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Audeze LCD i4 TOTL In-Ear Monitor Discussion

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  1. commtrd
    Yep I already own LCDi4 and LCD4z.. Of course all the current sales were just not there when I ponied up thousands for my stuff. Feels great being the stupid schmuck who paid up for stuff and then seeing others get the same for up to 60% discounts over what I paid. Oh well at least they sound beyond awesome so there's that...
    Kinda reinforces the fact that this stuff is radically overpriced to start with because they can turn around and sell the same pieces for over 50% less. However it is hard to complain too much since these headphones are BY FAR the best sounding things I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Excluding huge high-dollar speaker systems of course.
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  2. acia
    And there ain't many nutters as us tempted to buy one let alone turning ourselves being a mini show room.

    My buddies even gifted Audeze toys ain't even actually using them for like over 2 months.

    Bit annoyed not used at all.
  3. commtrd
    I use the dog out of mine every single day. Right now 4z with Stone Sour rockin' it... Life is very very good.
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  4. mcemce13
    I purchased the LCDi4 and really like, how different to the big brother LCD4z?
  5. kp297
    Quick tip, which took me several weeks to figure out. If you're using Reveal with Audirvana, set the plug in 100% wet and -4.3 dB. This gives a far better sound than 0 dB (4.4 balanced from TAZH1ES).
  6. commtrd
    The i4 are really amazing sounding considering their size and form. Easily at 95% of the 4z and IMHO the 4z are slightly better than the i4 only due to the net size of the diaphragm being able to move more air which seems (to me) to provide just a skosh more timbre, airiness, and certainly punch to the presentation. And that may be the biggest difference right there. The 4z can just rock your socks off so powerfully and the i4 can not move as much air physically just due to their diminutive size. This in no way implies the i4 does not scale up quite nicely with better gear because they most certainly do.

    Another great benefit of having both is being able to swap from full-size over ears to in-ears as desired and that is a huge benefit there. All while maintaining just sterling beautiful clean clear detailed presentation with beautiful timbre, color, airiness, instrumental separation, note attack and decay, just everything that enriches the listening experience. And if desired to just go full monty and do some hyper-critical listening or rockin' it hard, well the 4z is more than capable.

    Honestly I can say (for me) that between these two headphones, I really just have no desire to acquire any other headphones. These two are just tits. Now possibly upgrading the upstream? Absolutely likely to happen someday, but absolutely no hurry there as the Hugo 2 and Gilmore Lite Mk2 just really get it done so well. Just not feeling the motivation to change a thing. Such a nice place to be; able to just chill and LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. Isn't that the goal anyway?
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  7. commtrd

    Should listen to this with i4. Sweet. Carries me away each time I grace my auditory sense with this...
  8. wenbinbin2010
    Not sure who suggested Spinfit CP155 for the LCD-i4, but they DO NOT fit. Although you can squeeze it onto the nozzle, you can visibly see the silicone obstructing the edge of the earphone filter. I was interested in seeing if the Spinfit tips would sound better than stock, but I switched back to the stock ribbed tips and it was instantly better. For me, the Spinfit tips really muffled the sound, obviously by obstructing the sound output. Maybe I put these on wrong, but I'm enjoying them enough with the stock tips. Not going to go chasing any other tips for now!

    Also, never thanked @sorrick for his very detailed descriptions of his IEM collection. I've fell more in love with the RHA CL2, so I will likely be keeping those for closed IEMs. But the LCD-i4 is still on an entirely different level...

    EDIT: The CP155 technically does fit, but it's much more of a stretch than the stock tips. Maybe narrowing the sound output by having a narrower bore is intentional, but for me this was a big issue, so YMMV.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  9. McMadface
    That really sucks. I just ordered 2 sets. The Amazon page specifically lists the LCDi4 and iSine as being compatible.
  10. wenbinbin2010
    I was able to get a refund from Amazon without having to return the tips, since it was an inaccurate item description (and Amazon has great customer service). Unless someone can correct me and demonstrate that the Spinfit CP155 tips actually do fit the LCD-i4, I was going to email Spinfit to let them know about the incompatibility.

    Searching through this thread, a few people seem to really enjoy the Spinfit tips, which I suspect to be all personal preference. But there were a couple posts (pg 109 and 131) about how the narrower 5.5 mm Spinfit tips don't actually match the 7 mm nozzle on the LCD-i4.
  11. whitemouse
    Who suggested it first, who knows! But Spinfit 155 fit LCDi4 perfectly.

    If they did not fit, as you claim, what about all the LCDi4 owners who use Spinfit?

    4 pics, notice Spinfits come in different inner diameters. The ones on the left are too small to fit Isine20 or i4, the 155 are fitted to LCDi4.

    I can take another photo of Spinfits packaging bit later to make sure we are talking about same thing.

    lcdi4 headfi 4.jpg

    lcdi4 headfi1.jpg

    lcdi4 headfi 3.jpg

    lcdi4 headfi2.jpg

    Please note the inner diameter of my Spinfits, A on package size chart, 5.5mm.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  12. EagleWings
    The nozzle of CP155 is narrower than i4's sound tube. This will result in a smoother treble than the stock tips.
  13. whitemouse
    Do you agree that Spinfit tips fit Audeze LCDi4?
  14. EagleWings
    Yes, the 155s fit the i4 snugly.
  15. wenbinbin2010
    I understand that the Spinfit CP155 can be forced on, but is there no visible obstruction? I guess I can't say that the CP155 doesn't "fit", but for me it completely muffled the sound of the LCD-i4. I'm also using the Reveal plugin, so maybe that already smooths out the trebles that the Spinfit would otherwise help with.
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