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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. bagwell359
    There was a period (about 10 years) when The Absolute Sound came out to challenge Stereophile ('72-'82), and other publications were the writers were trying to be seen as the least corrupt. Then Aczel came out with The Audio Critic (and was revealed as a fraud by Issue 6) in the mid 80's.

    But TAC took money from subscribers and used it to finance a speaker company that made a dreadful product, and the other two started taking ads. SInce then the net came about, and there is no shortage of reviewers, most of the serious ones get free equipment, some of the most important ones probably get more - or at least are offered more. I was deeply involved in sales of high end equipment from 1975-2003, also involved as in investor, and there was dark money, spliffs (that's kickbacks and percentages), lavish dinners and even trips.

    I read lots of reviews and reviewers. If they have more than a few too high or too low ratings based on what I hear I tend not to pay attention to them - what else can you do? I agree Tyll and Marvey seem like good ones. As usual make up your own mind. The "high end" is very open to suggestion, bias, neurosis, snobbery, etc. That's why you end up with power cables that cost $5k for 5 feet. Have I found cables that work better (headphone cables seem to make a big difference - XLR interconnect cables not so much) - sure, some fairly cheap, the decider should be sealed with some attempt at A/B testing. Your opinion and your money.
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  2. rokusei
    Hi all,

    I'm considering the suede Eikon pads for my LCD-2C. I know several people here have good experinces with the Dekoni velours. The reason I'm not jumping on those, is that I'm hoping the thinner Eikon pads would lessen the excessive clamp.
    On the ZMF website it says: "The Eikon suede pads have become a favorite on audeze [...] planar's.", which lends some credibility to the idea. Still, I've only found one mention of the pairing"

    Anyone here who can chime in on whether or not this is a good idea?
  3. BubbaJay
    I'm back on the 2C kick. I keep telling myself I'm gonna start selling some of my headphones but I always end up listening to them after a while and know I'm not going to do that. It's great not using them for weeks at a time because it's like getting a new one each time.

    The 2C is still one of the best headphones I've ever had and I feel like they sound better each time I go back to them. I don't know if it's the amp/dac combo or what but the highs sound much more present now but still retain that smoothness that I love. Audeze hit the nail on the head with this headphone.
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  4. smoothb0re
    I think I finally found my endgame of sorts. After a long, long search that included dozens of headphones, I had already kind of settled with the combination of Hifiman Sundara paired with a Parasound Zdac and Vincent KHV-111, which was the best I had heard thus far. That was until I had the chance to test Hifiman's Ananda, and LCD-X & LCD-2C from Audeze, the latter with Dekoni's elite velour pads, at home with my setup.

    I had previously tested the 2C, but it had some features I wasn't a fan of - both sound and comfort wise. They were an impressive pair of headphones, but not good enough to justify the price. Well, I'm happy to say that the Dekoni pads fixed every damn gripe I had. I was expecting to end up with either the Ananda or LCD-X, I love them both, but instead I found my endgame in the 2C with Dekoni pads. On top of everything else, the 2C seemed to have some synergy with the Vincent amp - more than the other two. Also, they don't seem to give me any fatigue, and that's a first.

    All in all I can't think of anything better unless I start paying a lot more, and I'm neither willing or able to do that. It's been a long time since any headphones gave me that wow-type of feeling that makes you go through your music library. I've really missed this feeling. I've had them for a while now, and I've been trying to find something to whine about. I'm a picky bastard. So far the only things I'm not a fan of are the lack of any accessories, the glued-on pads and the weight of the headphones. The lack of accessories is probably due to Audeze trying to keep the cost down, but man, in this price range they should be doing more. As for the weight, it's not a deal breaker. I might look into getting the carbon fiber headband in the future. The pads being glued on is what really pisses me off. If I wanted to try let's say some ZMF pads on, I'd need to find a way to get extre adhesive rings - no idea how or where from.

    I'll probably get a pair of Beyer DT1990's or T1's eventually to complement the 2C's, but I can't see myself getting rid of them. I'm very happy with what I found.
  5. jambaj0e
    Computer - - > Chord MOJO Dac - - > Schiit Lyr 3 hybrid tube Amp (Kenrad 6SN7GT Black Glass '44 tube) - - > Audeze LCD-2C planar magnetic headphone = My Audio Nirvana


    Finally dipping my toes in more serious audiophile hi-fi realm!

    Yup, I think I'll be satisfied for a while now. Just loving the sound quality I'm having with my audio setup. Smooth, luscious, musical, large soundstage, and impactful bass.

    Coming from a Fostex TH-X00 + Chord MOJO, I was initially disappointed with less bass slam on the Audeze, but after adding some bass EQ with +3 on 70hz low shelf and +2 on 85h low shelf via Equalizer Pro for Windows 10, as well as adding the Lyr 3 hybrid tube Amp with Kenrad 6SN7GT Black Glass '44 tube (same sound as the coveted Kenrad Vt-231 Black Glass tube!), I've gotten back majority if not lost of the bass slam, as well as gained the audio fidelity and sound signature inherent with the Audeze LCD-2C.

    I understand what they mean now with having "speakers by your ears" when it comes to planar magnetic headphones.
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  6. smoothb0re
    It really feels like I have my endgame here. Something better than the 2C+dekoni would simply be far more expensive than what I can even consider. It's pretty awesome what a simple pad change can do to the sound and comfort.

    What I might go after next year is a balanced ss amp and pair it with the Zdac. Something in the 200-300€ range most likely. Any experiences with running 2C's balanced?


    I didn't want to add a other post just for this, but I put on the new Tool album earlier tonight and plugged the 2C's in. I got totally absorbed and lost in the music, just now realised I've spent nearly 5 hours essentially just listening to music, operating on autopilot. This hasn't happened for a while. This setup sounds to me like something way more expensive. What I mean by that, is that I didn't believe you could get sound like this without spending a lot more - so fluid and natural, alive. Damn nice surprise.

    I also started playing around with some EQ and found these headphones respond to it extremely well. I found totally new headphones hiding in the 2C. One click and I have a totally different, equally awesome sonic experience. Starting to think I don't really need other headphones after all. Perhaps the 2C is everything I need at home. Didn't see that coming.

    Anyway, would love to hear about how 2C's sound like balanced.
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  7. KenMan85
    Debating on the velour or perphirated suede maybe. Is the sound really so much improved? And in what way
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  8. BubbaJay
    I've had the Dekoni Velour pads on my 2C for a while now and they sound great to me. I feel like the bass is cleaner and the soundstage also improves. Now for me it did tone down the highs to much at first but after a few days you get used to it and they end up sounding like they did.

    Before I got the Dekoni pads I felt they were already a comfortable headphone but once you use the new ones for a while they become very comfortable and unlike other velour pads my ears don't get hot.
  9. Oregonian
    I'm considering trying other pads on the 2C - how are the pads attached? Double stick tape? Also, specifically which Dekoni pads are you using? I know your post says velour but since I haven't looked at the Dekoni offerings thought I'd ask before I realize there are multiple options.

    Thanks for any assistance bud.
  10. smoothb0re
    The ones I have are called elite velour. Audeze pads are glued on so be careful when removing the original pads. The dekoni ones come with these glue rings already attached, so you only need to remove the cover and stick em on.

    (Make sure the orientation is correct. Someone might've put one on correctly and one on backwards, and not notice until putting them on...)
  11. Oregonian
    Thank you!
  12. KenMan85
    How does the 2c Match up with the Schiit Jotunheim ? I plan on running it with a balanced Pariapt cable (pro xlr)
  13. KenMan85
    Local library has 3d printers. No idea how to upload this to it though or what material (if it matters) so I use etc.
  14. Davesrose
    Most of the page is a 3D viewport. The only download link for a 3D model is the "Download 3D model" lower left from the viewport you see. I'm not going to try downloading it since I have a fazor LCD, and you have to register before you get the actual OBJ. OBJ has been a pretty universal format for 3D polygonal models and animation: maybe not as much for CAD. Though many 3D printers and software do now support OBJ....you'd just have to check with your library. Most all printers are also printing some kind of resin.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  15. rendyG
    Just download ".obj" file, maybe convert it so ".stl", some printers may have trouble with some formats. IMHO material is not important in this application, I would take the cheapest. But I suggest using the best possible quality of printing so you don't have to smooth out the surface so much. As you can see, my fazors are kinda rough, which is not ideal, so I had to smooth them out more.
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