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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. Mortalcoil
    Good luck in finally getting it sorted out.  Just dont be jinxing yourself [​IMG]
  2. Benny-x
    Maybe they fixed it and the repaired unit broke during shipment? Go read the LCD-3 Failure thread :-/  
    As for the people with the X and XC, both of those the and the LCD-2/2.1/2.2 have not had the same driver troubles as the LCD-3 and now LCD-4. The one upside of the the other thread was that it was sort of found that the LCD-3 or 3F can break at any time. Used or unused. Right after purchase or right after repair. But the LCD-X and XC seemed to be a safe bet for reliability. 
    Good luck, darko.
  3. Sound Eq
    anyone interested in Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 for Audeze with RSA/ALO Connector 5 FTm
    i am selling it because i sold my audeze lcd2 and bought oppo pm1
  4. RCBinTN
    I have similar experience.  Own two pair of the X and owned the XC for 1.5 years w/o any issues.  
    Thanks all for posting the issues.  They certainly factor into (at least my) decision whether to upgrade to the LCD-4.  Good luck getting your issues resolved.
  5. PetarCV
    Strange that Audeze doesn't address the issue, as they seem to be replying to other things on this thread.
  6. johnzz4
    I contacted Audeze about the suspension band touching the headband and how uncomfortable the hot spot is.  They are apparently revising the headband and sending along a new headband in about a week.  For those that are having this issue, it's probably worth a call into Audeze.  They said that they're behind on responding to support requests because of CES before and now a bunch of them are out sick.  Good luck - looking forward to these being more comfortable when I have a suspension strap that actually suspends.. 
  7. Jones Bob
    This thread is full of enablers.....
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  8. groovyd

    yep, never go with v1 of anything, especially small scale audio-fi stuff... is usually some problems they work out within the first year and release as a silent update.  guess i just got lucky with the X/XC but i am glad i really like their sound as i have no plans to upgrade other then the headband once it is out and proven for a year.
  9. rgs9200m
    I find the the LCD4 very comfortable. Grado GH1s they are not. But still, for a substantial headphone, they are fine. (And I can't get enough of their sound.  A super phone that gets even better--no longer peaky-- w/some break-in. Sweet and natural highs and mids and vocals, incredibly organic well-integrated powerful bass. A dramatic presentation, but good believable drama, not overdone, not overwhelming at any frequency.)
  10. johnzz4

    What have you been doing for break-in? Are you just listening? Pink noise?

    I've noticed the highest frequencies smooth out a bit..
  11. rgs9200m
    'Just listening a lot for break-in. I also notice that vocals are smooth and filled in. Sometime with otherwise good headphones if you listen closely you hear a slight buzziness in vocals, especially close-miked ones. The LCD4 is super smooth, analog-y, natural, continuous in even the most sustained vocals. The Stax 009 has this kind of liquidity, but it's always non-fatiguing and nicely warmer in the LCD4. Another similar vocal presentation is the Grado PS1000e, but the LCD4 images are bigger and more 3-dimensional. I type this as I'm listening, FWIW. 
  12. swjones3
    Don't count on it. Even with the holiday I would expect some type of correspondence back after the RMA was received (12/21). I sent a simple email asking if there was any update 6 days ago with no response.
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  13. aive
    Same re audeze support, think they're all on leave....
  14. DWbirdseye
  15. DWbirdseye
    Update: Audeze reponded, turn around was 3 days, so I'm content. I'm also satisfied with the response.
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