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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    I absolutely love the schiit Asgard 2 with my LCD2C. I honestly dont see how it could get much better and it does not even have 1 watt at 70 ohms I suspect. At $250 its a steal to me. I'm waiting on the THX AAA linear amp to come in and its got probably around 4 watts per channel at least in balanced mode with apparently crazy low distortion and crosstalk. For the money nothing even comes close to it in specs, and even units costing many thousans are left in the dust.

    Balanced Output

    • Output power: 6000 mW, 16 ohms, <1% THD (watts per channel)
    • Output power: 6000 mW, 32 ohms, <1% THD (watts per channel)
    • Output power: 800 mW, 300 ohms, <1% THD (watts per channel)
    • Output power: 400 mW, 600 ohms, <1% THD (watts per channel)
    • THD: -143 dB, 300 ohms, 1 mW: 0.000007%
    • THD: -140 dB, 300 ohms, 100 mW: 0.000010%
    • THD: -130 dB, 32 ohms, 1 mW: 0.000032%
    • THD: -130 dB, 32 ohms, 100 mW: 0.000032%
    • THD: -122 dB, 16 ohms, 1 mW: 0.000080%
    • THD: -122 dB, 16 ohms, 100 mW: 0.000080%
    • IMD: -123 dB, SMPTE 70 Hz + 70 kHz, 300 ohms: 0.000071%
    • IMD: -124 dB, DFD 18 kHz + 19 kHz, 300 ohms: 0.000063%
    • Crosstalk: -127 dB, 300 ohms: 0.000045%
    • Noise (A-wt): 2.4 uV, potentiometer at nil
    • SNR: 136 dB, 300 ohms, <1% THD
    • Gain: 0.66x , 2.0x, 6.6x (-4, +6, +16 dB), selectable via front switch
    • Output impedance: < 0.1 ohms
    Hard to beat these specs for under $3000 let alon the $350 it retails for.
  2. Sorgiulio
    OK I convinced myself to get a powerful amp to give this headphone justice. I was going to buy the Lyr 3 but it's out of stock in Europe. Any recommendation for an alternative in the same price range? Please no Massdrop (it would cost me a fortune in taxes to import) and no DAC/amp combos.
  3. Fegefeuer
  4. Eylrik
    I've been using and testing the Kinki Studio Vision THR-1 for a couple of months now with my Lcd2c. It is a fantastic amp, clear and dynamic that gives the Lcd2c the power it deserves.


    At 690€, the price is above the Lyr 3 but totally worth it from my opinion, and it really competes with way more expensive amps.
    It is shipped from Singapore via DHL (included in the price).
    6moons.com did a great review of this amp here:
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  5. Sorgiulio
  6. Sorgiulio
    Thanks. I'd never heard of it before. Will have a look online.
  7. WildStyle-R11
  8. X-Frame
    I have the Micro BL with the LCD-2C’s and honestly it drives them extremely well even in the Eco mode.

    I barely have enough room to turn the volume knob before they’re too loud in Normal, let alone Turbo. I must have the most sensitive hearing if I can only tolerate the LCD-2C’d in Eco.

    I also have a Deckard and can only listen in Low Gain. Medium Gain I feel maxed out when the knob is between 9 and 10 o’clock which doesn’t seem right to me.

    Maybe I just listen at lower volumes than others. I can’t imagine more power.
  9. elira
    It also depends what kind of music you listen to. Most music is loud, but there are some genres that need more gain.
  10. X-Frame
    Very good point! I didn’t think of that. Mostly electronic / metal which may explain it.
  11. MyPants
    Your observations are about right from my experience. It doesn't take a ton to make the 2C sound loud, but it's more about headroom allowing them to perform their best.
  12. BubbaJay
    The Schiit Magni 3 sounds great with the 2C and has plenty of power. Even though it's only a $99 amp it works just as good or better than amps costing much more. I've thought about upgrading my setup but after thinking about it there really is no need unless I'm willing to spend a lot of money. The Magni 3 and Mimby is a match made in heaven and the 2C sounds great.
  13. BrotherKathos
    More power definitely is not as big of an issue as people seem to believe. I can hook my lcd2c to my o2 amp, and then to my magni 3 and they both are in the same general place with some differences in treble bias from the magni 3 and a more flat sound from the o2. But both of those beyond that are decent for the money even though there is a pretty large difference in power. I actually prefer the o2 to the magni 3 with the lcd2c. Then there is the asgard 2 and mimby combo that absolutely blows both the magni 3 and o2 out of the water. To my ears its on a completely different level. Not even comparable.
  14. BrotherKathos
    Since you have a mimby give the asgard 2 a whirl but only in low gain. Its so much better than my magni 3 for my preference its hard to even really describe. The only way I would ever even think of upgrading is if i can somehow retain all the base characteristics while enhancing them in a way that does not ruin the delicate balance it already has. Right now its almost to the point of end game for me as I’m that satisfied. I’ve still got the thx aaa on the way but honestly i’m not even really excited about it anymore.
  15. MyPants
    My step up from the Asgard was the ifi Micro iCan SE. The Asgard is in my work rig now and still doing a bang-up job.
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