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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    After auditioning the 2C and the Clear I bought the Clear. I liked both but found the Focal more impressive. That clarity and resolution is exceptional. However after a few weeks with them the intensity of the sound started to bother me. It is not a relaxing headphone, always sounds 'full on' so I got rid of it and bought the 2C.
    The 2C does not have the clarity and resolution of the Clear but it has a 10/10 bass (while the Clear's bass was 9/10 to me). The 2C sounds big and dynamic while it still maintains some warmth and smoothness. Intense and relaxing at the same time. The Clear was just intense but not relaxing at all.
    I heard good things about the Auteur too but never tried one.
    To me the perfect bass is mission critical (deep extension, good sub-bass, clarity) and only planars can offer that. All of these three headphones are great, but dynamic drivers will never have the planar's flat bass extension down to 20Hz. With most music genres this is not really an issue but if you listen to a lot of ambient/electronic/modern music with a lot of deep and layered bass planar is the way to go.
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  2. marcan
    I came to the same conclusion about planar few times ago. Never get back to conventional headphones. LCD bass are just great no discussion but actually details are there (because planar are very fast), but not in your face (by definition details shouldn't be in your face).
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  3. canali
    thank you for this, Betula.....i love clear and detailed sound (seems this is clear's position) while but also a smooth signature that doesn't gloss over details (so slightly warm)
    ...when at my local retailer i'll check out the clear, lcd2c and also hfm X.
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  4. betula
    Make sure you share your findings. :) I'd like to hear how the edition X compares to the 2C in your opinion.
    I tried both the Clear and 2C with Mojo and while Mojo does a decent job with them they both benefit from more powerful desktop amps. The 2C maybe even more. If you have a chance at the shop try them from a full sized amp as well, not just the Mojo.
  5. canali
    yes thanks i will...i'm taking your que and looking at separates for a dac/amp combo.
    (i subscribe to the very insightful youtube videos of audio guru Paul McGowan of PS Audio on such items, too: https://www.youtube.com/user/sharanelani/featured )
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  6. betula
    Brief but quite good review of the 2C with some comparison to other LCD2 versions.

    Has anyone tried silver cables with the 2C?
  7. marcan
    Red the review. I don't completely agree with his comparaison with the old LCD2. While being close, there are few differences. The old LCD2 goes lower in the sub and the rev2 goes higher, so the LCD2C is more mid centric. In the other hand the LCD2C is faster than the old LCD2 which is is a bit slower and softer. In my opinion the old LCD2 is less fatiguing on long sessions.
  8. betula

    Music made for the 2C (and decent amping).
  9. chimney189
    I see people here thinking about the Auteur.. I read a review that said it basically sounds the same as an HE-500. I tend to agree with that.

    I love how big the LCD-2C sounds. I also find it great for gaming.
  10. Fegefeuer
    I have swapped the LCD-2 Earpads with Dekoni Elite Velour and the end result indeed turned out to my liking, as measurements and impressions of others proved. I don't need to use the reveal plugin anymore and it's overall less hazy as well.
    Everything is more lively and open/clear in general (voices have more breathing room, upper mids are "back") in comparison to the original pads. The headphone is still dark but the treble curve doesn't have those pits anymore making it more natural.
    This great headphone just got magnificient. Yes there's a very slight loss of "concentrated" bass energy but the bass is less boxed in now which is a worthwhile tradeoff for me. @bagwell359 You should try the LCD-2C again with these pads if you can. Curious to see what
    you'd think.
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  11. bagwell359
    Sure. I'm up for it. Few folks in the Ether 2 and HFM 560 threads might want to try it too.

    BTW, PM me if you have any new thoughts on that other HFM can we've been talking about.
  12. koover
    Interesting. I’m always down for pad rolling. How difficult was it to remove the stock pads as my understanding is they're glued on.
    I haven’t even looked at the stock pads at this time to start rolling so I’m in the dark on this one even though I’ve always been an out of control pad roller.
    My experience with the M1060 way back when, their pads were also glued on and I ruined them taking off. Pi$$ed me off TBH.
    When you swapped out pads on the classics, any trick removing them (not to ruin them) and to save them for future rolling and comparison?
  13. Fegefeuer
    It's not difficult, but like you I'm very careful with this stuff so I asked those who performed pad changes, like I did with @chimney189
    Following his advice all I did was press pressing the pad together were you want to lift it while at the same time pulling the pad from the adhesive. Careful and slowly. That way you don't tear it apart.
  14. BubbaJay
    I've been thinking of getting a set myself and now would be the time.

    I ordered the Velour but I was wondering how the hybrid Dekoni pads sound on the 2C?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  15. betula
    My bitperfect FLAC obviously sounds much better, but here it is on YouTube. A great track that needs a headphone like the 2C to fully shine and be appreciated.

    The 2C is a great starting point as a headphone. However it vastly improves with better amp and higher quality DAC. It can be tweaked further with USB signal cleaners like the iFi iPurifier 3.0 (and AQ Jitterbug). A good quality silver cable can also be an exquisite addition with undeniable benefits regarding clarity, tightness, punch and airiness.

    With additional investments the 2C can be lifted to another level. Don't judge these headphones superficially out of some cheap/average source.
    Without any of these aids out of a more ordinary source the 2C can come across as overly dark, hazy and lacking resolution, sparkle.
    If you give them what they deserve power-wise and source-wise they will start to sing. Haziness disappears, thin veil disappears, slight boominess disappears. You get a full picture tight and controlled, refined and clear. Detailed and articulated with clean air and space everywhere. With all the additional investments and improvements the 2C can easily be an 'end game' headphone for music genres that require high quality bass.
    It is like drawing a picture on a deflated balloon. That is the 2C with some average, boring source. If you plug the 2C into good amp, high quality DAC, use a signal cleaner and top quality aftermarket cables they start to sound like a different, truly TOTL headphone. Just like you inflate the balloon with the drawn picture on it. It becomes clear, sharp, airy, spacious, defined. Not much left to wish for really. At least not with my music.

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