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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Deckard916
    If they brought out a USB C solution like the BT, that would be great - ie. Cipher V1 / V2 baked into a dac for USB C phones, without the need for an app on android.
  2. jody2k
    Isine 10 and even more the isine 20 are on a total other league than the AD900x, which is nothing special imo (had these too in the past)
    You should try them out, you will hear what i mean: even the isine 10 will totally destroy your AD900X on all ranges and aspects i'm pretty convinced about that.
    Hf :)
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
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  3. Mal Waldron
    I've bought them a week ago for 199€ and I'm enjoying them a lot, I could say that, with some recordings, even more than my Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. I'm using them with a Sony WM1A DAP and and I don't see it necessary to use equalization, in fact, I tried to equalize them according to some parameters that I saw here and they listened much worse. Yes, as they are open you will hear the external noise but they don't leak much sound outside. I also have the ibasso IT01 IEM and the iSINE 10 are light years away in all aspects. Today, I've received a balanced cable, so let's see if they improve with it.
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  4. geo2160
    I'm sure they're amazing SQ wise, but I'm more curious about where you guys use them. Do you use then at home, during commutes, at a noisy office? How does their openness affect your listening experience?
  5. vodanhkhack
    Same here. I am pairing iSine 10 with Shanling M5s w/o EQ. It sounds very airy, just amazing! My balanced cable hopefully may come next week ..
  6. vodanhkhack
    The leak out sound is not that much. You will not disturb people and they will not hear your music. But you can hear a little bit outside noise depending on your listening volume. So can still use in a bus, a car or in office ...
    Of course, the best place to enjoy your iSine is a quite room.
  7. jdcincy
    2nd this. Unless you're listening at absurd sound levels, they're not as audible externally as full size over-ear open-back headsets. I use them on flights with no issues.
  8. Mal Waldron
    The main problem would be to use it in noisy environments since you would perfectly listen to that external noise to be so open. In any case, I highly recommend them.
  9. VI001101106
    They have...it's called Mobius. ;P

    But seriously, having both Mobius and iSine 10s...I am preferring Mobius lately. SQ is the same across the board via USB and BT. Different EQ profiles that can be switched to and from easily.

    I'm keeping the iSines to use exclusively with my LG G7, just like before. But the fact I can use Mobius between my G7 and Pixel and maintain the same SQ is a huuuge bonus, not to mention BT capability.
  10. jazzman7
    They are useful in places that are intermittently loud, and when you need to hear what is going on around you. I use them at home and can have a short conversation with those around me with them on, whereas closed BT headphones I have to take them off to talk and listen.

    They really work well for podcasts, actually, because it is like having the podcast playing in your head while still being aware of and interacting with those around you. I can hear the other person and shift my attention to them and then pause the podcast to talk - vs. see mouth move/pause podcast/remove closed BT headphones/ask them to repeat.

    I haven’t tried them on walks yet, but it probably would be good there, too, if the trail or path is fairly quiet - or if isolation is potentially dangerous (like when crossing a street).
  11. Deckard916
    Yea, i just got the warm preset on my Mobius and have been using that more for music lately, instead of just for gaming.
  12. Sir Metal

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  13. X-Frame
    Can someone kindly link an example or so of replacement earhooks from Amazon that can be used with Frank88's horseshoes? I don't want to order the wrong ones. Thank you!
  14. Sir Metal
    Here's some links, provided to me by Frank88 himself:

    Here are the ear hooks on Amazon you will need to buy:

    And same ear hooks here on Aliexpress:

    And same again here on ebay:

    Here's a thinner clear set as another option. These fit smaller ears a little better than the black ones:
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  15. taostaXIII
    Just got a pair of the 10s yesterday and I gotta say the 3.5mm cable is pretty disappointing so far. The soundstage and imaging are incredible but everything seems muffled as if someone was holding a layer of foam over the instruments. Anyone else experienced this? It may just be due to my lack of proper amp/cipher cable, but was just curious if anyone had insight into this.

    Also, comfort has been a huge issue as it seems Audeze is no longer shipping these with the EarLocks, which I feel may drastically improve comfort for me. A workaround I have currently is the WingTips that come with the Bose Soundsport free, which are much much more comfortable than the Hooks.

    Anyone found a different alternative to the EarLocks to boost comfort on these?
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