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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. louderup
    I've had these for a week now, wearing them all day listening to music but mostly doing mixing/writing work. They're so God damn clean. I can hear absolutely everything in the spectrum, and it feels great having the confidence that I'm getting an accurate response.

    Weight was scary at first but I've stopped noticing it for the most part.

    Sonarworks' profile on them is mostly flat, though by looking at their graph you'd think they're a little less neutral than they are. Basically, the areas that Sonarworks fixes seem to be areas that don't contribute a lot to a feeling of an unbalanced response, because with SW enabled and disabled, they still sound like the same pair of headphones. Can't say that for any other headphone I've tried.
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  2. TK16
    Got my pair 5 days ago for $899 B stock, quite fantastic sounding and glorious sounding with the right tubes.
  3. Tsukuyomi
    I own a pair of DT1990 pros and i see you own the 1770 pros. How would you compare the lcdx to them? Im contemplating picking a pair of LCDX later this summer for a bday gift to myself.
  4. kid vic
    I was thinking about your predicament earlier and I remembered that the LCD-2CB sounds basically like a slightly less accurate LCD-X or a less warm, more accurate LCD-2. That might be the headphone for you if your still looking and its the same price as the 2 (give or take).
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  5. louderup
    I'm sorry but I got them at the same time as the LCD-X, since I always need a closed-back for certain situations, and I decided on these because A) I know the Beyer sound and B) they have a Sonarworks profile unlike the Elegias I've been using for a while. But I've barely listened to the 1770s yet. So I can't really give you a comparison. Very, very rough impressions would be "a bit better than the DT 770 in that the high end is less sibilant, and the bass is stronger, but still not linear."

    Other than that I can't make a comparison to the LCD-X yet.
  6. Tsukuyomi
    Does anyone have quality control issues with their lcd-x (before and after new headband)? Im tempted to place an order very soon. But a bit afraid from the stories ive heard about audeze headphones. 2, X and 4...
  7. 514077
    No problems with mine, since 2014. If I remember, the problems were mainly with driver failure with the 3s.
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  8. pippen99
    I had mine for almost three year with no problem. The above post is accurate. The 3s gave the whole line an undeserved reputation for unreliability. I have now passed two years on my 4s with no problems.
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  9. HungryPanda
    I bought mine three years ago that had just been updated to 2016 drivers and is still going well
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  10. Tsukuyomi
    Thanks guys! My next choice in cans has been solidified. LCD-X it is :)
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  11. eee1111
    did they change how this headphone sounds sometime after the 2014 version I used to have?

    I am absolutely unimpressed with what I just got repaired. Like there is a huge difference between the pair I sent in and what I just got back.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  12. TK16
    Have a very recent purchase, was unimpressed until I used the LCD X profile on trufi by Sonarworks. Think they have a free trial.
  13. 514077
    They did update the drivers in 2016. It might be the different sound signature, or it might just need a little burn-in, being new drivers. But, if you don't believe in driver burn-in,, we have nothing more to talk about. But give it a chance before giving up on them.
  14. kid vic
    Audeze seems to update their drivers pretty frequently (kind of like AKG used to do) and I'm not sure if its really helping them or if its fine tuning the driver quality. Maybe they were seeing a lot of drivers coming back with a few problems that they are fixing and weeding out?
  15. 514077
    Only one set of upgrades across the product line, in 2016, I think. The 3 was the one with problems; not the X.
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