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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. slow
    I trialled these yesterday for a few hours - the sound is great but its bloody heavy and cooks the ears with the heat. I couldnt handle listening from it due to the lack of comfort in those departments. I wonder how the LCD-4 fans can manage to listen to theirs for hours and not have their ears look like fried bacon :/
  2. bfreedma
    I've found that LCD pads are hot for the first few hours, but once they break in a little, at least for me, the problem goes away.
    The weight bothers some people.  Personally, I've never found the LCD3s to feel as heavy as the number suggest - I guess I'm luck that they fit me well.
  3. johnzz4
    While waiting for the new headband to arrive, I modified the existing headband to make sure the suspension strap is actually acting like a suspension strap (and the carbon fiber isn't resting on my head).  Since I did this, the weight hasn't been a problem whatsoever.  Then again, the overall weight was never a problem for me, just the hot spots.
  4. SeaWo|f
    In general when a new never before used technology is brought into production.
    They didnt have lipo batteries in the 90s 
    you started 'the pointless comparisons'. While the service is not what it should be at least they are not charging you for their failures like some other companies which will remain unnamed.
    the freed back is they are one of the top sounding headphones made and the choice between these and others is personal preference.
    If Audeze history is anything to go by don't count on it.
  5. rgs9200m
    Huh, I don't notice any heat sensation with my lcd4. And I am pretty sensitive to heat on my head and elsewhere. I do like to keep my thermostat in the mid 60-degree (F) area though, as I like it cool all the time. 
    I actually feel the lcd4 is more comfortable than the lcd3. The 4 is a bit heavier, but it's secure with no pressure points on the ear or the top of my head.
  6. johnzz4

    By hot spot, I mean pressure point. I was getting one at the top center of my head because the carbon fiber was resting there. Now that I shortened the suspention strap, it's very comfortable.
  7. mlxx
    If you have never used the LCD's before, the first 2 weeks is like torture, but with some adjustments, you get used to them. I was going to sell my LCD3F because I thought it was impossible to live with, I am sure glad I didn't because it doesn't bother me at all now. I found I had to stretch the headband quite a lot to reduce the pressure on the side of my head and it also reduced the high vacuum effect you get with Audeze leather pads, inserting the foam rings stopped the fazors touching my ears too so no more heat at all now. The carbon fibre headband on the LCD4 should also reduce the hot spot on top. I am not exactly sure what is causing your ears to heat up because when I tested the LCD4, the headband pressure was perfect but it might be too tight on some LCD4's on some people.
    So this got me thinking... how does one go about stretching the carbon fibre headband, is it even possible like it was with the steel one?
    On the other matter regarding LCD4 driver failures, I hope it is just a glitch in the matrix for a new product. Luckily I haven't had any driver failures thus far but with all the horror stories around here, every time I pick up my LCD3F I am hoping it has not died. I thought upgrading to the LCD4 could have also fixed that feeling for me but with reports of driver failures already and with no feedback from Audeze, sadly I don't have much confidence these days and this could possibly be a repeat of the LCD3 fiasco. I think I will wait a year or so while I still have warranty left on the LCD3F and let the guinea pigs test out the LCD4 first. 1 or 2 failures I could probably put up with on the LCD4 since it is so great sounding but 3, 4 or 5 (as was common with the LCD3) is pushing the friendship. I think it is just too risky to jump in right now for such an expensive hp $6399AUD, maybe I would if I was in the US.
  8. jodgey4
    Got to try these today... yea. Good show, Audeze! Probably the best headphone sound I've heard (though maybe the SR-009 is more "neutral", LCD-4 more "natural"). I'm just addicted to the house sound... can't wait to see what future generations bring to the table!
  9. DivergeUnify
    got any more in depth words?
  10. jodgey4
    I wish the room had been more quiet... but the first thing I noticed was the classic Audeze warmth, openness, and cohesive sound. The bass is my favorite I've heard; the Abyss' bump made it sound unnatural in comparison, and the SR-009 is very nice down below, but the very bottom end doesn't connect with me in the same way as planars do. The mids have a great center image which was nice, and toms sounds great down a whole drum kit, and vocals sound intimate whilst not ever sounding closed in - a weird thing to say. I think everyone knows Audeze mids. The treble possibly is technically better on the other two cans, but aren't as natural and smooth. You really need some quiet space and trusted tracks to hear that. I know that Surely - Black Dub sounded great on Brian Blade's Zildjian K's and Spizzichino ride cymbals :), just like I remember when I heard them in person. Smokey, crisp, dark, warm, with the perfect balance of stiffness and looseness. That's a pretty rough impression... if you have specific questions I can try to address those things from memory. I'm also quite partial to the Audeze house sound.
    I also heard the HD800 for the first time, wasn't really impressed. The treble did some cool things around the area where snares buzz, but it seemed like overhyped detail. Great as a monitoring tool up top, the upper mids were nice and open. Amazing that dynamic drivers can sound that controlled and detailed, yes, but overall they just rubbed me the wrong way - I tried them with the Anax mod as well. So I can't really compare them to the LCD-4. I think at this level of can, it's all just subjective taste. I'd love to try them again on other gear besides Schiit TOTL stacks.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAEXGeeJ1ws - a must listen on Audezes - this is the sound I think that no other headphone can do as well
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  11. rgs9200m
    Yeah, I will confirm what Jodgey said, and he said it better than I could.
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  12. Jalo

    never go with v1 of anything

    That is true in general, but in the case of Audeze, I still missed the LCD2 v1 that I sold. That is after I listen to the LCD4. I still think that the LCD2 has more visceral impact in the bass department and after CES I now know why. As for mid and treble, the 4 is better. If anyone wants to sell their LCD2 v1, please let me know.
  13. buson160man

     Actually stax headphones were selling their top of the line for over 3 thousand a long time ago way before audeze even existed  .But  since  the company were bought the price  of the regular pro lamda  actually dropped from when I bought them with the tube amp (I sold them two or three years ago)
  14. Focker
    I think that may have something to do with the Dem and Rep debates? Not sure. 
  15. Focker
    Some of you guys have some really odd reactions to headphones man
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