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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. 514077
    I bought my Xs for about can$2K, five years ago. They were and still are worth it to me. But, I really HATE reading all those Mericun prices, knowing how much we're gouged up here.
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  2. phthora
    I just compared these extensively at a meet-up, then had a follow-up audition weeks later. To be clear, I own the LCD-X and LCD-2F, and auditioned the LCD-2C; everything has tested with my own music on my own gear.

    TL;DR: The 2C is phenomenal for the price, but the LCD-X has greater technical prowess and can easily be EQ'd to have the tonality of the 2C.

    I was very impressed by how hard-hitting and impactful the 2c sounded in its stock tuning. That slam in the bass is among the very best I've heard in a planar and could easily pass for a very good dynamic. The bass was rounder, boomier, and less detailed than the 2F or the X, and had a touch more roll-off in the very bottom end. Nothing disastrous or bloated, but it was not as clean or textured comparatively. That ends up making them sound more mid-bass focused than they measure and disrupts that planar bass linearity that I really love. Mids were lovely and rich, with that standard Audeze 1-2k emphasis, nicely detailed and warm. The X sounds shouty in a direct A/B, but after ten minutes or so the forward, highly detailed mids are more pleasing, more realistic, and slightly more fatiguing than on the 2C. What really stood out to me is how much more depth of soundstage, precision of imaging, separation, and resolution come out in the mids on the X. By comparison, the 2C sounds a bit flatter, softer, and smoothed over. The X picks up things like reverb trails, choral effects, the actual pluck of strings or percussive impact of cymbals much better than the 2C. Both have that upper mids/lower treble dip in the 4-5-6k range, but on the X it is less pronounced and less masked by bass presence. As a result, the X sounds less warm overall. Likewise, the X has more treble presence and greater resolution in the top end, giving it an overall sound just on the dark side of neutral (for me at least), whereas the 2C sounds solidly darker than neutral, despite a few standout peaks.

    That being said, I rather liked the 2C and think it's killer for its price. It has many of the same merits as the Elex (great impact, very good detail, wonderful musicality) and many of the same detriments (uneven FR, below average cohesion). For my money, those two would be my top considerations. The reason I did not get the 2C is simple: with even a hasty software bass boost, the X can recreate the overall tone and the slam of the 2C, while also preserving most of the other real advantages the X has over the 2C.
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  3. kid vic
    The LCD-X pops up for $1,100-$1,300 used in Canada if you trawl craigslist and whatnot well
  4. tan29844
    Now I'm curious about your impression between the LCD-X and LCD-2F :)
    Also could you share your take on the comfort of both headphones for long listening session?
    Great write up man. Thank you!
  5. lhydavid
    Lol... value is relative.
    Depends on what you listen to, what your set-up is like, how and where you listen usually, how your ears are, the emotional state you are when listening...lol..
    Over time, the Audeze (others as well) have shown some downtrends in price, compared to their initial release + 1 to 2 years after.
    I remember the X when it was launched cost close to double what it does now. The 2C was slightly cheaper by about 10 to 15% though it was a few years older. So I'm probably speculating, but they're probably trying to be more competitive price-wise in a market that has increased significantly in competition with an exponential increase in new players in recent years, trying to reduce inventory with some minor face-lifts(i.e. headband change etc), or using it to target people (may be like me) who used to want to buy the 2C but couldn't bear to buy it. X and XC are also supposedly their better selling models, which helps them to keep prices on the higher side without having them decline as quickly and in terms of tuning, the X/XC are probably more versatile than the 2, that has more of a cult following with specific preferences.

    If the 2 suits you, stick with it.
    But do try out the X and see how it fits your preferences as they are both sonically different. Some people have both and use them for different purposes. Eventually it's your call, and yours alone to decide on the intrinsic value to you!

    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  6. Tsukuyomi
    Ive got a similar setup as yourself. I used to have the violectric v200 with my past fostex th900mk2, but sold both to get the RME adi-2 dac and now i have a bit of pocket change left and a bit saved up for the next big can. For me thats now come between the X and 2classic. I get what you mean and my main listening environment will be in my room at my pc.

    I've tried both 2class and X at an audio show a while back in February or March, and im not 100% on what i heard. I do remember the lcd2 being fun and the X also being fun both with just a big more numbers on the price tag. Im aware they sound different from peoples impressions, videos and measurements. I guess maybe asking which is better value for money in the long term is relative.
  7. eee1111
    You keep asking the wrong questions.

    Both are great and are worth it. (Sorry you live in Canada)

    If I can give you a very honest opinion I would shoot over to ZMF and look at the ORI or something else. if you need a planar.

    Reason I say this is because it’s so expensive in Canada. Audeze are known to have driver issues from time to time and if you are paying premium you should get premium. A 3 year warranty is what you get with audeze. A lifetime warranty is what you get on ZMF.

    I payed 600 dollars to fix my drivers in my lcdx.

    Just an opinion. Strictly on the ABSURD Canadian prices you quoted to me.

    I love my lcd-x. I think they’re better than the lcd-2.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  8. 514077
    How does X stand against this ZMF ori? You got me curious.
  9. eee1111
    I prefer the lcd-x

    But It’s good!
    I don’t personally own them. But I would absolutely tell people who like lcd 2 to give them a listen.

    They do different things better than each other. I was talking to him and how much he would be paying in Canada.

    The ori is nice. I think they are more comparable to the lcd 2. They have a good price for what they are.

    I have not heard the closed back lcd2 the ori is semi closed. With an all wood back. Like the xc but with holes.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  10. thebkt
    I'm in Toronto and actually got my pair almost a year ago now for $1499CAD from Amazon.ca. The kicker was that there was no HST applied at check out, plus free prime shipping.

    I'm actually looking to sell my pair, as I got the MX4's for a steal over Christmas, and can't justify having basically two of the same headphones. I'd have listed the X already, but I've been unable to find the box (good one me). So if you're in TO let me know via dm (I won't post any more about selling my pair in this thread).
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  11. Tsukuyomi
    I appreciate the offer, but im one of thoes people where I only buy new. :p
    yeah thats pretty lucky on your part, toronto has lower taxes so you guys are lucky. for us its 15% flat tax on everything GST + QST :frowning2: so its pretty expensive. and amazon canada is risky for me since they dont sell from amazon direct,its from stores selling on amazon.
    I'd rather buy from an authorised dealer which there is one in my city. so i'll go there, that way i can get coverage and warranty and if something happens they can return it for repair.
  12. thebkt
    Yeah that's fair. I'm generally the same, unless all the pieces align perfectly to give me the confidence to send so much cash at someone :) I hear you on the tax though. Even coming from Aus which has a flat 10% (which is always included in the advertised price), factoring in HST was always a buzzkill.

    FYI - My pair were actually direct from Audeze, not through a 3rd-party. I made sure to double check ahead of the purchase, just in case it would cause warranty issues. Doesn't appear like there are any on there atm though.

    In any case, it's worth mentioning that I originally auditioned the x side-by-side with the 3 and my Clears. I much preferred the treble clarity over the 3, even though there was noticeably less bass (not much less, but noticeable). I'm still super impressed with the x every time I use it.
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  13. kid vic
    That has to suck as a Canadian audiophile who only buys new. I can't even dream about getting a new oracle delphi...
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  14. Tsukuyomi
    I mean, to be fair the whole new thing is personal preference.

    But when it comes to expensive audio equipment id rather have it new because im not sure how the headphones or amps or etc.. were treated before.

    If the person threw around the headphones, modded it, then returned them back to normal to resell... id rather not deal with that.
  15. lhydavid
    well, I can understand the dilemma, but unfortunately, it's one of the things that makes this "hobby" more interesting!
    Sometimes it's tough to resist the occasional upgraditis attacks!
    I've heard good things about the lcd2 as well and to my impression and following, it seems to be the model with the most number of variations!
    Pre-fazor, fazor, classic, bamboo, etc... lol.... to skip all that headache, I had only access to the 2 fazors and the XC and preferred the XC for the versatility, though I did like the 2 for vocals which I listen to a lot. Also another reason for swinging me towards the XC was that the 2 sounded darker, moodier, and while it helped to contribute to the emotions, it made it a tad "heavy-sounding"? Not sure if that makes sense to you. The XC sounded lighter in comparison. So I just waited till the creator edition was launched and nabbed it when I found a good deal.
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