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Anker USB-C to Lightning adapter plus Audeze iSines with Lightning DAC

  1. The Socialist Nerd
    Holy geeeeeeeeeeeeeez. I nearly blew out my ears tonight with volume 40-50% on my Galaxy Note 9. This Anker adapter is way too hot. But it is so worth it using Lightning DAC with an Android USB-C phone. Here are the pics!


    AUDEZE take note: your Lightning DAC is just pure heaven even with adapters :D
    chungoooo and Mal Waldron like this.
  2. AlwaysForward
    This is an amazing find for the Android community. I hope it gets stickied near the top of the iSine thread, somehow.
    The Socialist Nerd likes this.
  3. Mal Waldron
    Did you buy at Amazon? I'm trying to find it at Amazon Spain, but maybe it's unbelievable at the moment. Thank you!
  4. The Socialist Nerd
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  5. chungoooo
    Wowwwww!!! thanks!! i've been looking for something like this for months! it really use the cipher to it's full potential?
  6. The Socialist Nerd
    Yes it does plus the 3.5mm cable is poorer sounding than through this method.
  7. The Socialist Nerd
    Ample warning. The Audeze Cipher buttons do not function with my Note 9 through this adapter :).
  8. chungoooo
    Did you have to configure it the first time on an Iphone?
  9. chungoooo
    Mal Waldron likes this.
  10. The Socialist Nerd
    Nope... inherently the Cipher DAC I believe has no way to communicate with the Android OS.
  11. The Socialist Nerd
    Anyone know off the bat what the green light on the Anker adapter does?
  12. chungoooo
    Green light? i don't see any....
    But i have to say, i've just receive it, and i have it working on my shanling m1 without a problem...and the volume and pause buttons works!!!
    @The Socialist Nerd i must thank you for this discovery
  13. billbishere
    This is amazing. I JUST bought some iSine10's and I have a oneplus 6... Been looking all around for DAP and DAC options. This is perfect for the included lighting cipher! Thanks OP

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