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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Voxata
    3 years on drivers, I'm ok with that. So long as they replace both if one goes.
  2. fivedollah
    Omg, i sleep on my side with it!
  3. kashmiami
    I apologize, if this has been asked before, but is the 2 c sound same as the non fazor Lcd2 , Can someone point me to sonic differences. I am debating buying a used lcd 2.
  4. elira
    They tried to replicate the sound of the non fazor LCD2 but the materials of the coups and diaphragm are different, so the sound is different. Not sure what's different specifically, but there's a difference.
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  5. MusicalParadise
    I’ve been listening to my Classics solidly for a while now and the more I listen the more their faults are bothersome. I feel there’s too much unevenness through the the upper mids due to the steep dip and going into the treble it’s all over the place. The Atticus has a similar roller coaster but hides it well where as the 2’s being open there’s no cup reverb to hide anything like the Atticus. I still stand by what I say, the bass is really fantastic.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  6. gLer
    Can you describe how this manifests itself? Perhaps some song examples and time markers so we can load them up and try to hear what you’re hearing? Also what are your sources and file types? Thanks!
  7. anoxy
    For anyone that was wondering, I e-mailed Audeze about the 2C Reveal profile, and they said it should be out within the next few weeks.
  8. Voxata
    It is pretty obvious, however some light global eq and things are easily solved.
  9. gLer
    It would be much more useful to cite examples than to say it's obvious. Most people hear differently to each other, and some aren't experienced enough to pick up 'flaws', so if they're obvious, it should be easy enough to reference a song or two with a timestamp and say: "listen to the voice here, or to the piano there"... You can then describe your EQ settings so we can dial them in ourselves and hear the 'difference'.
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  10. wazzupi
    Soo eikons are no joke ive never
    How do you like the r2r11 with the atticus? I used my eikon with my otl tube amp la Figaro 339 and SS cayin iha6 and they sounded different tubes gave it a thick atmosphere and stronger low end. Iha6 made it sound neutral but it had aabsolutely no treble harshness and it didn't sound like a typical Closed headphone ive used plenty of closed hps ranging from 150 to 1k and I can finally say wow i can't believe these are closed.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  11. gLer
    The biggest surprise for me with the R2R was how well it paired with the Atticus. I bought it for my LCD-2 (I have a Woo WA3 OTL for the Atticus), but the Atticus loves it. Slightly less 'warm and mellow' than through the WA3, but has more visceral slam with the R2R. Not quite as powerful as the TX-X00 slam, but almost. I was really missing my Fostex, but now that I've paired the Atticus with the R2R, no longer. It's the best sounding SS amp I've heard with the Atticus, and the best sounding dac/amp I've heard period. I can't speak for the Eikon because I've never heard it, but I love my Atticus.
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  12. MusicalParadise
    If someone isn't experienced in telling the differences, telling how cohesive a headphone is then me explaining isn't going to help. You would need to understand measurements, hear pitch differentiation, some peopel are probably better at explaining then me. It's not as simple as say here's a song, I hear this and this and blah blah when someone who has no idea and hears it as normal because that's what they'll used to, An example is you have two headphones in your sig that both have a wonky response, the Atticus is phenomenal, I own it and love it but it isn't a cohesive sounding headphone and does rely on cup reverb to "Smooth" over a lot of patches. So you don't really have a cohesive sounding headphone in your sig for a reference like the PMX2, HD650, lesser degree the Hifiman Edition X. I tend to use my own recordings as a reference that I know well from a mixing point. I tend to listen to a lot of Vocal music with some fast past music. A fault of the LCD-2C is the voices don't sound right, there's a veil that seem to go over the mids and stop them punching through. Not as bad as my old 2016 LCD-2C it's not a big deal. A bigger issue is the way it dips and rises and makes a lot of my fav tracks sound off. On tracks that have a full range they produce bass notes splendidly but when it gets to the treble it's clear how uneven it really is. I think it's a great headphone in the bass, a mediocre headphone in the mids, and a poor headphone when it comes to treble to me it's almost like it's been tuned by three different people and they didn't work together at all lol that's the best I can do to explain.
  13. wazzupi
    Wait i asked you this already didnt i lol
  14. wazzupi
    Everyone should know already about LCD and treble the mids and vocals opened for me after a few weeks of mainly listening to my lcd2c theyre are slightly behind my hd650 on any amp for vocals but the way vocals are placed isnt like a hd650 which is more like someone is singing in your ears or right in your face without the bad breath and spitting. Lcd2c place vocals center stage like youre front row of a concert.
  15. franz12
    eikon and atticus are semi-open like the fostex. They look closed but in fact, they leak as much sound as some openback.
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