Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

  1. Wildcatsare1
    Mine should be here tomorrow, I’ll let you know.
  2. KingCharizard
    Got some iSine 20 with the v1 cipher in today and I have to say, they sound impressive! On first listen, soundstage, imaging, bass texture and impact all stood out (with the cipher cable). It’s got good tonal balance and a refined sound that immediately drew me in. Definitely excited to play around with the EQ, though I like the default cipher signature quite a bit.

    I didn’t give the analog cable much time, but I didn’t like what I heard. The iSine 20 sounded way too dark without the cipher cable, IMO.

    The technology of the iSine/cipher combo is exciting for sure, looking forward to giving these some more head time. Can eventually do comparisons with my LCD2F and CA Andromeda if there’s interest.
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  3. Slim1970
    I'm interested in a CA Andromeda and iSine 20 comparison. I was thinking about purchasing the Andro's. Thanks!
  4. nkramer
    i just saw these...... words can't explain.... you think i could put some nozzles on my grados & stuff them in my ears? lol

    would love to try some planar someday....
  5. reddington
    Anyone got some EQ recommendations for the FIIO X3II?

    Found a decent one but looking to try out more options. Thanks
  6. Wildcatsare1
    King, if you are using Tidal take a listen to “Arlington” by the Wailing Jennys, from the Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House.
  7. hornytoad
    Is the isine 20 that much better than the 10?

    Is it worth spending the extra 200 or whatever it is ?
  8. Wildcatsare1
    9ADFBC08-73EE-47E2-9BE5-47F072EE811E.jpeg Hey all, doing some research I came across this gem from Lou Reed Live, I didn’t realize it was recorded with binaural “head dummy,” raunchy, but you are there with the iSine 20.
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  9. Br777
    New EQ settings for analogue cable 20's. Best Yet. Note filter 1 is a low shelf and has no Q
    These are eq apo settings and can be pasted in exactly as they are.

    Preamp: -9 dB

    Filter 1: ON LS Fc 110 Hz Gain 1.5 dB
    Filter 2: ON PK Fc 250 Hz Gain -3.5 dB Q 1
    Filter 3: ON PK Fc 1000 Hz Gain -8.5 dB Q 1.5
    Filter 4: ON PK Fc 4000 Hz Gain 7.5 dB Q .4

    P.S. If you'd like to see what kind of eye shaking crystal clear bass these things are capable of, try the settings below with this : Be gentle. I warned you.

    Preamp: -12 dB

    Filter 1: ON LS Fc 120 Hz Gain 10 dB
    Filter 2: ON PK Fc 250 Hz Gain -3.5 dB Q 1
    Filter 3: ON PK Fc 1000 Hz Gain -8.5 dB Q 1.5
    Filter 4: ON PK Fc 4000 Hz Gain 7.5 dB Q .4
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  10. nkramer
    wow, nice find. like the visuals as well.
  11. FooFighter
    Hey all
    Cipher V2 arrived.
    Will need to spend more time with them but my first listening attempts reveal a different tonal setup with same eq settings than with v1.
    Am using the Isine 20.
    I was quite happy with eq settings posted in
    But these didn't work in the same way with the v2.
    Might it be Audeze changed default tonality?
    I am now going with default settings for now.
    My subjective impression is that tonality is much more direct, live like.
    Curious to hear other people's comparisons and will update as soon as I can spend more time with them.

    @KMann, any comments on different tonal default setup in V2 Cipher compared to V1?
    So far I prefer the V1 signature maybe because my brain got used to it or because I assumed the tonality is similar with same eq settings...
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  12. Br777
    Might it be Audeze changed default tonality?

    Audeze posted detailed changes between v1 and two a few posts back. It does seem like the sound should be different and or improved in v2.
  13. headdict
    If you're referring to post 4036, there was no mention of any tonal change. thus I would be surprised if there really were any. But for the time being only Audeze knows for sure.
  14. FooFighter
    Well ok, my issue is I got used to the V1 signature and eq settings and as I understood this thread is making a science out of trying to get close to this Cipher V1 sound in many posts.
    Big question is now how people like this new signature and how much is it off from a tonal balanced eq curve so in other words which different V2 eq settings / algorithm need to be applied to match one v2 curve to a v1 curve?
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  15. Berzerkuz
    I just got the cipher V2 cable also, I noticed the Audeze HQ app is saying the firmware is LCD i4 just wondering if yours is the same

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