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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    I never heard the ifi. So many possibilities out there! Right now I cannot even think about another amp as the sound I’m getting with this specific pairing is checking all the boxes for me and leame completely satisfied. Maybe later on down the road when my ears change a bit I might look for another rig.
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  2. betula
    There is no endgame with amps/DACs either. The same way the asgard 2/mimby blows the magni 3 or o2 out of the water there are other (more expensive) combos that blow the asgard 2 out of the water. The limit is the sky here there are DACs for £8-10.000.
  3. BrotherKathos
    Then again 10k dacs might not be any better to one’s ears either. Its all subjective. I’ve been thinking of trying the metrum pavane with the head amp gsx-mk2. Maybe I’ll like it better than my current setup, but who knows maybe not?
  4. betula
    Sure. Some people can't hear a difference between using a mobile phone only or an entry level Schiit stack. It is all subjective as you said.
  5. BrotherKathos
    I think in my case its more of an overall presentation that I’m after instead of ‘hearing more from a recording’ right now. I think that scenerio is pretty well taken care of by dacs as cheap as the topping d50. Its one of the cleanest and best measuring dacs out there regardless of price and if you paired that with the new thx aaa linear amp that is he cleanest and most transparent amp available now period besides the benchmark one there is really no way to get better without changing headphones or your own ears right?

    I just really like the presentation of the asgard 2 and mimby with the lcd2c. All I can say is try it. It might blow your mind. Or you might think its trash as well hehe. I’m very pleased though, but am still wondering how the d50 and thx will stack up in balanced mode sinde it offers 6 watts into 32 ohms with -126 crosstalk and distortion under real loads that is almost too low to even measure. Will be interesting for sure, ut I’m not expecting it to sound better to my current preference.
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  6. betula
    I haven't tried the d50 or the amp you mentioned, but they seem to be pretty decent, especially for the price. I haven't heard better DACs than the Chord DACs up to this day. There was no contest, anything I tried so far. (2Qute, Hugo2, DAVE). I have also heard some pretty good SS amps around £1000. If clarity, resolution and transparency is the aim a well chosen balanced ss amp for this price paired with a Chord DAC sometimes beats 3-4 times more expensive setups in my experience.
    I know, price is often meaningless as budget amps/DACs sometimes punch way above their price range and you can spend thousands with disappointing results, but in general price is still a relatively good indicator for quality if all your chain has the right components. I remember hearing the first £1000+ amp was eye (ear) opening for me.
  7. BrotherKathos
    I’ve also wanted to check out chord dacs. They have their own chips right? no akm, ess sabre or others? What chord dac is balanced? People do rave about them, and I’m one who always liked to test things. wish there eas a way to listen to all these combinations at one place instead of searching the net and rolling the dice. based on the results I get with the d50 and thx pairing I will probably get 2 more sets of the asgard mimby and lcd2c setups.
  8. Tsukuyomi
    So, yesterday i went to my local audio shop. the manager at the time allowed me to use one of their sources to listen to my music which i connected to the dac/amp. i asked for the following, BeyerDynamic DT1990 Pro, Audeze LCD2C (Classic) and the Audeze LCD-X (new headband version) and sat down for about 30min. roughly 10ish minutes each one. the reason i chose the beyer was because i have that at home. after a short but surprising listen, i found myself... wanting my beyers more? is this wrong of me. has the DT1990 Pro spoiled me in some way. I really enjoyed the LCD2C but felt there was something missing that the DT gave me. the LCD-X was great, but it lacked something the LCD2C and DT1990 pro had. maybe im going crazy, but has anyone else tried the LCD2C and LCD-X against a DT1990 Pro? i'd love to compare sound notes.
  9. betula
    They have got their own FPGA chip. Built/programmed from scratch in house. Only the more expensive Chord DACs have balanced output the Hugo TT2 and the Dave. Their 'budget friendlier' options (Hugo2, 2Qute, Qutest) have single output only, but they sound better to anything I heard in their price range if it comes to the most lifelike sound presentation. They have won tons of awards with their DACs for a reason.
  10. betula
    It is probably that your ears are accustomed to the Beyer's sound. A 10 minutes long audition won't recalibrate how you perceive sound. It takes hours or days.
    Still you might just prefer Beyer's house sound to Audeze and there is nothing wrong with that.
    One of the YouTube reviewers (Joshua Valour) has recently reviewed all three headphones you mention. I pretty much agree with his observations.
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  11. Tsukuyomi
    I want to get on the Audeze train as well as i like the design, and the warmer sound. i'd just prefer the opinion of people who spent good hard money on it and can give me a better idea of what they ended up settling for. i'll definitely check out that youtuber if you recommend it, and see what he has to say :) thanks
  12. chef8489
    I love these headphones, but money is tight right now and might wind up selling them as well as my Lyr 3 and getting them back when things calm down.
  13. betula
    It is good to listen to other's opinion, but at the end of the day you should settle down with what's best for your own ears. This is a highly subjective hobby.
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  14. Tsukuyomi
    ofcoarse, which is why i want to see if others can relate to my experience from what i originally mentioned. the youtuber that was recommended for me to watch "Joshua Valour" kinda makes the LCD-X seem more worth it, however the way he mentions it almost sounds like a planar version of a DT1990 Pro which i dont want another pair of. i want variety. so im still kinda stuck at square one.
  15. betula
    In my opinion all three headphones benefit from good amping.
    DT1990 Pro: if you like a bit of a treble bite and a very clear picture and you don't mind the slight bass roll off under 50Hz and a slightly analytical sound.
    LCD2C: if you prefer a darker, warmer, more gentle sound, less pronounced treble. You are not after the ultimate clarity and prefer to relax with music.
    LCDX: if weight is really not an issue and you are going for the Audeze sound adjusted for studio use. (In a way closer to DT1990 sound but without the sub bass roll off and a friendlier treble.)
    This is obviously just my subjective opinion. I think all these three headphones are pretty great.
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