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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Maximiliano Campo
    Can anyone tell me if this would work from an Astell and Kern player through USB-C port? Would it power the cipher cable this way?

  2. harpo1
    @KMann mentioned awhile back they were going to get one and test it out with android. Hopefully he can chime in and gives us some insight.
  3. greenkiwi
    There were a couple updates saying it worked with google android phones, but that the playback buttons might have stopped working after a day or two.
  4. strawberry
    Screenshot_20190605_083344_com.amazon.mShop.android.shopping.jpg Hello I am a newcomer
    I had the isine20 for 2 months. I like its transperancy.
    However there is problems with ear fitting
    I read this post someone has tried to fit the jaybird bluebuds earfins onto isine? Does this work? I tried to search this forum but no answer. Appreciate any advice.
  5. Vitandus
    Hnnnggggg.... Listening to my new @FiiO M11 with the iSine 20 on Cipher Cable to the Anker Lightning/USBC adapter. The iSine 20 seems to work better this way than using the M11's EQ. Oh yeah, this is good. Really good.
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  6. harpo1
    So @KMann since the Anker adapter appears to work with Android will you guys develop an app like you have for IOS?
  7. gemNeye
    According to @chungoooo the Anker adapter works with a Shanling M1 dap. So it's quite possible it should work with other USB-C capable daps, I would assume?

    See links below.


  8. chungoooo
    Yeap, i tested with my shanling and works, and volume and pause buttons works without any configuration, in fact i was surprised by that :), just plug and listen
    acia and gemNeye like this.
  9. Redhell08
    real question is if this adapter works why is there no official cipher android version, i bet it would sell...
  10. acia
    Won’t work for sure for me.
  11. showme99
    I'm hoping that this product will cause Audeze to re-think its stance on developing a USB-C cipher cable. Fingers crossed.
  12. Vitandus
    Im really torn between the Cipher Cable and EQ. The former seems to offer a little more depth? detail? something to the music. Anyone else try both?
  13. Tristy
    Just tried it with my SP1000M and it doesn't play music... strangely I am still able to turn up the volume and play / pause. Bizarre.

    Works great with the MacBook though!
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  14. strawberry
  15. acia
    Not much point if ldac can handle 24 96.
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