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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. vodanhkhack
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  2. Vitandus
    Search my posts in this thread. I posted what I use
  3. gemNeye
    Just an FYI. Someone posted a picture on Amazon and a few words saying that this adapter + iSine "works flawlessly" with his Samsung Galaxy phone. See link below:

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  4. Audiofiend1
    Hey guys, i've been enjoying my isine20 quite much :) Sometimes the seal isn't very good with my right ear even though it seals better with my left ear which i find strange. Are there any tips you guys recommend? I am also quite interested in trying the Bluetooth module out for these to make them truly portable, however i like to listen to my music quite loud and i am concerned that the Bluetooth module will not allow them to get very loud?
  5. udesign48
    Hello guys,

    I just purchased iSine 10. I don't think I'll use its silicone tips...
    Which Comply foam fits iSine 10?
    I checked comply foam website.. they don't have any info.
  6. udesign48
    Also, if I'm not going to use any silicone tip, which tips / foams would you recommend for iSine 10?
  7. jwilson2398
    I purchased this dongle and can also confirm it works when connected to my Pixel 2 phone. Only issue is the inline remote buttons (volume, play/pause) don't seem to work; or at least they did work for about 10min after i initially plugged the cable in, but haven't since the last few days. Not sure. My Pixel 2 is also just finicky with in-line controls in general, so could be a phone thing. I will try downloading Cipher firmware update when i connect these to wife's iPhone, see if that solves it. Brief initial impressions are that when using these + cipher cable connected to my Android, the Cipher DAC seems to be working. Definitely different sound signature than when connected via 3.5mm cable.
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  8. acia
    Have you installed power amp? Can you please check what bit rate is the cipher usb working on while checking output in setting of power amp?
  9. The Socialist Nerd
    I have been using this combination with my Galaxy Note 9 and I could not use the inline cable buttons either after a few days of the Cipher cable working. I suspect that Cipher cable inconsistently works? I was one of the original posters who wrote about this combo. Still testing however.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  10. Br777
    Bluetooth module questions?

    Can you adjust the DSP with the eq app like you can on the standard cipher cable?
    Can you turn the dsp tuning off to get the stock analogue sound?

  11. greenkiwi
    I've heard that you cannot adjust the DSP in the BT module.

    it would have been very cool to have that option.
  12. Br777
    thanks, I guess I could still use eq apo via windows, which is how i'll primarily use it anyways.
  13. guido
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  14. drwhiteboy
    Can you crank the volume as loud as the regular 3.5 cable with the CIPHER cable?

    My biggest peeve with the BT module is that it doesn't get as loud enough.
  15. snellemin
    That cable also works with the FIIO lightning I1 cable.
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