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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    Tbh it is difficult to recommend anything under $500 for headphones that cost $800. You are right in thinking that no portable gear will do justice to the LCD2C. It is definitely desktop gear you need with them. The thing is between $500-1000 things get much better and more exciting.

    What DAC did you want to use with these budget amps?

    Perhaps if you save just a little more money you could try the Lyr 3 with multibit? Or the Burson budget amps seem to be good value for money too. Alternatively a Questyle CMA 400i or 600i. They have built in DACs and a pretty low price on the secondhand market ($500-700).

    The 2C is extremely good value under $1000. It is hard to find matching value for price DAC/amp combo under $1000.
  2. dingeth
    Hi there, yea I'm beginning to think I'll need to rather invest a bit more to do justice to the headphones. On another local forum some knowledgeable guys have been recommending I purchase the audeze Deckard DAC/amp that's for sale back home for the equivalent of $370 which I'm told will have good synergy with the LCD2C's. Failing that, what are your thoughts on the new Asgard 3?
  3. betula
    I don't really know Schiit stuff. Some people love them, some don't. The last Schiit product I owned was a first gen Vali many years ago.
    I guess for the price the Asgard 3 with multibit must be good enough as a beginner setup. The same is true for the Deckard at the price you mentioned, although I haven't seen much love for the Deckard.
    I think if I were in your shoes I would either try the Asgard 3, Lyr 3 with multibit or just get a Magni 3/Modi3 combo until I can afford something around the $1000 price tag. I have heard good things about the JDS Atom too.
    To my experience the Liquid Platinum is over-hyped for what it is. The same might be true for the Spark but I didn't hear that.
  4. dingeth
    Hi, is there any particular reason you're recommending the lyr? Is it for the tubes or simply because the immense driving power?
  5. betula
    Simply because it picked my attention when it came out, read some good opinions about it and seems to be in your price range.
    To be honest I think you will be happy with any of the options that popped up. In my experience true, revealing leaps in sound quality come in $500-1000 steps. Any relatively good gear around $500 will give you pretty much the same level of technicalities with a slightly different flavour. Just pull the trigger, buy the one you like the most and enjoy music. Opinions of other forum members are just opinions. You can only find out what you like by trying them. Buy, enjoy and keep exploring. :wink:
  6. dingeth
    Couldn't agree more, thanks for your input man. As someone new to the world of hi end audio systems, it is very much appreciated
  7. Mizicke5273
    I've got a Jotunheim that I run my LCD-2c from via balanced out and they sound great. Now the Asgard 3 has just a little bit less power than the Jot's balanced out, so I would think it would do just as good of a job.
  8. dingeth
    Good to know, glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Sorbus
    I am borrowing a demo pair from a local hifi store. The sound is very clean but not too bright, bass could be a little bit boomier (haven't tried EQ yet). Compared to my Sennheiser 650 these feel a bit heavier so I am not sure if the comfort would be an issue in the long run.

    I wouldn't buy these at the full price (899 EUR here) but for 500 EUR I would reconsider.
  10. Oregonian
    I too agree that they excel with more power than you'd think they need. I run mine out of the speaker taps direct of a vintage Pioneer SA-608 integrated amp, feeding it with an iPhone 4 through a NuForce iDo DAC. The difference from speaker taps vs headphone out was very clearly an improvement in depth of sound and of course the bass was considerably more visceral.
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  11. snellemin
    The cheapest option to do the LCD2C classics justice, is the a Parasound Zamp V3 amplifier and run it from the speaker tabs. 150 Dollars used for that amp. This little amp can produce the proper lows that many so called (overpriced) desktop amps lack. The Zamp amp has adjustable gains on the rear, so you won't blow out your ears and can keep a "dark" background. If you are adventures, you can swapped out one opamp and have sound like the units costing in the thousands. And if you are goofy like me, you can use two Zamps in bridge mode, to power your headphones.
  12. dingeth
    That's very interesting, and reminds me of that Z review vid where he takes one of those emotiva amps and routes all 50w to the headphone jack! Crazy
  13. betula
    I don't think that is a very good idea. Headphones need dedicated headphone amps for a reason. I tried headphones from speaker amps and the result was a distorted sound with bloated bass.
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  14. phthora
    Don't forget about the possibility of damaging your headphones or ears with a slip of the volume dial...
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  15. snellemin
    I did mention there are gain controls on the back of the Zamp's. The Zamp's have a headphone output in the front of it if you wish to use it. That headphone output is wired in parallel with some resistors for current limiting and "load". Just like any big speaker amp, Receiver amp with a headphone out.
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