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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Taverius
    The only issue I have with mine is the suspension strap.

    It's too close to the dimension of the metal arch, so if your head is pointy - like mine - the strap will be against the arch at the crown.

    So far it hasn't been a comfort issue, but leather does stretch with wear.
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  2. wazzupi
    Cone head !!!!! Lol jk
  3. Taverius
    Jokes aside, I'll have to mod a solution.

    I could make an entirely new strap, but I think a small spacer between the strap and and bracket should work just well, and far less work

    That is, if the screws are long enough to work with a spacer.
  4. inmytaxi
    But it does have the well shaped and supporting foam, so you can keep it for storage, shipping, travel and the case is 125 at the audeze site if you really want one.
  5. Malcolm Riverside
    I had high hopes and got suckered by Audeze’s “holiday pricing”, but I just returned my LCD-2c’s yesterday. They’re a great headphone but didn’t do anything so well that I didn’t prefer my LCD-X’s in almost every situation (despite being more comfortable than the latter). Now to take that dough and eventually get a pair of Aeon Flow closed or ZMF Eikons. Think one of those will be a better contrast to the LCD-X.
  6. s2kPanda
    Got all 3 of them, they all compliment each other so well.
  7. anoxy
    Any idea when they're going to add a profile for their Reveal plugin?
  8. wazzupi
    Ive heard the LCD-x and quite frankly i find them to be the worst lcd hp ive heard yet.
  9. YtseJamer
    +1 (And I heard 2 different pairs)
  10. Malcolm Riverside
    Wha!? Well I haven’t heard the 3 & 4 yet (hoping to remedy that at CanJam in a couple of weeks ), so I can’t comment on how those compare to the X, but I felt the only thing the 2 maybe had on the X was a deeper soundstage. Then again the X has a much wider soundstage than the 2c so it was more of a trade-off than a loss. Putting on the X feels like stepping into a room full of music, while wearing the 2c is like, well, having headphones on (albeit very comfy ones). The X has greater detail, timing, separation and clarity. I liked the 2c, they’re a more casual listening experience and are good on their own merit, but they were just a bit redundant in my collection considering that I can’t have every headphone I want but have to be selective for the sake of money and space. If I was just starting out, had $2000 to spend on a setup and had to get the X or the 2c I’d definitely opt for the latter though.
  11. Voxata
    I've the 560 and 2C, which is like the contrast you are stating. The 2C isn't as accurate, it's dark.. it's 'smaller' but damn the more time I spend listening to it the less I care and more I enjoy the insanely thick sound coming from them. Awesome for zoning out. If I didn't have a cheap/more mobile gaming setup I'd probably keep the 560 to have more flavor.
  12. fivedollah
    Thanks. I actually just got it. Going to give it a few more days audition. First impression is that it is heavy and hifiman 560 seems to suit my taste more, lighter, cheaper.
  13. wazzupi
    No magic just there. Plenty of headphones have these qualities again i think its the worst.
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  14. lentoviolento
    I liked lcd2f over lcd x. I hope to get the musicality with this lcd2c. It is ready to be shipped, cabt wait
  15. fivedollah
    Quickest change of heart. I am strongly leaning towards keeping it. Previously I thought hifiman he-560 does everything better but i just compared them by listening to adele’s set fire to the rain live and he-560 has very sparkly high. For this specific song i like audeze and he-560 gets kinda annoying. I’m a noob and does not have the vocabulary to describe. The best way I can describe it is with audeze i feel like i am listening from a bit of distance while with hifiman adele is singing close to my ears. Lol.
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