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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BenevolentBob
    Pretty nice comparison here between LCD2C, LCD X and LCD3.

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  2. WildStyle-R11
    I had cables from "Oidio" for err...What did I buy cables for again? Well doesn't mater, they use pretty decent wires, so if you customize it the price point may or may not be a hit or miss. Currently on a budget, I'm using some kind of microphone cable that I found on ebay, it's REALLY cheap, but that is exactly what you get, can't complain with it, but then again I haven't exactly searched for any problems.
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  3. chimney189
    I just received these headphones...

    Coming from an old pair of LCD-2 Rev.2 headphones this Classic revision is miles ahead in comfort, although I do understand what some people say in terms of the new band sitting at a point on the top of the head.
    In terms of sound everything sounds wonderfully clean, low distortion, the bass digs insanely deep and has great texture, the highs have detail without being overbearing (unless you turn it up) and it sounds very vertical to me.

    A few things that I dislike: cymbals are sometimes almost non-existent, the sound-stage is pretty narrow for an open-headphone and I keep getting the feeling that I'm waiting to be wowed by the music but it hasn't happened yet.
    Oh, and this headphone is way over-priced!

    I have to add again that the comfort was knocked out of the park by Audeze. These are actually comfortable!
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
  4. elira
    How much do you consider should be the price?
  5. koover
    I appreciate and respect your comments/ opinions, but overpriced? I believe they’re very reasonable. I second the above comment. How much do you think these should retail for..... out of curiosity.
  6. chimney189
    I'd say $500
  7. betula
    I wonder what you think about the LCD-4 or Utopia then. Or even just the HD820.
  8. chimney189
    I actually heard the HD 820 this weekend! Not surprisingly, I don't find them worth their MSRP.

    I also tried the HE-1, which was an incredible experience. But, once again, not worth the MSRP.

    I'm also not finding the LCD-2C to be that much of a dark headphone in of itself the more I listen to it.
  9. chimney189
    I just purchased the Dekoni Elite Velour pads, and I heard that it gets rid of the shouty nature in the upper mid-range.
    I'll get back to you guys with impressions.
  10. koover
    Please hit “click to expand”
    Now THAT I agree with you on.
    When it comes to headphone worth, it’s all in the wallets of the beholder. If someone thinks it’s worth it? It’s worth it. It’ll never ever stop as people just gotta have a $3000 headphone no matter how it sounds. What’s the old sayin? “Is it heavy?.... then it’s expensive”
    Gotta buy it then.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
  11. omniweltall
    I just dont get it. With this kind of build quality, you expect $500?

    Tell.me, what headphones do you think are worth it at $800 price range?
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
  12. BrotherKathos
    Thought I would share this song. Great track for the LCD-2C IMO. Really showcases its strengths in a way that is priceless :)

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  13. Ronsanut
    Sounds great on LCD-X as well. Thanks.
  14. BrotherKathos
    Glad you like ! :)
  15. lugnut
    I do not own these, I do follow this thread as I am very interested in these lcd-2c, and at some point plan to buy. How much one thinks what a fair price is, is just as personal and complicated as to what sounds good to a individual's ears. We all have different systems, (amps dacs cables & so on) and different ears that like different sounds. Same with cost, we all have different budgets and what we think as a fair price or too much. I for one would never ever pay $3000 + for a set of headphones. While some people do not give it a second thought and pay that and more. There is no right or wrong answer, it just depends on the individual.
    What bothers me about the lcd-classics is the fact that when it first came to market they were priced $200 less than they are now. I would bet that they did not lose any money selling them for that price. So I have been put off from making a purchase at the full retail price since. Am I right, am I wrong, no, there is no right or wrong just my opinion. I do feel if they sold them for that at that time, they could sell them for that now. So I will wait until the price drops or just buy a used pair. Again this is just my humble opinion.
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