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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    Been listening to Sade the last few nights to chill. and love this song as well. Can't seem to find more from her though.
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  2. xRaptorxPunisher
    Each to their own on looks I personally like the steam punk look of the Verum. It reminds me the OG LCD-2. The Classic to me looks similar on that they've always had a steam punk DIY look to them but look more refined as time as gone on.

    As for the sound. It's difficult really I would ust say try it. Worse comes to the worse they'll resale for as much as you paid. They're not so much a bright LCD they're extremely neutral with an elegant lush presentation.

    You liked the HEX V2 imagine that timbre and tonal balance with more micro detail, dynamics; that's the Verum. I enjoy the HEX but they're too soft, lacked leading edge and attack. I find Hifimans current phones up lacking when it comes to resolve, attack, dynamics but the tonality is lovely. The HE-500 and HE-6 though are two of the best planars to ever existed and they've never been able to get that magic back.
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  3. betula
    I think I will pick up a Verum on classified if it pops up, just to try.

    I agree that the HEXV2 is too soft and somewhat diffuse. The spacious and natural sound, tonality is spot on though. 2C wins on bass, although the HEXV2 is not far away and it is just a completely different bass presentation overall. Resolve, attack and dynamics improve a lot with desktop gear on HEX. I found it pretty poor out of cheap portable source. This fact is often overlooked with the HEX as they are advertised as headphones that you can drive from your phone. Mistake IMO.

    I am going to have a HE-6 around soon. :)
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  4. WildStyle-R11
    Okay, so today I did something unheard off. I got myself old style headband and fitted it on my 2C. To my surprise, I like it much better than the suspension style headband. Been using the 2C all day, I only notice pressure on the earpads, but not a lot else. Bonus looks better now, downside I want suede ear pads now. :D

    One of the reasons I like the 2C is how modular the headphone is, so it doesn't take much time to do this.

    Adjusters are a bit loose though. Tiny melon, when those move comfort goes down.
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  5. blackdragon87
    Interesting discovery, thanks for sharing
  6. betula
    Older and heavier is better than newer and lighter. Interesting indeed.
  7. WildStyle-R11
    Sure, sure. I was just trying to make them more comfortable, since I had some issues with the suspension thing wearing and starting to dig into my skull.

    The old headband is only fraction heavier, to begin with they both weigh nothing.

    But hey all of our heads are different and comfort is subjective.
  8. BrotherKathos
    Ahh, Ahh, I can't make up my mind. Some days I think the lcd2c is better, but then days like today I think the nighthawks are. I think it comes down to which ones I like more without eq, and that goes to the hawks without a second thought. Settled! Mind made up! I think......
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  9. BubbaJay
    I did that all the time between the 2C, Elear, and Nightowl but now I feel they're all as good as each other. Some days I listen to one more than others but I use all 3 every week.
  10. WildStyle-R11
    Well if you want to narrow it down to a winner, then it's simple. Which one you find more comfortable?
  11. BubbaJay
    I've been using my 2C with the Vali 2 I got for a few weeks but switched back to the Magni3 the other day and they sound much better on the Magni3. I never liked planars with hybrid amps but I gave it a go and while they sounded decent they just sound better with solid state amps as expected.
  12. neo_styles
    Out of frustration with Microsoft (somehow my copy of Win10 fell out of activation), I wiped my PC and installed Ubuntu. Don't know what magic fairies run inside of that OS, but using gmusicbrowser>alsa>Topping D30 has opened up an entire new level of wow out of these LCD-2Cs. Clementine gets an honorable mention just because it supports Spotify and AIFF (which I really wish gmb would), but it sounds a little more rough around the edges in comparison. Forgive me for fanboying out a bit, but it turns out that Linux has managed to do something special with my audio chain that didn't cost me anything more than the setup time and a little bit of research.

    Have a Monolith THX788 showing up today, so I'm pretty excited to see if things jump up an additional level of detail. I'll do my best to level-match the D30/Magni 3 and run a comparison, but that'll take a little bit longer.
  13. BrotherKathos
    Nighthawk wins on comfort hands down. 2C might as well be a torture vice by comparison. Hawks are by far the better headphone for forgetting about everything but the music. You never really forget the 2C’s presence.
  14. TeaShirt
    Original pre-fazor LCD2 vs LCD2C - How do they really compare?

    Is LCD2C basically original LCD2 without wooden frame and new headband? Or do they actually sound different? Which one would be better for warm sound and rich deep bass?

    I did some searching on this matter and I received mixed answers. Some seem to think that there isn't any difference in sound while some seem to think that "LCD2C sounds very much like original". So to be accurate the sound according to some is similar but still not quite the same.

    For those who have used both revisions which one do you prefer and why?
  15. marcan
    I have the LCD2rev2 and the LCD2C.
    The LCD2rev2 has more more low end and top end. Sub are deeper. The LCD2C is more in the mids but is faster.
    The rev2 is king of warm and lush while having a tad more top end, the LCD2C is a bit more precise.
    This is confirmed by a friend who has both as well.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
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