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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. freemason
    US $4K for a premium set of headphones and the leather band is some cheap stuff made in China?
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  2. MrBucket
    They have had my LCD-X for over a month now and haven't updated me at all on them.  I called this week to find out and on Tuesday I got a woman on the phone who said she couldn't look it up for me because she was working from home and had closed her system for the day (there were still a few hours they should have been open for), but that she would call me back yesterday.  Not a call yesterday or today so I called back.  She gave me the same exact story about the system being closed for the day and working from home.  This is totally unacceptable service for $1700 headphones, let alone $4,000 ones.  
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  3. goldendarko
    Lol, I must have spoken with the same woman!!! She told me she would have to get back to me tomorrow because they were experiencing a "high volume of issues" and that there has been a delay because "people were on vacation". I eventually managed to get out of her that she couldn't help me because she was working from home. Unbelievable! Why even answer the phone then? Get your ass to work and help straighten your company out or you will be out of a damn job with the way Audeze is letting their ship sink.
    I just couldn't believe the audacity of a customer service person telling me they couldn't handle my issue because she has other customer issues to handle! What do I care about other customers issues? Your basically telling me that your going to hang up with me and go handle someone elses problems? Seriously?!? Sorriest customer service I've ever seen in my life and this is for a $2000 dollar headphone that BROKE after 1 year, was sent back AT MY EXPENSE, and returned 1 month later STILL BROKEN!!!! How am I not your first priority, lol.
    Luckily I was able to bypass this gem of a customer service rep and get a hold of Tony, their national sales manager, who is helping me with this repair issue but they really need to work on their quality control for one, and their customer service secondly or else they will be losing me as a customer.
  4. sinkr
    Yep, I've had this same exact experience.  I've been told one thing by the lady who answers the phone (who I assume is still Tara .B.), but was fortunate enough to get Tony once while she was out of the office.
    There was one instance where she flat out told me they wouldn't upgrade my LCD-3 to the 3F, because demand was not great enough for the tooling, however, when my right driver failed (again), I called when she was out of the office, got Tony, and he allowed me to upgrade to the 3F during the repair process (for a cost, of course).
    In short, I'd be very reluctant to order from them again, knowing that this person is still employed there and doing about everything she can to sandbag customers.
  5. ufospls2
    I was considering the LCD-4 but all these reports of driver failures from the LCD-3 and a few with the LCD-4, and horrific customer service has sent me elsewhere. Shame. 
  6. Maconi
    Agreed. It's a shame since they've made some nice headphones, but it's obvious they're having issues. It's already hard to swallow such high prices on headphones like these (LCD-4, HE-K, etc.) but when you stack reliability issues and shoddy customer service on top of it the decision becomes much easier. Thankfully there are other headphone manufacturers that have stepped up their game recently to fill the void (even if the prices still seem to be climbing ever higher). [​IMG] 
  7. Audeze
    @goldendarko We sincerely apologize for our recent delays in customer service. Over the past few week we got hit with a perfect storm of events. Most of our support staff have been out with Flu. We have put in new people, but it is taking time for them to catch up. We have more resources now and people are coming back to work. We should get back to everyone by sunday. 
    Audeze Stay updated on Audeze at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/AudezeLLC https://twitter.com/audeze https://www.audeze.com/
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  8. goldendarko
    Good to hear, thanks for the response. Sorry to hear of the unfortunate circumstances that lead to this but the response is appreciated and makes it easier to swallow when you understand what is going on. Thanks again
  9. rgs9200m
    Well, my new HD800 came with a faulty cable. The nice lady in CT asked me to send it back for a replacement, and then they would order the new one for me. I sent it in. 5 weeks later the new cable arrived, even though they are in stock in many places. 
    (After the first week of waiting, I ordered a nice Moon Black Dragon.)
  10. schugh
    Just wanted to add a different opinion that it's not all always bad customer service with Audeze.
    My LCD3 right driver failed last summer (2015) after just over two years.
    I contacted the support online got a prompt reply with a RMA #.
    I got busy and didn't get around to shipping it until 2 weeks later.
    I think it was 2 weeks more when I had my headphones back fazored and they are working great.
    I am in Canada BTW and I didn't have to pay for shipping at all.
    During the process whenever I would contact support to check on my RMA, I would always get a prompt reply within 24 hours or less.
    So it's not all bad all the time. :)
    Now I'm just waiting for my LCD4!  The longer it takes the more silly I feel having ordered almost $5000 CAD headphones.
    Oh well hopefully it will be worth it and I will be happy with them for a long time. 
    -- Sanjay
  11. johnzz4
    Support has always been fine for me.. there was a delay recently, but I don't believe they were dodging us.  Just a small company with too many people out.   @Audeze - Thanks for posting with an update.
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  12. jlbrach
    i am waiting on a pair of LCD-4's and must admit all this does make me nervous....customer service is an integral part of a high end purchase be it a headphone a computer etc...if i pay for a premium product I do not expect to have to worry whether it will work properly or break soon after purchase....i certainly do not accept waiting days to get through to support to deal with problems that is unacceptable.....
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  13. paulchiu
    More often than not, time wasted is part of the high end experience.  Rarely have I ever received a perfect TOL product over the years.  The HE-1000 was an exception.  Stax are usually perfect.  I went through 3 LCD-3 before getting the right one.  Waited 3 months for my Nagra.
    This is not just high end audio.  Same with new homes, cars, etc.
  14. Khragon

    You seem to have low expectation for high end products.  I got a high end bridge to sell if you want to put down a deposit for it. :)
    For custom built high-end audio I tend to agree with you, waiting patiently for my Glenn 300B as we speak.
  15. mab1376
    How do these drivers fail? My he-500 has been knocked off my desk too many times to count by my cat and they're still going strong.
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