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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    Yeah, I agree with the 2C in the technical aspect. I would probably steer clear of using Nighthawks for mastering purposes. Its also a matter of pairing with the right gear as you mentioned. The Hawks imo pair beautifully with my thx 789 and mimby eitr combo. Its the only combo I have out of all my various dacs, amps and headphone configurations that I actually don't have any desire what so ever to eq. The only other combo that comes close to being as good when left alone is my Sennheiser hd6xx, Darkvoice 336se with RCA 6as7 black plates, and GE 6ns7 gtb tubes paired with the smsl m9 dac. No matter what I've paired the 2C with I always end up wanting to tweak its sound signature. So while it might be 'technically' superior, its just not what I keep going back to as an absolute favorite. But I do still listen to it fairly often. I broke it out again last night and had it paired to my jds labs el amp and topping d50 dac and it sounded great for the low level Martin Nonstatic album I was chilling too before sleep. But even so I'd still like to add a loki to it :p
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  2. betula
    That's fine. What suits one person won't suit everyone. Would be odd if everyone ordered the same dish in a restaurant. :wink:
  3. PopZeus
    Have any of you guys bought an LCD2c from a Japanese seller on eBay? Have any good or bad stories to share about the experience? Much obliged...
  4. znev777
    No clue, but I see what you mean, there's a few for just about $700 w/ free shipping! Weird, maybe they are clearing out old stock? I'm still gonna wait for another $600 audeze sale if they ever do that again, I'd want to make sure the warranty is intact. Not sure how that would work if you bought it from another country, or if they are a legitimate distributor.
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  5. SilverEars
    I think I understand what is meant by 'boomy' with the 2C bass. I heard 2C bass as spacially significant, but not dense. This would characteristically fit 'boomy.' It's different from dense bass that are tight. Sometimes I describe tight bass as like a rubber ball.

    I know people have preferences, but I think tighter type of bass is seen as more of a technical quality, although opinions can vary. To some extent and degree of headphone responsiveness, it can depend on the amp's headphone control for bass quality.

    To also add, just tight wouldn't mean highly technical either. There's got to be the right timbre to recreate realistic instrumental bass.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  6. neo_styles
    I think people are tending to confuse the reverb/tail of bass hits on the 2C with "boominess" as well. That slower decay is part of what contributes to the spacious feel as well. Take my AFC for instance. Very short tails on transients may translate into perceived clarity in bass, but it also narrows the sound field in comparison. Both pairs are an absolute blast and certainly worthy of the praise they receive, but they have uniquely different sound signatures. IMO, they're extremely complimentary pairs.
  7. omniweltall
    And high-definition too. Bass details + timbre + extension + dynamics = OMG bass.
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  8. SilverEars
    I was actually thinking about that, the timing of the bass decay. I was initially about to point out that it would be considered quick due to not lingering to cause reverb warmth, but also I don't think it's quick in the sense compared to something like a tight damped bass. So, it's quick, but's not. lol. Or quick enough to not cause warmth. Because when it's tight, it's responding pretty instantaneously, but when there is spacial baggage, there's slight delay.

    Like something like Cascade, Fostex TH series, Argon is that kind of warm thick bass that sticks around a while, mainly dynamic drivers. AFC is interesting how the bass responds for a closed-back. Maybe planars have the quick decay?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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  9. neo_styles
    I think it's one big advantage to planars, for sure. That's not to say you can't find it with a traditional dynamic or biocel driver, but physics definitely help you when it comes to planars. Love the way my D5000 do bass as well, but it's noticeably thicker and blooms well into the mids. Very different effect.
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  10. xRaptorxPunisher
    The lack of fazor I believe gives them a more bloomy bass but I like it. The LCD-2C is a very atmospheric headphone for lack of a better term. I do think the fazor though takes away some of that dynamic impact. The 2 classics really hit like a sledge hammer with the right track despite being more bloomy in the bass. The LCD-2C is a very lush sounding headphone but not overly so where it sounds mushy it has an impactful and powerful sound.

    The only headphone I've heard that can hit like the LCD-2C is the Abyse and a well driven HE-6.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  11. rendyG
    Finally had some time to install the 3D printed fazors on LCD2C... (on both sides of the driver ofc).


    I was afraid it´ll kill the stage from what I´ve read on fazor vs nonfazor comparisons, but even though the stage seems narrower now, the highs are so much cleaner, better defined and well extended now!
    Imaging seems to be more precise and maybe even bass got tighter? I can´t say for sure now as I listened to them only a few hrs, but so far I think its worth to try if you have access to 3D printer.

    Adding FR + waterfall comparison where you can see how the treble got filled nicely.

    fazor.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg
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  12. betula
    Nice job. Is it easily reversible if you want to take the fazors out?

    To my ears the difference between fazor LCD2 and LCD2C is not huge but apparent. Fazor version sounds more even with definitely better mids and better balanced but less energetic treble. It looses some bass quantity and bass power though. IMO it is only a matter of taste which version one prefers.

    I prefer the 2C but if the fazor would relatively be easy to put in/out I would definitely have it for certain moods/music.
  13. rendyG
    Sure, if you want it to be reversible, it can be reversible :)
    Worst part is taking off the glued pads without damaging them.
    The fazor on the back holds securely just between the screws and the front fazor needs just a little piece of double sided or even some basic tape to hold it.
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  14. PopZeus
    Yeah, I really am hoping that Audeze has another sale. I'd love to pick up an LCD2c with a warranty for closer to the original sale price. I doubt I have much recourse from an eBay seller from Japan.
  15. sikki-six
    I own a pair of late-2010 LCD-2.1 - is the Classic pretty close the same sound-wise? I've been thinking of trying one out but I'm thinking they'll be pretty similar. I bet comfort is way better, though.
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