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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. wazzupi
    You know Blackwood is a wood type ?
  2. givemetacos
    Seriously? You think all of us owners have no idea what we are talking about? If website info is the most important to you, than look at this ZMF page. Zach specifically says: "A closed, vented design allows owners to listen in peace in any environment. Leakage and privacy from outside sound is excellent." Or how about the fact that Tyll's Atticus review is titled "ZMF Atticus Sealed Over-Ear Headphones". Or if you are ok with a video of Zach, here is the one where Tyll interviews him at RMAF 2016 and asks him about them being closed (linked to start at 3:00). Zach says they are even more closed than what other manufacturers often call "closed" and that unless you are in a library or anechoic chamber, they will be fine with leakage.

    Are you really going to be so pompous to have us summon Zach to this LCD2C thread (a competitor to ZMF) to have him tell you the same things we have already said? And the thing is, Zach is always around head-fi so he would do it, but honestly, I would rather not make him waste his time coming into this thread as I know he is busting his ass right now building ZMF Auteurs to get them out to their owners. If that is still unsatisfying for you, then just e-mail Zach personally. But please stop spreading lies and speaking about products in which you have no personal experience with.
  3. wazzupi
    I known we've gone off topic but are there any comparisons of the auteur and atticus I'm really pleased by the sound of the eikon and if he does this great work on a neutral closed headphone i kinda want a dark headphone too lol.
  4. franz12
  5. franz12
    I don't think a gap in our thought can be compromised in any way. So I am going to stop at this point. Let's go back to the main topic.
  6. wazzupi
  7. franz12
    Let's stop meaningless talk, and go back to lcd2c
  8. MusicalParadise
    Just because a headphone has a wonky FR doesn't mean it can't be an upgrade. That said I would have to say the LCD-2C is far too different to the HD650 they have nothing in common apart from a slightly darker tilt. The HD650 also has more strengths over the LCD-2C. Atticus is superior to both when it comes to detail and resolution, I'd say the HD650 sounds more refined and has a more present, cohesive sound than Atticus but the TPE drivers are simply a bit cleaner, more responsive than the HD650's drivers. Atticus does rely on cup reverb otherwise the treble is uneven. The Atticus also has a clarity boost by a depression somewhere in the lower mids, I feel with the reverb not having this depression would affect the headphone. Atticus is a funky headphone, it does have a natural timbre to voices in a similar way the HD650 does but it doesn't have the same presence and timbre as a whole, it gets close-ish. The LCD-2/3/X all have a more compressed midrange, lacking edge because they recess the region and that's why they're laid back. You miss the point about FR, it's the way each frequency transitions which will determine how cohesive a phone is. Also detail isn't mutually exclusive with treble roll off. A headphone can be detailed and very dark and yet very resolving and detailed, it means nothing. Saying Someones voice is like honey doesn't tell me anything about a headphone. What tells me about a headphone is how it handles different music, how it handles stuff I've worked on, does it follow the original work? does it add anything, how do the transitions sound; that kind of thing. Some people can deal with glaring faults, some don't even know they're there! but if it's measurable.

    All I can say is on every high end rig I've tried

    I'd rank them like this in basic terms

    Schiit Moj2 + Gumby for example
    Treble smoothness - HD650> Atticus/LCD-2
    Treble extension - Atticus> HD650/LCD-2
    Upper mid presence - HD650>Atticus>LCD-2
    Mid balance, evenness - HD650 >Atticus>LCD-2
    Bass extension - LCD-2 > Atticus > 650
    Bass impact - Atticus > HD650 > LCD-2
    Bass quality - LCD-2 > Atticus > HD650
    Resolution - Atticus > HD650 > LCD-2
    Inner detail - HD650 > Atticus > LCD-2

    On budget gear results will be mixed.

    I like all three, they have their faults, all do something better than each other. To call one an upgrade over the other is just plain wrong because two of those headphones thrive on better gear. They're simple all different. As someone who's moxed before I'd rather the HD650 for accuracy. For fun I'd take Atticus, for relaxing LCD-2C. 2016 LCD-2 is junk in my book.

    Also "but unless you're an experienced listener you won't be able to tell the difference! Arrogance much?" Not really, telling it like it is. Of course that's going to be the case.

    On another note been spending time with the LCD-4's and they're just so good.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  9. givemetacos
    I did exactly that in my Auteur review, as well as compared Auteur to 2016 LCD-2F (which is at least more relevant to this thread).
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  10. inmytaxi
    Why is it important to go beyond opinion? Which one does pointing to FR graphs anyways .... I feel like the 2c tones down upper frequencies especially audible with cymbals compared to the XC using a Vali 2 ... I don't remember exactly what I was listening to but King Crimson and Frank Zappa and John Coletrane have been in my rotation lately ....

    Ps ... assuming my Vali is weak for an LCD ... what is better on sound ... Asgard2 or Valhalla2 ... which is more soon to be replaced? Is the Mjoliner worth $1k (lets be honest about the cost of improved tubes)? I mean the xc is worth it ... but I have a much more difficult time describing the difference between amplifiers and dacs.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  11. gLer
    Ah, Musical... or whatever your real handle is. You got me AGAIN! I really need to be more careful about feeding you on these forums. Well played Sir. May you and your beloved HD650 have a good day. Mods, please mark the LCD-2 troll.
  12. wazzupi
    Sounds like you need a different source or amp because nothing dynamic gives off the impact of my lcd2c the aeon having a smaller pad creates a more piercing bass impact because of focus, but the lcd2c hit just as hard if not harder deeper

  13. gLer
    It's not at all. Opinions are valued and welcomed. What's frustrating is posters quoting their opinions as "facts" and then using FR graphs to appear knowledgeable without actually going beyond vague descriptions. Now Musical (or whatever his/her name really is - it changes every time he/she gets banned) is a more sophisticated troll that couches garbage (usually dressed as HD650 propaganda) with big words and lists and "facts". Be careful of that one. Go back in the history of the LCD-2 Impressions threads and see how many times he/she has been banned using different handles, but always with the same MO: LCD-2F is crap, HD650 is God's gift to man.
  14. inmytaxi
    So he won't like it that I think going from an Grado RS2 to a Senn HD 650 is like being thrown in jail? (is giving someone schitt count as obligatory relevent content?)
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
  15. givemetacos
    So my status on the Audeze site says my LCD2c is "Processed- Waiting to Ship", and I haven't received an email with any updates or shipping info from Audeze. But this morning I received a text directly from Fedex with a tracking number that points to a package that originated from Santa Ana, CA, weighs 3lbs, has dimensions 12x10x7 in, and is expected to arrive tomorrow. Can anyone confirm if this info matches the specs from their LCD2C shipment?
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