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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    like betula I don't want to turn this into a music sharing thread so i'll give it a rest after this. Its songs like these that can only really be fully appreciated with Audeze gear
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  2. chimney189
    I'd also like to recommend the entire Uncharted 2 videogame soundtrack.
  3. betula
    I am not new to the hobby, but I was always on a budget. For 18 months I was very happy with a Mojo/NightHawks combo. My current system is the Qutest-CMA600i-2C. RRP would be around £2700. Cost me £1700. I think, I will be happy with this combo for at least another year. My DAC is the best under £1200. My amp is one of the best between £800-1500. My headphone for my music (ambient/electronica) is the best for my purposes under £1200. Hard to find anything substantially better without spending a fortune.
    If you are looking for the perfect bass under £1000 the 2C it is.
  4. Lohb
    2CB extends a bit deeper/fuller in the sub-bass, or so it seems, as another style of subjectively perfect in the low-end...but slighty more bite in upper mids into the treble is the trade-off with the closed-backs....and sound-stage comes in of course, but those things can be dealt with, with a bit of tube rolling.

    G/f or the open-backs had to go...girlfriend won :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
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  5. BubbaJay
    I thought about getting the 2CB in the first place but since it's for home use only the open headphone was the better choice for me.

    Also, I just have to say I love the cable on these. It moves as a cable should move and it's always straight when you use it even if you curl it up. Manufacturers should take note and make their cables behave like this one.
  6. BryanNguyen
    I ordered a pair of LCD-3 as an upgrade to my one year old LCD-2C. I find that the LCD-3 is brighter and more fatigue as compare to the laid back sound of LCD-2C. Does anyone has the same experience?
  7. betula
    I heard the same from at least 3-4 people, who tried both.
  8. gargani
    I've never heard the lcd-3, but based on what I've read by peole who have compared the 2 headphones, that seems to be the general consensus.
  9. Tonza
    Is there a way to prevent top of my head touching the metal bar? It might be just that the comfort strap has stretched on mine or that I have pointy head but
    I get a hot spot on the top of my head.
  10. marcan
    Except the first generation of LCD3 that was darker. This one was really better than the LCD2. Then they changed the driver and added the fazor...
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  11. WildStyle-R11
    I don't really have a problem with that. However You can try folding the leatheresk strap piece in two and use them that way. It doesn't really take away from the comfort, I tend to slide my headphones on from the front to pull my hair back with the headband, but since it is slim it tends to fold, I fold it back once it is in place, but sometimes I just don't notice and it just sits there folded without me knowing. I'm not sure if this would help you, but worth a try.
  12. betula
    Out of interest: what headphone would you consider as an upgrade to the LCD2C if you don't want to loose anything on bass quality and extension? I think it is quite hard to find one. Obviously smooth and ear-friendly treble is a must (no LCD3 then). There are some technically better headphones out there, but none of them is able to offer this bass (no Focal Clear/Utopia then). Perhaps the new Ether 2? Any thoughts?
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  13. WildStyle-R11
    Well that is where I am stuck as well. I use loki to boost the bass a bit, just for that final stretch of satisfaction, outside of EDM. But other than that, I don't really have much complaints. As far as sound signature is concerned. Maybe sometimes the vocals feel a bit to far back, but it is minor in comparison to everything else it offers. I have been thinking about headphones in the future, can't afford any at the moment, so it is good I finally found one I can live with for longer than a month. But What really is there? Most things don't offer sub bass, which is disappointing for certain songs. And most of the top ones scream on high notes and for most part are just made for you to listen to every nuance, not enjoying music. First it is almost impossible to find a headphone that is dark yet offers such energetic highs. Regardless of price, as far as I know. Then at that point we are yet to touch other parts of the spectrum. Everything the LCD2C offers can be improved upon, or so you think until you realize there is nothing out there that does Bass better or highs tamer yet equally energetic. Obviously using a world like better is rather subjective, but so it is.
  14. canali
    funny but i was just considering getting out of cans.
    selling my new massdrop fostex ebony thx-00 with lawton upgrade...
    to my surprise I was most enjoying
    listening to them for the first time last night on my oled tv.
    (was using chord mojo as dac via optical out on tv to the ebonys)
    no wonder they're so popular for the price.

    now am considering these audeze lcd 2classics as a replacement.
    so refreshing (and welcomed) when a major player comes out with a tweaked
    product that sounds great and yet also comes down considerably in price,
    thus offering great value.

    btw do they pair well with a chord mojo?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  15. betula
    Of course, everything could be improved on LCD2C, but the overall package is pretty unbeatable, especially if you need great bass. To folks who complain about the 2C I'd first suggest to upgrade their DAC and amp.
    It is not that I am not happy atm, I am. I am just wondering what headphone could offer more resolution, clarity, soundstage without loosing anything on bass quality, quantity, slam and dynamism.
    I am wondering if there is one at all, hence I am asking. :)
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