Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

  1. RojasTKD
    Heck it has a removable cable you can do it yourself. Hawaiibadboy already has if I believe, but wireless with Cipher module implementation would really be fantastic.
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    iSine seem perfect for a wireless implementation, especially a truly wireless AirPods type of design. If they can make it stable it’d be the best wireless IEM by far.
  3. chillaxing
    Pardon the interruption.

    Audeze customer service is second to none. This is how it should be with every company. Keep up the good work guys!

    Now back to your scheduled program
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  4. sixelannif
    Ok, must admit that none of the Android Eq apps that i've tried seem to function with an external DAC/AMP (mainly trying with DragonFly Red), so whereas getting the DAC/AMP to work seems to be pretty much plug and play, the DSP seems to be a bit more tricky. Also the form factor is quite impressive and must be a big part of the challenge.

    As a sidenote, I personnally don't feel a mic to be necessary, especially if it increases the complexity while bringing the price up. Of course that's just my opinion, but I'm willing to bet most users would feel the same as that really isn't a selling feature on this kind of a headphone, nice addition but definitely not a selling point or a deal-breaker in any way, so maybe could just forget about the mic to make things a bit easier.
  5. acia
    i want TWO NEW cipher cable!
  6. FooFighter
    Mine is also shipping thx to Richard from Audeze sales team.
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  7. Richter Di
    @KMann any chance to have a look at it?
  8. DJ The Rocket

    It's currently 33° f (1° c) outside in Colorado Springs, and I have just discovered the iSine 20's greatest flaw: you cannot wear it underneath a beanie! It would get shoved painfully deep into your ears! BAH why didn't I think of this before! Damnit!

    I guess the score now is iSine: 1, MX985: 1. The Audeze is all tied up with the Sennheiser!
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  9. howdy
    I wonder if they noted what the coldest temp these can handle. In Minnesota is about to start to get cold like below zero where your snot freezes instantly upon going outside. I usually where my cheap Shure when snow blowing the drive way but if these could handle it I may wear these.
  10. Br777
  11. DJ The Rocket
    Impossible. I want pictures
  12. DJ The Rocket
    You don't think it would be too loud? You can block out moderate amounts of outside noise just fine by turning them up loud, but I've never tried to block out anything like machinery!
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  13. howdy
    Ya know, that is a damn good point I did not even think of. yeah, the snow blower would be way to loud for these to sound even remotely good.
  14. DJ The Rocket
    90% of the time I prefer the open design, I hate being out in public without being able to hear anything. I'm extra okay with other people assuming I can't hear anything :) But I do keep a cheap but decent pair of IEMs around for that last 10%
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  15. Br777
    I actually had a discussion about this many pages back with someone who asked about it. I said something that seems to directly relate to our discussion. I said that i wear a hat all the time, but mine is quite loose, and i could only imagine if your hat became too tight or too thick, meaning uncomfortable or blocking the open back of the headphones, you may have an issue.

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