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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Hanesu
    Wow....that is unexpected and a bummer for me. I am wondering if they are going to change that via update?
  2. KMann
    BT cable also has the same DSP tuning as the Cipher lightning cable. Both should sound the same 'out of the box' within the limitation of the BT codec. What you won't get with BT is is the 10-band EQ you can do on top of the inbuilt tuning. However, you can also accomplish the same using apps that support 10 band EQ.
  3. harpo1
    Except on the Sony NW-A45. Looks like Sony doesn't allow EQing the bluetooth signal. Not that it needs it IMO.
  4. Hanesu
    Well....I want to use EQ for Apple music, like it did with the Cypher cable until now. So it`s a bummer for me that it`s not possible with BT. I am wondering why? Radsone can do it, too - so it should be technically possible. That is why I hope there will be a future update...
  5. Maximiliano Campo

    Is possible to tell us why Audeze can't just make a 3.5mm cable with the DAC tuning included like the Cipher Lighting cable please?

    That would make it easier for everyone to enjoy.

    I would really appreciate your reply and thoughts.

    Thank you

  6. Rozenberg
    Because for a built-in DAC (also its DSP etc) to work you need a digital output. 3.5mm headphone jack is unfortunately an analog output, thus it is not possible to incorporate a DAC with it.
  7. whitemouse
    And DSP needs power, analogue Single Ended output does not do that. Lightning provides power to Cipher. USB output, naturally, would just as well. There are many USB DACs , far more than Lightning based DACs. Other than Cipher, I can't think of a single Lightning only DAC.

    To built Cipher on a 3.5mm analogue output, it would need to be an amplifier with an EQ, and it will need a power source (battary). Good DAP, just like good amplifiers are all about power supply. Good amp and good power supply are big and heavy.
    It twould be a contraption the size Onkyo X1, iBasso DX200 etc, full blown Amp dangling on your 3.5mm headphone cable. All that for EQ, and all that after your source DAP has already converted Digital to Analogue, amplified it, giving you nice analogue output for headphones. Obviously this wouldn't make sense, and DSP (EQ correction) needs to be done in digital domain, just like Cipher does.

    Another question is why Audeze choses not to release USB based Cipher, but Audeze does not like that question. It is an simply a marketing decision by Audeze.
  8. HeavenNotes
    A2A891E5-107B-4247-BCD0-1D25ACF0C32E.jpeg C8F97888-5370-4DF9-AB8E-C61FE697473D.jpeg D8D79DFE-0BBD-4CB2-AF5B-BA20CF9A673D.jpeg 0D3F4911-F085-40C9-9F44-1C8AE590B0DA.jpeg
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  9. alltone
    no IOS app for Audeze BT cipher like the non BT?
  10. whitemouse

    Love the fish! Gorgeous! So life like!
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  11. HeavenNotes
    and an excellent cable protection
  12. HeavenNotes
  13. m8o
    What platform? IOS, Android, or PC?

    You say DAC. But how I read this is you want something using a traditional cable, something with analog input? Then re-eq and re-amplify to mimic a Cipher curve? Certainly wouldn't (ever, never ever) want to re-digitize in a small dongle to then do that in the digital domain (i.e. Cipher cable after re-digitizing what was just converted to analog).

    Please clarify. Just seems like you are mixing up and freely interchanging processing performed in the analog and digital domains.

    P.s. from thousands of posts back... ::
    But its really no different than using a good player with a high quality and flexible parametric eq in one's phone.
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2019
  14. acia
    where did you get those cute figures?
  15. HeavenNotes
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