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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Lohb
    Did you get a tonality shift to "cooler" after installing the DIY fazors as well as better imaging ? Did it affect the sub-bass negatively ?
  2. rendyG
    Well, it was hard to compare without the ability to A/B, but I would say the sound became more in your face with better imaging, with more microdetail, but at the cost of smaller stage - closer to hd6x0 line.
    Not sure about the bass though, it wasn´t as obvious, but some measurements confirmed lesser "kick" in sub bass. (I sold my lcd2c recently, so can´t test it anymore)
    How is the 9038S btw? I want to try the gen2 as its better for iems and I have really high expectations :)
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  3. Lohb
    Waiting for Gen 2 E1DA 9038S balanced DAC/AMP myself..just soft-start for Android and high sensitivity IEM mode is only difference I think. Should power 2C/2CB decently anyway for something so small.

    Edit:- Have the Phantom planars just now, but they just don't have the low-end extension/heft/weighty slightly richer presentation of 2C/2CB...feels flimsier build as well...going to pick up 2C again my fav. planar at the moment.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  4. rokusei
    I got some Suede Eikon earpads and put them on the 2C. Good news, it's a great pairing! The earpads add a slight, broad midbass hump, lowers the 1 kHz bump, smooths out the treble region, and adds just a slight emphasis past 10 kHz. Unfortunately, the bass definition is lowered slightly, but that's a decent trade-off for the much improved treble range, IMO. There's not a hint of harshness left in these headphones yet they don't sound dull either.
    Wrt comfort, I feel it's improved greatly. I can wear the 2C for much longer without discomfort. The earpads aren't too thin for the non-fazored 2C but might be for any Audeze with fazored drivers!
    001.JPG 002.JPG
    In order for them to fit well I cut-out some rings of thin cardboard, roughly 110mm in diameter, and inserted them into the earpads. It's difficult to get the shape right when taping the earpads to the headphone, otherwise.
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  5. xRaptorxPunisher
    Pad changes do improve the sound but I find they almost always change the characteristic in which people by the LCD line and that's the bass. I can't stress this enough if you want a headphone that gets close to the 2C in bass but an improved timbre and midrange then the Verum 1 is your headphone.
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  6. Lohb
    Looked at them just today, but there seemed to be channel imbalance on quite a few pairs with one YT reviewer unless that is fixed now in the QC.
  7. hakka
    I need to get a balanced cable for my LCD 2Cs, are there any better options than the Audeze one at the same price point?
  8. Shakathecoconut
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  9. hakka
    Just looking at the Audeze SE cable, it has 4 wires all the way to the plug, I might be better off putting an XLR on the end of that. Has anyone done this?
  10. jmpsmash
    Yes I have done that. It does work. However you can do way better with a after market cable.
  11. hakka
    Which one would you recommend?

    The ebay one linked above by Shakathecoconut has a 5 week delivery to Australia, and I'm not very patient when it comes to new toys.
  12. blackdragon87
    Arctic cables or periapt make good ones that can be had for under 100
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  13. dingeth
    Hi all

    I recent;y acquired a pair of Audeze LCD2C's. Got them used for a nice price and still in great condition.

    It seems to be the general consensus that whilst the headphones are relatively easy to drive, they do like lots of power to get the most out of them. I'm trying to decide between 3 similar-priced amps at the moment that retail for around $100:

    - Schiit Magni 3
    - Liquid Spark
    - JDS labs atom

    Power output isn't too dissimilar on them, and each of them should put roughly 1W into the LCD's give or take, which I "think" should be sufficient? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

    Right now I’m leaning towards the liquid spark, simply because it's easier to source (Amazon ships direct to my door in Capetown, South Africa) whereas I’d need to use some form of forwarding service (AGS etc.,) for the other 2. I don’t mind doing this if necessary, as I’ve used such services before when buying through (Mass)Drop.

    That said, I also know that power isn't everything and alot depends on amp/headphone synergy.

    Until the new amp arrives; I’ll be using the headphones via my portable Fiio Q5 dac/amp to play flac files via Tidal. The Q5 will also serve duty as the DAC once I get the amp. Right now a desktop dac/amp combo isn’t feasible as I don’t have a PC of my own at the moment (and i'm not too keen on using my work laptop as the source as even the Tidal website is blocked [​IMG]) so for now my phone will continue to serve as my source and unless I’m mistaken there’s no way to use my phone as a source into a desktop DAC.

    So to those that have listened to/ owned one of these cans or amps, what would you recommend as a good pairing to bring out the best in these cans?

    Thanks in advance,
  14. RenEh
    I used my magni 3 with the lcd2c for around 8 months before getting a thx 789. They pair ok and the differences between the 789 aren’t as pronounced compared to other cans, but there are some weaknesses there.

    1) I would sometimes listen loud, but and at around 3 o’clock on the magni 3 with high gain there is audible distortion. It’s not full blown clipping, but it does feel compressed compared to the thx 789.

    2) It’s hard to explain, but the thx 789 gives a quiter backdrop to the music. Almost like there’s less hiss, but not by a whole lot. I heard this was also the case with the magni 3 compared to the jds atom.

    3) There is fuller bass with the thx 789, and when you consider that the magni 3 provides the most power between the 3, it could be an issue if you play at higher volumes, which imo the lcd2c needs to shine.

    4) The magni 3 has NO short protection for the headphone jack. A partially inserted headphone can literally melt the op amps in the magni 3. I don’t know about the other two. This was a big no no for me with kids around.

    Overall, the differences weren’t huge, but if you can save up, something with more clean power would be my recommendation.
  15. dingeth
    Thanks so much for your input, interesting to note. This isn't the first time I've read about the magni3 feeling compressed. THX is it if my budget at the moment, but the new Asgard 3 also looks intriguing and is not that pricy. Atom sounds like a safe bet too
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