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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. swjones3
    The RMA'd pair got dropped off today. Hopefully they are back to sounding great[​IMG]
  2. SeaWo|f
    It's one of those things with design, they may be really pushing the envelope of what is possible with materials today with how thin they are, or maybe the magnet array is super sensitive to position etc. Unless they detail the exact nature of the failure; we won't know. If you're pushing the edge of what is possible much of the time unreliability/fragility goes with that. I have heard with some stax headphones you have to be really careful.

    Hopefully they can reconsider a pattern in the failures and implement that on the new units/implement it on the old ones as they come back.
  3. swjones3
    Happy to report that the LCD-4's are back to sounding great. [​IMG]. Hopefully there are no more problems.
  4. matthewhypolite
    Ok, I just heard from a friend that the LCD4 sounds great, also heard of a couple members selling their HE1000 in favor of LCD4, so came to thread to have a look around, and started seeing ramblings bout LCD4 failures. sigh, say it aint so.......
    I'm the dude with 5 LCD3 failures......   :frowning2:
  5. ufospls2
    :frowning2: Really sorry to hear that mate. That is horrible. 
  6. bmichels
    Too bad that the LCD-4 is so heavy !  I am dreaming of a LCD-4 as comfortable as a HE1000  [​IMG] 
  7. sensui123
    I think some of us need to get in the gym and work the traps and neck muscles a tad......I've never really been bothered with any of the headphones I've owned from Audeze weight wise.....but then again I rarely sit down for 3+ hours at a time listening to music.  Life with family and work doesn't allow for such luxuries.  That said, I do think the HE1000 design is far more comfortable than anything Audeze has been on my head.
  8. SeaWo|f
    Problems with headphone weight for me have been more related to localised hot spots on the headband. I have even had relatively light headphones that bothered me because of the headband. And heavy headphones that felt light because the band was so good. My dt770 pro feels lighter to me than my hd650 even though it weighs more.. because of the headband. Not that i find the hd650 one to be a bad headband just the beyer is better.

    I think my traps are plenty strong i shrug 365 for 4 sets of 6-8 reps with no bs cheating from bending/popping off my legs.

    I have my fingers crossed that in the next 6 months they get the reliability straight.
  9. freemason

    I'm not buying into this at all. If I get a brand new super expensive Porsche, Mercedes etc, I expect it to work faultlessly. If I book a first class flight with Emirates, I expect everything to be perfect. If I splurge on a luxury hotel room, ditto. If I buy expensive high-end consumer electronics, whether it's a TV or whatever, the expectation is that it blows me away with the quality and performance.
    Headphones should be no different. 
    I happen to be actually be in the market for some headphones, tossing up between the LCD-X and Mr Speakers Ether. After reading about all the problems with Audeze, I'm leaning towards the Ether.
  10. SeaWo|f
    I'm guessing you have never bought a first generation luxury car car because especially in recent years the teething problems have been well documented with each manufacturer. Hell my friend has a new Mercedes g wagon and that things been in twice in 6 months, and the base of that truck was designed in the late 70s.

    Commercial aircraft are a different story because they can't push the envelope for safety reasons. Go look at the history of experimental aircraft you will find tons of spectacular failures because they are pushing what is possible.

    You hotel comment is not applicable as that is a service not a product.

    And if you have never had a failure of a piece of bleeding edge elections either you've never purchased them or your a unicorn.
    An aside my favorite comment from Porsche 500 dollar battery, i ask what makes it better than one form AutoZone? The response " it's from stuttgart."
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  11. Rico613
    + 1

    post #2172
  12. rgs9200m
    The problem is that, if you focus so strongly on quality, your priority will not be what it should be, the sound quality that you personally like. If you can get both, you are lucky or not as obsessively picky about sonics as many people here are.
    A quality issue may require a repair or 2 down the line, but this sort of inconvenience is equivalent to dealing with a tube amp vs. the easy life of solid state.
    It's an inconvenience you willingly choose, maybe even a risk. (And some will pay huge prices for a Sony R10 knowing it can never be repaired. Talk about risk...)
    But the best sound (whatever that subjectively means to you personally, and floats your particular boat) is paramount in my book.
    If you are resentful of some quality issues, and that cuts you off from some very satisfying sound, you are selling yourself short.
    This sort of applies to the comfort factor too, but not exactly, and that's another story (an uncomfortable phone is certainly a deal-breaker in my book; I sold my ATH W3000ANV because of comfort, along with my HD600/650 phones.)
    But I can put up with a bit of discomfort or weight or whatever for the sonics.
  13. SeaWo|f
    My hd650s spent their first few months on a few text books when not on my head. After that they have been great for the past 7 years fwiw.
  14. freemason
    What are "bleeding edge elections"?
    As for the Porsche battery, I assume you're referring to the lithium lightweight one? Definitely not the same as what they sell at AutoZone!
    Anyhow, I am not here to poke at the numerous holes in your arguments. I'm merely saying, it's a shame these super expensive headphones have had faults, and it's a shame customer service apparently hasn't been what it could be. Leaving pointless comparisons with Mercedes-Benz cars etc aside, it's undeniable that customer stories detailed on this thread are not good for a brand's reputation, and can scare potential buyers off. 
    I actually came to this thread because in a moment of delirium was actually thinking of buying the LCD-4s and was hoping for some good feedback.
    Hopefully they rectify the problems soon, will be very interested to hear buyer's impressions once they have had a chance to get used to them, and verdicts on whether they are a noticeable step up from the rest of the Audeze range.
  15. Articnoise
    If the problem with drivers that stop working, for no obvious reasons, was a new thing for Audeze I wouldn’t worry and I would have believed it was problem associated with new teach. Thought driver failure (appears to) have been a problem for the LCD3 for many years now and………


    Apparently some people will chose the very nice sound from Audeze’s headphones anyhow and live with the risk of driver failure. 

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