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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. wazzupi
    They leak but nothing like an open barely audible across my room at insane volumes
  2. franz12
    yup. But I think it leaks as much as aeon flow open, which is closed to semi-open.
  3. wazzupi
    No the afo bleeds like crazy my lcd2c has similar bleed to my AFO.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  4. Voxata
    It is pretty easy to look up the LCD2C FR graph and make adjustments to taste. That is obvious to me. I've already posted my EQ settings if you were to look back. Chain plays a part though in what and where/how much you need to adjust.
  5. YtseJamer
    What?? I'm not sure that you know what you're talking about my friend!

    God I thought that I heard everything on HF but hearing someone saying that the Atticus/Eikon are leaking as much as an open headphones is the joke of the year!
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  6. gLer
    Yeah, I'm sure some people just comment about headphones they've never seen let alone heard. Atticus/Eikon are both very much closed headphones. Yes they're vented (like most closed headphones) and do leak a little, but they're not anywhere close to being 'semi-closed' or 'semi-open'. They do sound more open than many closed cans, but that's because they're so damn good at what they do.
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  7. YtseJamer
    And also to make it clear, the Atticus/Eikon are not leaking like the Fostex TH-X00.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  8. gLer
    I must say it's a little frustrating when someone makes a claim about the sound characteristics (positive or negative) of a certain headphone, and then can't back it up with examples, or describe how or why the chain might affect what they're hearing. Pointing to a FR response curve is completely meaningless - if you had to go by FR curves you'd think most headphones were cr@p.

    The LCD-2C (like every other LCD-2 before it) needs a LOT of current to sound 'right'. It's not difficult to get it to sound loud, but to get it to sound right is a different matter. I'm not saying the posters above aren't driving it right, but they haven't given any account of their chain, so it's hard to tell. Also, to claim the LCD-2 (or Atticus for that matter) are 'wonky' compared to something like an HD650 doesn't make any sense. Both are an improvement and upgrade over the 650 - to my ears anyway - but that's my subjective opinion. Speaking of which, I have no problem with someone saying "in my opinion, the LCD-2 is wonky" or "in my opinion the LCD-2 falls flat in the mids and makes vocals unnatural", but both comments above pass this off as 'fact', claiming it's 'obvious', but unless you're an experienced listener you won't be able to tell the difference! Arrogance much?

    Personally I've auditioned many dozens of headphones, from the LCD-3 to the Senn HD650 and HD800 and Hifiman 400i, 400s and 1000, and I ended up buying my two headphones because I preferred how they sound over them all. I mainly listen to vocal and indie music, among many other genres, and not once have I stopped and thought "wait, that voice is all wrong". Some albums (and vocals) are poorly mastered, but that's another issue altogether. And like I said earlier, some headphones just sound totally off with the wrong source. I also prefer how the LCD-2 and Atticus roll off the treble without losing much detail. And the Atticus, to my ears, has the best midrange of any headphone I've ever heard, open or closed.

    Now all of that is my opinion, and I can gladly give examples of songs I find particularly pleasant on each headphone (they each have their strengths). Spin Norah Jones's 'Come Away With Me' on the Atticus through the WA3 and it's pure, smokey honey. For a bit more edge, Brandi Carlile's 'The Story' conveys every bit of her emotive vocals through the LCD-2 (yes, the 2016F) and the Audio-GD R2R-11. Not a dip, warble, or unnatural echo in sight.

    So again I say, if it's your opinion that the LCD-2C is off or makes x sound like y, that's all good. Who am I to tell you what you hear? But give us an example or two if you want to go beyond opinion and onto constructive, informative and educational dialogue.
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  9. franz12
    No. ZMF also does not advertise them as closed-back either. Go to ZMF homepage, and take a look at ZMF Blackwood. ZMF clearly advertises ZMF Blackwood as its flagship closed-back. Atticus/Eikon may be closed to closed-back, but claiming them as pure closed-back is misleading other buyers.
  10. gLer
    +1. I had both, and they don't.
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  11. gLer
    Zach calls them 95% closed. I know because I asked him. If that's semi-closed or semi-open to you, who am I to argue? :wink:
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  12. franz12
    Zach needs to be clear about where they stand. If Zach believes they are 95% closed, they should be advertised in that way and should be clear in their product homepage.

    Now, ZMF advertises Blackwood as its closed-flagship. Ask to Zach why they say Blackwood is their closed-flagship.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  13. Phantaminum
    Agreed on the AFO/LCD bleed.

    I could barely make out any noise coming from Atticus when the volume was turned up to moderate levels. I didn’t have the AFO or LCD-2C at the time but I did have my HD650s; which I feel leaks the same amount as the the other two.

    Teaks have a low to moderate amount of bleed out and in. With a good seal you rarely had it on the Atticus, the AFO has slight to moderate bleed in, and I could hear the TV from the living room from my office on the 2C/HD650.
  14. givemetacos
    Wow, this is so incredibly inaccurate. I own Atticus (I've had 2 of them now) and have auditioned Eikon a couple times. I also own TH-X00 and EMU Teak. In terms of both sound leakage and isolation, the ZMFs are NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE to the Fostex variants. I have a sound level meter and could do measurements if you really need them. The ZMFs are closed back. I think I have even heard Zach say the are like 97% closed? Basically, they have venting ports that make it look like the are semi-open, but those ports aren't leaking sound. They are just as closed as the DT770s I used to own.
  15. franz12
    Ask Zach to be clear about it. Currently, at the ZMF homepage, no information is given about it. And, again, ZMF advertises Blackwood as its flagship closed-back.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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