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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. harpo1
    I wouldn't think so because they're both fairly loose compared to other two pin IEM's I've used. As I mentioned earlier my BT Cipher is looser than my normal Cipher cable and the standard cable. I've had it come out just by brushing the cable against something. I may end up returning it.
  2. metaldood
    Oh that's unfortunate...just by brushing the cable if it's becoming loose then I might have to wait for V2.
  3. Merkurio
    Is there any way to use the Reveal plugin on Android or at least achieve the same Cipher sound quality with the regular cable?
  4. m8o
    If at home, you can do as I sometimes do...

    1) use Roon Core with the Reveal dsp enabled for the output which is the Roon Remote software running on your phone; either directly to headphone out, or with OTG cable to a USB dac then to the headphones.

    2) I have not tried this, but ... it occured to me that a) if instead of roon you use say Foobar with the Reveal DSP enabled, you can b) run Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Android, control the PC, output to the default device, and RDP 'should' route the output to your phone.

    Again, this an 'in home' solution only as above. I do run RDP for Android all the time to control my headless Roon Core and various Windows 10 Home Roon Bridges [one needs to do some stuff to enable RDP Server on Windows Home] and it works pretty well. I'm pretty impressed with it. But I never verified if the audio can be 'shipped' to the Android client the way it can to the Windows client.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  5. Ken G
    That should definitely work. I use Audirvana to do what you described sending the signal to a Raspberry Pi streamer or a DNLA enabled DAP.
  6. masterstroke
    I hope this BT/Cipher cable is of better construction than the standard 3.5mm supplied with the iSine's, which in my case and at least one other person's on this thread has a weakness at the joint of the plug (costing me over £100 to replace from an independent cable manufacturer/supplier). If so this could save me around £300 for a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3's which I had definitely planned to buy this spring.
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  7. Vitandus
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  8. jazzman7
    Purchased the Cipher BT cable the day it was announced. Received two days ago, topped off the charge, and have used it through one charge cycle. Comments:

    1) Sound is great with iSine 20. Not quite as good as the Cipher V2 (wired) to an iPhone but close enough that I don't go running to wired for portable music.
    2) The BT wireless has a good range -- can walk away from a stationary phone at home and still connect, but it is not as good as the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless I use around home.
    3) The BT disconnects pretty quickly if no sound is being played -- that is good for battery life but not good for convenience (have to reconnect more often than the V-Moda which stays connected).
    4) I also notice that the notched connectors are not as snug as on the Cipher V2. I'm not too concerned because the BT cable is short and so it likely won't snag on something, and the fit is tight enough to not cause any wearability problems for me.
    5) The length of cable between the connector and the plastic cylinders is short, but I see why they did it. It would be better to have shorter cylinders, though -- the inflexibility of them could be a problem for some when the cable is worn behind the neck.
    6) My main concern for durability is the rubber cover for the micro-USB port. This will likely break off at some point. I lift up the cover and rotate it 90 degres to charge, and I am doing that ever-so-gently.
  9. Vitandus
  10. harpo1
  11. Heavyboxer
    Received mine today from the forwarder and now on full charge.


    Alas, I tried to register the serial number on audeze's site but it's not recognizing the number on the box.

    My isine20 is a lot less cumbersome, but am not sure if this eq on android is what the original iphone cipher cable is the same. My isine20 now has a lot more bass.
  12. metaldood
    What do you mean by cumbersome?
  13. Heavyboxer
    The isine20 being wireless makes it less troublesome to handle.. it's not the most comfortable thing to fit in my ear, and at least the wires are not in the way anymore.

    I am currently using it with T600 comply tips with no hooks or locks.
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  14. jdcincy
    Got my BT cable yesterday. Build quality is very nice, but as another noted, the rubber cover on the charging port is definitely breaking off at some point. Cable is nice and short, so it's overall comfortable to wear with no extra cord hanging around your neck.

    The biggest negative is that the Audeze EQ doesn't work over BT, so the set sounds ok, but not nearly as good as via lightning. I'd also like Audeze to include some 2-pin caps to protect the exposed pins when not in use as I expect to switch frequently between Lightning (for optimal SQ), 3.5mm (when travel gaming on laptop), and BT (everywhere else).
  15. geo2160
    I've seen multiple local deals for the isine 10 for like 120-130€ and I was thinking about getting them, but I can't think of any situation where I can properly enjoy them. I can't use them in my commute, nor at the office, since they're open back and at home I would rather use my full size AD900x for longer listening sessions.

    What use cases have you guys found for them?
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