of the extremely sensitive Audeze Planar drivers. The noise in the system, even though it is low, is also reproduced by the drivers. We have shipped and delivered over 300 units so far and many of the first customers are Audiophiles here on Head-Fi.

    It looks like some people are sensitive to this and noticed it right away. Some people noticed after it was pointed out. Some people don’t seem to be bothered. While a very few listeners have a problem with the residual noise level, we decided to see if we could improve it

    Mobius - Audeze
    We are in the business of making the best headphones on the planet. We want our users to be completely satisfied with their purchase. We will certainly fix this issue. We made a quick fix and sent one to “Almost Forward” and a few other Audiophile friends. The new solution seems to be the right direction to proceed. (There are additional fixes on top of what we are testing). The fix includes a firmware fix and a hardware change. Fortunately, the fix is minor and does not require re-certification.
    We will improve the noise floor further to make it imperceptible.

    Late and better is better than just late.
    Yes. We are disappointed with the delay more than anyone else, especially having been so close. But “Late and Better” is better than just “Late.” As of now, we have completed manufacturing all IndieGoGo units and all 4000+ are back in the warehouse where we will fix every single one.

    Here is the schedule
    2018/8/3-8/5 Units shipped back to factory from shipping company.
    2018/8/7 PCB Build.
    2018/8/8 SMT
    2018/8/9 Rework starts - First test units, QC
    2018/8/10 FG Rework starts
    2018/8/16 Shipping starts
    2018/8/23 FG Rework Ends

    Will this fix the problem ?
    Yes. We already have units that we are testing with the fix. We will get these to some of the first users who noticed the issue to make sure they are happy.

    Is this a real problem and do you need to fix this ? Will it be expensive ?
    As we mentioned earlier, at least a subset of people seem to be bothered by it. We want all our customers to be happy and we have decided to fix it.
    It is certainly expensive to fix 4000 units after getting them ready for shipment. But sometimes money alone is not the end goal. We (and everyone who has helped us make Mobius) are very passionate about this product and are super proud of it. Companies with 100X the revenue and resources struggle to make a product half as complex. We believe Mobius is perhaps the most complex and one of the most impressive headphones in the market. We do not want this small issue to create stain the amazing Mobius experience. So we will make it right. This will cause delays in delivery and we are very sorry for the delay.

    I have moved/ Planning to go on vacation/ bought a new house. What do I do ?
    Please contact support@audeze.com before 2018/8/12 and we will help you with changes.

    What about people who have received the unit and want an exchange ?
    As soon as production restarts, we will contact you and work with you to exchange the units.

    What about people who have received the unit and are happy with it ?
    You can keep the unit.
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
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  5. craftyhack
    Now THAT is a nice update, thanks @Audeze ! Pretty tight timeline... don't kill anyone!
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    Perfect update. Thank you for working tirelessly to get this issue resolved and posted. (You also have quite a few fans who waited tirelessly to read it :wink:.) You have definitely made the right decision to make sure Mobius is a no-compromise product.

    I will also PM regarding the status of my unit just so I can know whether to still expect the original headphones to be delivered as @KMann said units returned to sender were re-shipped rather than intercepted to the factory.

    Before worrying about it though, please get some rest.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2018
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  7. musicday
    Fantastic Audeze, great news and thank you for looking after your customers. Many companies put business first, but you have chosed to re-examine the entire 4000+ headphones and fix every single one and this is not either cheap or easy.
    So congratulations, many are happy with the news.
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  8. Drivenby
    Thank you @Audeze !

    I can't wait to get my mobius. Super hyped.
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  9. MateuszW
    Thank you very much @Audeze !

    I hoped it would be an easier fix than swapping some hardware but for me it is incredible you still want to do it the hard way to make everybody happy. Thank you, guys! :wink:
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  10. Drivenby

    Once mobius is finally shipped to everyone will you take a dive in the beaches of Maui ?????

    I think some well deserved rest is at hand....
  11. acia
    Kudos @Audeze!

    hope won't cost you guys arms and legs!
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  12. linux4ever
    Thanks for the update @Audeze .

    Looks like the shipping starts 8/16 and does it continue until the end of the month until all the units are shipped out in batches?

    The rework seems to go on until 8/23. So it looks like that those units would ship right after.
  13. arielext
    This will be my best Xmas gift to myself ever!
  14. Ithilstone
    Perfect news well done guys!

    You were a bit terse with updates
    But as i understand you would rather work on fix than on elaborated but empty ones
    One more time great job.

    I know some people were unhappy with the hiss and some worded their dissatisfaction in harsh or silly words.
    Well i believe it is time for you guys to admit it own it and apologize.

    How many companies would go ahead with repairing all 4k+ units?
  15. Saljon
    ? Did I seem like I was angry or something?
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