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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    I think I did answer your question, but let's give it another go. A lot of manufacturers make their affordable amps balanced because the market has this preconception that a balanced architecture automatically sounds better. It doesn't sound better because it is balanced. SE can be equally powerful and sound equally good. Balanced is often a gimmick in cheap amps because it doesn't necessarily have to be balanced. They made it balanced so it may sell better. I hope my point is clearer now.
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  2. smoothb0re
    Do you mean to say it isn't a gimmick in amps costing over 1k? That's the part I find confusing. It seems like an arbitrary limit to me, not to mention that there is some absolutely amazing gear available for under $500.
  3. betula
    There is good and bad gear at any price point. All I am saying is balanced is not better than single ended by default. It depends on the design.
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  4. snellemin
    Zdac for the win! I love mine still. Same level as my modded Ibasso D7 sidewinder, which sounds the same as a Mojo to my ears. I've heard giga dollar dacs and the majority don't sound any better vs my "cheapo" dacs.

    One Parasound Zamp in bridge mode = one channel in headphone "balanced" output. Two Zamps = unlimited power at any human audible Frequency for 300 bucks.
    I have heard many more expensive headphone amps, and they don't sound any better with what I have. Most have a roll off at the lower frequencies.

    There is no need to spend a lot of money to enjoy music. But as a hobby, you can spend a ton for that extra 1% in audio fidelity.
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  5. smoothb0re
    I agree 100%. That's absolutely true.

    The importance of good design is overlooked too often I feel. Even great components depend on proper implementation. I think the Sendy Aiva, Takstar HF580 case is a nice example; same driver, one with a proper design around it, one not so much. On paper the HF580 might've looked like an Aiva killer, however the truth was quite different.
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  6. KenMan85
    anyone know if their are cups you can order for the lcd2c to make it the lcd2 closed? I'd rather be able to just swap the grills for cups and vice versa when i wanna go out than buy a whole new set of headphones .
  7. betula
    Unfortunately the difference between a proper closed and open version of a headphone is not that simple. Unless you are facing a gimmick, there is serious engineering, dampening going on in the closed vs open version. Mr Speakers Ether and Ether C is another good example.
    To cut is short: no, you won't be able to put cups on your 2C and have the 2C closed.
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  8. KenMan85
    well that is Most unfortunate.
  9. deucefive
    Fellow LCD2C Owners,

    Any recommendations on a balanced cable (including or beside the stock Audeze one for ~$150)? This is my second LCD2C, which surprisingly sounds quite a bit brighter to me than the first one I had. I have paired the LCD2C with JDS EL Stack (EL AMP + EL DAC) and Woo Audio WA7D (stock tubes), but typically prefer the LCD2C with the JDS EL Stack for a speed/attack (vs. the tube) -- it is still a bit bright to me with the JDS EL Stack, however.

    What do you recommend from the options listed below? Any other thoughts/recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!
    • THX 789 (heard it is neutral/bright with LCD2C but also heard it provided a smoother treble)
    • Schiit Jotunheim
    • Schiit Asgard 3
    • Burson Playmate (V6 classic op amps)
  10. KenMan85
    I have the jot with multibt DAC and an xlr cable from periapt. Love it. However if you don't care about balanced. The schiit lyr 3 is said to pair very well too.
  11. Mizicke5273
    I've got a Jotunheim that is fed by a Gungnir D/S via XLR. All around great system with the LCD-2C! I use a Forza Copper Series HPC Mk2 w/20awg upgrade. I also have the Multibit card in my Jot and it still sounded great with that before the Gungnir. I have not heard my LCD-2C on any other SS amp. And the only other amps I've used it with is my La Figaro and Vali 2.
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  12. KenMan85
    Which sound did you find you preferred? Curious about Vali and the lyr. Tube sound in general on lcd

    Aldo how significant was the difference going from jot multbit to gung
  13. Mizicke5273
    For my LCD-2C, I do prefer my Jot over my La Figaro 339 and Vali 2. So far, no matter the tube roll in the La Figaro and I never rolled any tubes in the Vali 2, only have the stock tube for it. The LCD-2C sounds good on them, but I think they just benefit so much more from the raw power the Jot provides. The La Figaro is an OTL amp, so its power is higher for 300 ohm and 600 ohm. I find with the LCD-2C, the bass has more impact and weight from the Jot.

    Going from the Multibit card in the Jot, to my Gungnir D/S was a definite step up for me. It was a fuller and more detailed sound. I was running my Topping D50 along with the Multibit card and I could not tell much of a difference between those two. I did not do much critical listening between them, just I could not hear much difference when I would switch over. When I added the Gungnir, there was a definite difference and one I can always tell when switching over, the Multibit card is still connected.
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  14. gimmeheadroom
    I haven't heard the Lyr 3 but for me the Lyr 2 with stock tubes was a stinker with the LCD-2C. I would go solid state all the way with the LCD-2C from the few amps I tried with mine so far. They're surprisingly easy to drive well.
  15. KenMan85
    Then I guess it's a good thing I too am in the Jot.

    Using reveal plug in as well.
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