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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    Well said. If these headphone check all the boxes of ones’s preferences and they have the money, let alone $800, people would pay $8000. If someone does not like how they sound, it would be tough to even pay them to listen to the lcd-2c. Its all subjective and relative. We all basically aspire to the same things in our day to day lives as human beings on earth. The only difference is the scale and degree of freedoms each of us are given or attain to pursue these desires.
  2. elira
    There’s a difference between something being too expensive and not worth for some people and something overpriced. If it’s overpriced it means you can get a product of similar characteristics for less, if you say it’s “way overpriced” you are saying you can get something similar for much less money. I’m not aware of a similar headphone that can be bought for less money.
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  3. marcan
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  4. Ronsanut
    I tend to agree. IMHO - The value for money on these headphones is great.
  5. chimney189
    I think the build quality is great, but I don't think the sound quality is worth it. I'm not sure about which headphones I think are worth it at the $800 price range.
  6. endlesswaves
    Boutique audiophile equipment are mostly overpriced because this is a niche market. Mass produced equipment are a lot cheaper, for example Beats. And I still think they are overpriced.

    For $800, I can't find another headphones that tick all my boxes. This is the value of this headphone to me that I feel $800 are totally justified. If you want an example of overpriced item, look at Obravo's offerings.

    I have an used Eikon too. It's almost double the price of LCD2C. Would owners of Eikons say it's overpriced? I doubt it.

    Meant no offence. Just my own opinion.
  7. chimney189
    I actually went to Zach's house and brought my Alpha Prime headphone to do an A/B and found that I preferred the Alpha Prime in mostly every aspect. I bought the Alpha Prime for $400 at that time.
  8. BubbaJay
    We'd all love for them to be cheaper obviously but at $800 I don't think these are overpriced. When you take everything into account like build quality, performance, etcetera the $800 price tag looks to be a fair market price. I know you can get the Elear cheaper now but I feel the 2C is right there with them and the Elear was $1000 when new and most people thought that was a great deal.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2018
  9. endlesswaves
    Good for you. Each's own taste and valuation are different.

    I got my LCD2C during pre-order, that's a steal to me.

    Got my used Eikon for less than USD800, great value to me.

    Alpha Prime from Mr. Speakers? It's MSRP was USD999.
  10. chimney189
    I'll never buy anything brand new in this hobby. :p
  11. endlesswaves
    Didn't you just got a new Atlas? :ksc75smile:
  12. chimney189
    Psshh .. I bought it used. :)
  13. betula
    IMO whether a headphone is worth its price depends on personal preference and on the thickness of your wallet. I agree headphone prices in general are crazy $500-$5000. I also think in the $1000-5000 price range it pretty much comes down to personal preference. We need to compare the 2C's price to its competitors to decide whether it is a fair asking price. While in a way it is sad to say a $800 headphone is worth its price I think looking at the current headphone market it is a very good value for money for the average 'audiophile'.

    Someone said earlier that the original LCD2 was much cheaper at its release. Well, that release was 8 years ago. The world has changed a lot in 8 years. You need to take into account a few things like general value loss of currencies, potentially more expensive parts (full driver revision in 2016 at Audeze), etc.

    Regarding buying new/used audio equipment I also buy most of my stuff secondhand due to the extreme value loss of certain items. (You don't want to loose $400 on a $1000 amp the second you walk out from the shop.) On the other hand I do buy some of my things new for two reasons. One is the warranty which can be quite valuable and the second is to support the existence of my very favourite brands.
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  14. endlesswaves
    You are one real lucky guy to get one used so soon. Am very interested with the Atlas.

    I too try to buy used due own financial limits and the diminishing value LCD2C was the last item I bought new due to pre-order discount and was able to audition it before pre-ordering.
  15. betula
    Same story here. I auditioned 5-6 headphones including the LCD2C and bought these new in a 15% special weekend offer for £509 ($660).
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