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Audeze LCD-X

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 4, 2013.
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  1. Focux
    will take a look at those but how about the draug series?

    any other more affordable options apart from norne?

    there's periapt and wyville or something iirc
  2. SalvorHardin
    Thanks for that. My cable may be dying. Might need a replacement, soon.
  3. SalvorHardin
    I'm a little confused as to which Silvergarde you mean? I was on the site, looking for a new cord. There are two Silvergardes; one for $4xx and one for about $650.00. Would you happen to know the differences and advise me?
  4. commtrd
    No sir I would really have to call Trevor and visit with him on the latest and greatest. He is quite personable and always helpful to explain the differences in the cable builds, materials, etc.
    He offered to let me trade in my Solvine for full purchase price towards a Draug or Silvergarde etc which I thought was tre cool. Can't hardly go wrong with a deal like that.

    That's why I really like to do business with Trevor at Norne for my cables, and Justin Wilson at Headamp to get my headphones because they are such stand up guys to deal with. means a lot to me.
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  5. SalvorHardin
    Thanks. I'll try emailing him.
  6. SteveM324
    I originally ordered the Silvergarde S3C clear version, but after talking with Trevor, I changed to the S3 (not clear). He told me the S3 is his TOTL cable and I won't have any desire
    to upgrade beyond that. Short story, not only was he right, I ordered 2 more Silvergarde S3. I have a lot of high end cables, including DHC Complement 2, Wywires Platinum,
    Norne's Draug 2, and the Corpse Cable Grave Digger. The Silvergarde S3 is the best for my taste without a doubt. I'm sure Norne's S3C is excellent but I didn't want to
    think about upgrading again so I went with Trevor's best cable, S3, from the start. I now have the S3 for my LCD 4z, HEK SE, and Utopia. The S3 is smooth, dynamic, 3D, detailed,
    and very musically involving without being bright. Based on past experience, I always thought silver cables were bright, but not the S3. Trevor also told me a lot of his customers, like
    the looks of the S3C because you can see the silver litz but the S3 is his best cable for SQ. If you can afford it, go with the S3 then you won't have any doubts about your choice.
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  7. Focux

    Think that’s def out of my budget =\
  8. SalvorHardin
    Mine too, unless I put a bit aside over time. Which I do.
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  9. SalvorHardin
    Thanks, Steve; makes it clear. I'll have to save a bit, but I'll get one eventually.
  10. donato
    This has been my exact experience is well. I ordered an S3C for me HEK V2 trying to save some $$$. It was definitely a step up from the copper and silver plated copper cables I had, but wasn't quite right. i talked to trevor and he convinced me to go S3 since the S3C is really intended more for portable use (but it sure looks pretty with the clear). I'm already a happy owner of an S2 for my Audeze/ZMF. I did a couple comparisons of a handful of cables I own (black dragon, silver dragon, zmf michanikos, cardas clear light) and posted the comparisons in the Auteur thread and the a short one in the LCD-4 thread (I've since sold my LCD-X so can't do a comparison there). The S2 was my favorite in both cases and I've asked Trevor for an S3 for ZMF/Audeze. I'll end up selling my S2 once the S3 comes in (assuming I like how it sounds). Silvergardes do sometimes show up used here on head-fi which is where i bought my S2.

    Also, FYI, there is a dedicated thread on Norne cables here - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/norne-audio-was-norse-audio-feedback-impression-thread.606500/
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  11. Reckless95
    Snake Oil
  12. SalvorHardin
    Sorry, but I've tried enough audio cables to know for myself that snake oil does not apply. Digital cables, maybe, but not audio. And thanks for everyone elses help.
    Subbed to Norne thread. Thanks @donato.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2019
  13. Reckless95

    Do they change the FR response? Also what kind of wire is used inside the amp, and headphone?
  14. commtrd
    Often wondered if the wires inside a headphone are just really narrow gauge plain old copper, does that affect the net transmittance or overall net resistance with cable included? Seems like it would have to but is there any way to really quantify that? Do any headphones utilize OCC litz silver wires inside to connect voice coils/traces etc.?
  15. Reckless95
    The gauge of wire will be enough to carry the current.

    Do you see any manufactures for amps or headphones saying they use 'special cables'.
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