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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. vodanhkhack
  2. whitemouse

    Yes, it's been around for about 1 year. I don't know for sure if it is a copy, but thret is a by now large, very well known Chinese manufacture that started making clones of Audeze's LCD series full size headphones shortly after Audeze came to market.
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  3. m8o
    Like many Monoprice it certainly is. (Tho they do have some nice original amps now, designed by Cavalli)

    For the price of the iSine, I'll stick with the original.
  4. acia
    lx is likely a response to the copycat. no point buying the copycat with the affordable pricing of lx. not to mention, especially when audeze on sale.
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  5. talan7
    Does anyone have large earhooks you’re willing to trade for medium earhooks? I’ve got about 4-5 pair of mediums. I need the largest. PM me please!
  6. whitemouse

    I sincerely hope no one buys these blatant copies.
    Audeze invests in research, both LCD series Planars, and Isine type monitors are unique, nothing like these Planars existed. Audeze invented them.
    We should support original research, expenses and risks that Audeze chose to carry.

    But especially Isine and LCDi4, the open design IEM Planar is complete game changer, everything before that, my 4 armature Shure 846 and IEMs costing over $1000 are basically now useless, even isine 20 blows them all away, never mind i4, to my ears.

    Made in USA counts for something. Almost nothing is made in Western world now.

    All these reasons make me not even look at some blatant copy from China.
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  7. gazzington
    Thinking of getting some of these. Would 10 or 20 be better for a metal listener?
  8. m8o
    Well, if only because the 20 has a longer "voice coil" (it doesn't really have one, but that is what the Audeze people call it, so I'm calling it that too), meaning the moving element has more travel, so moves more air, I went with the 20 myself.
  9. gazzington
    The only worry I have is that im not using it with an apple product but a fiio q5
  10. whitemouse

    As long as you can use Equaliser, you're ok. I use Onkyo DAP mostly, for long time I didn't even have Cipher cable, nor an Apple product. Finallyi bought a Cipher and cheap iPhone just to play around, and guess what, Onkyo DP X1, with Poweramp as music app, with EQ, I much prefer sound of Onkyo with regular csble to Cipher and iPhone, by far, by FAR!
  11. vodanhkhack
    I think the iSine needs an "enough power" and good source to pair with. It sounds great with my Shanling M5s both without EQ and with customized EQ. But it has a little bit blurred sounds when pairs with my Galaxy Note 8 using Hiby music player. Setting EQ would needed then!
  12. cstark27
    I listen to metal related music daily. I had the iSine 10 for about a year and a half and loved them. I only upgraded to the 20 because of a B Stock sale. It's been so long that I can't give you a comparison anymore but I don't think you'd go wrong with either one - especially if you can find the 20 on B Stock sale again. Fit and sound may be a bit awkward at first but play around with the hooks and tips and placement.

    I also don't have Apple products, nor use any EQ. I've been using the EarStudio ES100 lately. But I'm going to try the Bluetooth Cipher module and see if I like the Cipher EQ that's lauded so much.
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  13. jody2k
    Isine 20's are probably the best headphones and earphones you can have for metal :) i listen a lot of metal.
    But yea they scale so well on all genres of music, try psychedelic trance for example: Close your eyes and you'll be traveling a endless journey though space
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  14. gazzington
    Do you use apple stuff or are you eq manually?
  15. paruchuribros
    Got Isine 20 and Happy with the audio quality. From the past 6 months, I am very frustrated with them. Not able to find good ear tips and hooks. Which ones you guys recommend to buy which are ready to ship? I do not want to buy ear hooks and send it to someone else and wait for a long time. Looking for something available now for shipping. Thanks in advance.
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